Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: Swear

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth and shouted in a hoarse voice, “What kind of shit treasure is she, this king does not care for her at all!  However, as something this king owns, even if I don’t want it, I will not give it to anyone else!”

Mo Chuan’s face turned pale under his mask and he raised his hand.  He wanted to slap this fellow to death, time after time, but he could not bare to make a move.

Chu Shao Yang coldly said, “Just kill me already, stop wasting time!”

“Chu Shao Yang, there is no cure for you!”  Mo Chuan gritted his teeth and lowered his hand, turning around to leave.

“Stop!”  Chu Shao Yang coldly shouted behind him, “Leave her!  As long as you stay far away and never appear in front of her again, this king will not make a move against her!”

Mo Chuan suddenly turned around and as fast as lightning,he was grabbing Chu Shao Yang’s collar once again.

“You dare to make a move against her!”

Chu Shao Yang looked up and gave a defiant laugh, “What does this king not dare to do!  You like that girl, don’t you?  You’re afraid of this king hurting her?  Alright, as long as you leave her, then this king will promise that I will not make a move against her!”

“Chu Shao Yang!  You’re shameless!”  Mo Chuan flew into a rage and raised his palm, slapping him twice out of rage, turning his handsome face black and blue.

“Very good, this king will remember these slaps.  If you don’t kill me, then this king will let her taste what these slaps feel like!”

Chu Shao Yang’s lips were bleeding and his face was swollen, but his words were even more and more vicious.

Even though his mouth was fierce, he was secretly trying to guess what kind of person this man was!

With this man’s mysterious background and strong martial arts, as well as knowing Chu Shao Yang’s martial arts, he had a hundred opportunities to kill him, but he did not do it.

Especially his words.  They were all for teaching him a lesson, not wanting to take his life at all.

He…..Who was he!

He could not guess Mo Chuan’s identity, but he was certain of a single thing.  Since the enemy did not want to kill him, then he had nothing to fear, especially since he had control over the enemy.  That ugly girl was the black clothed man’s greatest weakness!

Mo Chuan’s eyes revealed a look of disgust and hate.  His raised hand stopped in the air, but it did not fall onto his face again.

“Alright.  As long as you swear that you’ll never touch her again in the future, I will leave!”  He said in a slow manner.

Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile.

He knew that he had won.

He swore in a slow voice, “I, Chu Shao Yang keep my word.  As long as she does not disgrace the name of this king’s princess, then this king will not make a move against her!”

To torture a woman, why would he need to use force?  He would use other methods to make her wish she was dead!

He, Chu Shao Yang disdained making moves against woman.  If he didn’t go mad with anger, he would not have done something as crazy as what he did tonight.

“Remember your vow!  If she suffers even the slightest injury, I will take your head as recompense!”

When Mo Chuan finished speaking, he disappeared from sight, blending into the dark night.  There were only lingering echoes of his voice that rang in Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

With a sudden “pa” sound, a small stone flew through the air and slammed into his body.

Chu Shao Yang felt his chest heat up as his acupuncture point cleared.

He suddenly fell to the ground, covered in sweat.  The hate and viciousness on his face disappeared without a trace and he revealed a look of sadness and frustration.

In his mind he thought, “Who is that man!  Just who is he!”

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