Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Men aren’t reliable

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Mo Chuan revealed a smile as he stared at her slightly sparkling eyes.

“Even if I’m angry with the entire world, I will never be angry with you.”

His low voice was like an intoxicating wine, making her drunk without even drinking any wine.

Chen Ning’s face could not help slightly blushing as she looked away from his bright eyes and whispered, “I never thought that a cold blooded assassin could also be this sweet.”

Her cheeks were white with a slight blush and her hair was draped over her shoulders.  Her face was small and delicate and her long eyebrows were like butterfly wings, covering her mist like eyes.

Mo Chuan could not stop his heart from skipping a beat.

He reached out and touched the hair draped over her shoulders.

An impulse filled his heart and he wanted to tightly hug her into his chest!

But….he couldn’t!

He was not qualified to touch her!

She had the identity of the King Ding Yuan princess and was that bastard Chu Shao Yang’s woman!

If he touched her, then that bastard would not let her off.

Mo Chuan calmed himself and slowly pulled back his hand, however, his eyes were still staring right at her slightly blushed face.

He was here to say goodbye.

But he did not know how to say it.

Could he not say goodbye?

He could not do that!

Chen Ning suddenly raised her head and the blush on her cheeks disappeared.  She puffed up her cheeks and stared at him.

What?  She seems to be angry?

“You….Where did you go last night?  You…..Do you know what that bastard did?  He charged into my room and almost drowned me!  Where were you then?  You are my bodyguard!”  She interrogated him.

When she thought about the feeling of almost dying and how her lungs were close to exploding, she was filled with anger and felt aggrieved!

Didn’t he say that he would protect her from all injuries?  Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t let her lose a single hair?

However, when she needed him the most, he wasn’t there, wasn’t there, wasn’t there!

If it wasn’t for Chu Shao Yang suddenly deciding to let her go, then he wouldn’t have seen her again!

She tightly bit her lips and forced back the heat coming from her eyes.

She didn’t want to cry in front of him!

All those men, not a single one was reliable!

That Xiao Bai was like this.  He said that he would be back before the big hunt, but there was not a trace of him to be seen!

This Mo Chuan was also like this.  His voice was better than a person’s singing and she had actually believed him!

In that moment of desperation when she came close to death, she had expected to see him appear and was hoping that he would save her.

But it did not happen!

He did not appear in that moment!

She was really angry at this moment.  Her hands tightly clenched into fists as she hit his chest like an angry little animal.

She was angry at Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai, but the person she was the most angry with was herself!

She was used to taking care of herself and not depending on anyone, but without knowing it, she was expectant of Mo Chuan and depending on him.  However, in the end, she finally realized how funny her expectations and reliance on him was!

If you have no expectations, you will not be disappointed.

It was because she was delusional and wanted too much!

Thinking it through, she was no longer angry.

“I should have understood sooner that the only person I can count on is myself.  So, Mo Chuan, you can go.  I don’t need you anymore.”

The anger in her expression disappeared.  It was replaced with a look of calm that had a calm voice accompanying it.

That’s right, I don’t need him.

She had already clearly thought through everything.  Chu Shao Yang would not kill her!

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