Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: You beast, scram

Using those thick fingers to slowly touch her skin, stopping at her delicate neck.

It tightened!  Using force!

She could not breath.  She desperately struggled, but could not break free.

“Let go!  Let go!”  She wanted to shout, but her throat was blocked, being unable to say anything.

Those hands became tighter and her chest filled with pain, but she could not take in a single breath.

She forcefully opened her eyes, but found that there was a pair of fierce eyes right in front of her!

Chu Shao Yang!

He was back to kill her!

His body was pressing down on her and her chest felt like it was being pressed down on by a rock.  Her throat felt like it was being torn apart.

“Chu Shao Yang, you beast, scram!”

She used all the strength in her body and sent a heavy slap at his face!

“Pa!”  A crisp sound rang out.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned by this hit.


Chen Ning angrily shouted as she awoke from her nightmare.  Her body was covered in a cold sweat.  When she awakened from her dream, it was so real that it felt like it had just happened.

She took in two breaths and found that her right hand was a little sore, like she had really just slapped something.

“Xiao….Xiao Hei, why….why is it you?  Why are you here?”

Chen Ning was stunned and her eyes went wide open in disbelief, as she stared at Mo Chuan sitting at the front of her bed.

He was staring right at her, with a light that she could not see through shining in his black eyes.

On that handsome face of his, there were five clear finger marks.

“Your….Your face, who hit it?”  Chen Ning thought that she was still dreaming.

With Mo Chuan’s martial arts, how could someone slap him?

Mo Chuan looked at her as he slightly raised his brow and said in a gentle voice, “That’s right, I was slapped by someone.  I was slapped by a girl that was dreaming and mumbling in her sleep.”

“……”  Chen Ning’s face suddenly turned red.

She suddenly realized that she hadn’t been dreaming and had really slapped someone.  That unlucky man was Mo Chuan!

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t do it on purpose.  I…..I was having a nightmare, dreaming of a…..beast!”  She gritted her teeth.

That damn Chu Shao Yang, not only did he tried to kill her while she was bathing, he even did not let her go in her dreams!

“A nightmare?”  Mo Chuan’s expression became harder to understand.

Even if she could read everyone’s hearts, she still could not understand this man in front of her.  He was the nemesis of those that read expressions.

“Un, a nightmare!”  Chen Ning nodded.  Thinking of this dream, her heart filled with a trace of fear.

However, it was a good thing that she wouldn’t have this nightmare anymore.  When she separated from Chu Shao Yang, her path will never cross again with his and she will never see him again!

“Are you afraid?  Of that beast?”  He suddenly asked.  His eyes revealed a trace of concern and a trace of worry.

He knew what the beast in her dreams was.

He had seen the appearance she had while in her nightmare.

He wanted to comfort her, but he had been slapped by her.

To be honest, this was the first time that he had been slapped by a girl.

“Of course I’m not afraid!”  Chen Ning raised her brows, “I gave him a hard slap in my dream!”

She stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, “I never thought that I would hit your face.  Xiao Hei, are you angry?  Does it hurt?”

That slap had quite a bit of force and she could see that his face was slightly swollen.

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  1. passingbyreader says:

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