Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: The pie that fell from the sky

Once they returned to their room, Chen Ning made Xiao Ru take out the thing she prepared.  It was ten very tough fishing nets.

Xiao Ru was completely puzzled, she couldn’t understand what trick the young miss wanted to use this time.  Did she want to make money fishing?  But there was only a single river protecting the capital and there were no fish in that river.

Chen Ning sent Chun Tao and Xia He out to make sure that every entrance was latched.  Then she personally climbed up the ladder and hung the fish net in the rafters.  She densely piled them together, layer after layer.

After the arrangement was set, she patted her hands and looked at her masterpiece.  Then she revealed a satisfied smile.

She had casted the net into the sky and was now waiting for Chu Shao Bai to appear.  As long as he dared to come, he will definitely be trapped by her.

Xiao Ru’s mouth was wide open, she could not understand what was happening.

“Young miss, did you cast those nets up there because you’re afraid that the roof tiles will fall down?”  She asked in a confused voice.

“No.”  Chen Ning’s smile faded and she said with a serious face, “Have you ever heard of pies falling from the sky?  I prepared this fishing net to catch a large pie.”

That night, Chen Ning slept very peacefully.  When she opened her eyes, the sky was already bright.

The fishing nets were still hanging from the ceiling beams and they had not been moved at all.

The first thing she did when she got up was look in the mirror.

When she saw that her face was clean with no drawings on her cheeks, she slightly felt like she had lost something.

Chu Shao Bai actually hadn’t appeared that night.

Did he find out about her net trap?

Chen Ning puzzlingly shook her head, but she quickly put this problem into the back of her head.

She believed that even if Chu Shao Bai did not come yesterday or tonight, he would come back one day.

She just had to spread the net and quietly wait for him.

After finishing her breakfast, she changed her clothes and turned her face yellow like usual.  Then she said to Xiao Ru, “Let’s go, we’ll go and make some money.”

Once Xiao Ru heard the words make money, her eyes lit up.  She quickly and eagerly went to Chen Ning’s side.

Chen Ning took the command token and easily left the king’s palace.

“Young miss, are we going back to Tai He Floor?  You should write another recipe for the shopkeeper and earn another thousand silver coins.”  Xiao Ru’s face was filled with excitement.

Chen Ning smiled as she squeezed her nose, “Do you think your young miss sells recipes?  Those four recipes were something I saw by chance.  If it was that easy to make money, would your young miss still need to set up a fortune telling stall and calculate people’s fortunes?”

She was a master of memory from the modern era.  She never forgot a single memory and had built a palace of memories in her mind.

In addition to the high intensity training she usually undertook, she also liked to read all kinds of miscellaneous books in her previous life.  These four recipes were things she had seen in a book once and had been stored in the memory palace.

She never thought that after transmigrating, she would be able to sell them for a thousand silver coins.  This could be considered an accidental downfall of money.

Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue in an embarrassed manner.

As long as she walked the road once, Chen Ning would never forget it.

She pulled Xiao Ru to the east and to the west, and finally they arrived at the crowded business street.

The street vendors were in full swing as the began to shout out their wares.

Chen Ning slowly walked towards the street.  Suddenly she stopped moving and looked in front of her.  The smile on her face froze.

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