Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: Good chance to kill a witness

Chen Ning turned around and saw that Chu Shao Yang had appeared out of nowhere from behind her.  His eyes were staring right at her in a grim manner.

He slowly raised the metal bow in his hand and took out an arrow, nocking it in.  Slowly pulling back the bowstring, he pointed the bow right at Chen Ning.

“Don’t move!”  He shouted in a fierce voice with a trace of nervousness in his voice.

There was silence all around them, with only a breeze blowing through the trees.

Chen Ning smiled and slowly moved her hand back from the flowers.  Fixing the scattered hair by her temple, she said in a calm manner, “The timing is quite good.  With no one here, you can silence a witness by killing them.”

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and his fingers let go.  The white feathered arrow gave a sharp whistle as it flew through the air, coldly passing by her.

She did not even have time to react before the white feathered arrow flew past her ear and landed in the tree trunk behind her with a “duo” sound.

What did he mean by this?

Was he trying to scare her?

As Chen Ning revealed a frown, she saw Chu Shao Yang put down his long bow and jump down from his horse.  Flying over to her, he grabbed her arm and pulled her off her horse.

“You…..”  She did not even have time to say anything before he hugged her and rolled several times on the ground.

When they finally stopped, the two of them looked terrible.  Their hair and clothes were covered in grass and mud.

“Chu Shao Yang, what are you…..”  Chen Ning did not finish before he covered Chen Ning’s lips.  His eyes were staring into the distance and his body was completely tense, like he was prepared to move at any second.

She immediately realized that something had happened.

Looking in the direction of his gaze, her body suddenly broke out in a cold sweat and her arms were covered in goosebumps.

She saw that the large tree covered in blue flowers suddenly had something extra on it that was squirming around.  Those blue flowers were moving along with it.

On closer inspection, those blue flowers were actually two long blue spotted giant snakes!

A seven foot long snake had a white feathered arrow in it, trapping it to the tree.  The other snake was slithering along the trunk, letting out a hissing sound.  The light from its small snake eyes made Chen Ning give a shudder.


She was not afraid of the heavens or the earth, but what she was afraid of were these soft creatures.  She was especially afraid of giant snakes like this.

Normal snakes had no poison, but this giant snake in front of her had a triangular head and blue spots all over its body, so it had to be extremely poisonous.

Suddenly, a blue light flashed in her eyes and the giant snake flew out as fast as lightning.  It widely opened its poisonous mouth and the blood red poisonous mouth bit right at Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly reached out his left hand to let the giant snake bite it.  The snake suddenly changed targets and latched onto his left arm, biting into his flesh.

At this moment, his right fist came forth.  With an explosion, it landed right in the center of the snake’s head.

His fist was very powerful, knocking the giant snake’s head flat.  It fell paralyzed to the floor, not moving at all.

Escaping from death, Chen Ning gave a long sigh of relief.  Looking down, she saw several deep teeth marks on Chu Shao Yang’s arm which had already turned black and was letting out black blood.

“You….”  She bit her lips, not being able to say anything.

If he hadn’t blocked the snake, then the one bitten would have been her.

“Idiot!”  Chu Shao Yang’s face was pale and he had a look of disdain in his eyes as he jumped up from the ground.  Not even looking at her, he walked over to the jade flower horse.

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