Botsuraku Yotei 1-14

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Chapter 1-14

“In the end, I wasn’t able to become friends with the resident of 1-3,” Vaine who had come from early morning said, with a grim feeling about his face.

“Well, you can’t do something like become friends with absolutely everyone, so I don’t think you should worry about it.”
“Is that so, even though were the same humanity.”
He’s surely thinking about various things in his mind for the amount he doesn’t put it into words.
It’s only two weeks since meeting, but I’ve progressively understood what kind of person he is.
“People can both love and hate each other. Just what is that difference?”
“Yeah, it’s not something you normally think about.”
I tried to indirectly convey, ‘That doesn’t have a conclusion, so it would be better to stop,’ but Vaine seemed to have started thinking with his eyes closed.
He has an overly serious personality that lets him face such absurd things earnestly.

Confronting him head on still troubles me, so I’m focusing on smithing.
Doing something while having a conversation unexpectedly makes communication go smoothly.

The room was briefly filled with the pleasant sounds of work.

“Don’t you need to prepare for tomorrow’s competency test?”
Vaine broke the silence.

The competency test is an exam performed one week before school for class’ compositions.
The particulars were written on the admissions guidebook so I am naturally prepared.
“I shouldn’t have a problem with the written test. I’ve been studying for a few hours after waking every day.
I’m not particularly worried about the physical strength test either. Even though I look like this, I’ve been training since the time I was a child after all.”「
“Is that so. I also have confidence in the physical strength test, but the written… .
Well, I’ll use all my power to go even a bit higher. ”
Absolutely everything about him is too close to his image so I wasn’t surprised at all.

“The top forty were class A, right?”
“As long as there’s nothing special.”

To begin with Iris, almost all main characters are in class A.
In order to prevent Eliza’s rampage, entering class A is my supreme thesis.
‘If you think so, it isn’t the time to be striking iron, is it?’ you might think. Well, even if I hurry before the real thing, the result won’t dramatically change.
Doing what you like and then receiving the real thing is the best.

Rather, Vaine, if you’re worried, then study.
Why are you pondering upon mankind’s eternal thema in my room instead of studying?
“I ask for guidance!!”

“It’s from the door’s direction.”
During the conversation with Vaine, a loud voice resounded from outside.
From the voice’s pitch, one would think it’s a woman’s.
It’s with as much vigor as if waging a duel. Was their lover taken perhaps?

“Isn’t it from the outside of this room? ”
I do not have the memory of stealing someone’s lover nor waging a duel.
“I think it’s a different room.”
“I ask for guidance!!”
Even more vigor was added.

“As I thought, it’s from the front of this room. I’ll go take a look.”
Vaine stood up from his chair and headed to the entranceway.
“A-” Well, I suppose it’s fine.
It seems like quite the troublesome visitor.
If they’re actually shouting in front of another room’s door, then that’s also fine.
If it’s nothing much, they should surprised by Vaine’s appearance and go away.

I heard a voice from the entryway containing not a splinter of Vaine’s kindness.
By the way, he has no ill will.
“Is this Kururi Helan’s rooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”
An absurd scream.
I have confidence that even if the heavens and earth were to topple over that I wouldn’t make such a scream.

The female vistor clears their throat two or three times and calmly returned to talking.
“I cannot see your face, but I make my acquaintance with Kururi Helan. I have come on this occasion to make a request.”
I see, Vaine’s face is covered by the doorway.
I don’t believe him to have the courteousness to bend his waist.
I was able to understand their present situation as if it were in my hand.
“I am not Kururi.”
“Eh, you’re not? I heard that Kururi-dono’s room was 1-1.”
“It is. But I’m not Kururi.”
“Eh!? A friend perhaps? If so, please call Kururi-dono.”
“I can’t do that. Leave.”
I was the most surprised by that reply. Why are you arbitrarily sending her away?
“You! Perhaps you came to Kururi-dono’s room to do something bad?”
“If I did, what are you going to do?”
“I will have you leave!”

The two were getting into a dangerous mood, so I rushed to the entryway in a panic.
“Why are you two showing naked hostility to each other? It hasn’t been a minute since you met.”
“It’s because it was a rude person.”
Ah, he’s holding on to the fact he was yelled at.

“I will deal with this, so wait in the room, Vaine.”
He went with a reluctant acceptance.

“Greetings, I am Kururi Helan. This is the first time we’ve met, I believe?”
I greeted the woman in front of me.
Alike Vaine, the woman had her clothes put in order beautifully, her blonde hair tied up in a single bundle behind her.
Standing there with a beautiful posture as if a pole was running through, probing this side with her large eyes. To say in one sentence, a beautiful woman. To give an assessment, A+. Incidentally, there is no standard.
“Yes! I am Curosshi Amirale. It is an honor to meet you.
I am relieved you have the face I imagined.”
“Eh, ah. Thanks. Then, what sort of business do you have?”
“I, Curosshi Amirale, have come to for an apprenticeship under Kururi Helan-dono.”
An idiotic voice came out.

“I have heard that you possess considerable skill in both the sword and in magic. I too want to become strong. Please, please, teach that strength to me.”
“Eh? Ah,…for now, will you come inside?”

This isn’t good.
Lately I’ve been putting off thinking whenever something annoying happens and I feel like I ended up inviting her in my room as a result.
Something like apprenticeship is definitely troubling. Let’s turn them away by saying, ‘Read books.’

“It’s an honor to be let into Kururi-dono’s room.”
“If your business is done, hurry up and leave.” The one who let out the hostile words was Vaine.
“What did you say!?”
She is fighting Vaine with her gaze.
Stop it. You can’t win!
He’s a giant! You’ll be eaten!

I tried asking Curosshi-san who I had sit in a chair.
“Curosshi-san is in the same year, right?”
“Yes. I am.”
“Why did you consider something like apprenticeship?”
“I… have to become strong. Due to this I’ve been searching for strong people and heard rumors of Kururi-dono.”
Just what are those rumors? I’m a bit scared to know, so I won’t ask.
Even so, she wants to become strong, huh. There seems to be some sort of circumstances so I won’t ask too deeply.

“What would a woman do after getting so strong?”
Vaine cut in.
“What’s wrong with a woman becoming strong!?”
Round two, fight!
I couldn’t let it proceed, so I cut in without a moment’s delay.

“Furthermore, I am not a woman! I am a man!”
“Eh?” An idiotic voice came out once again.
Vaine also cannot hide his astonished face.

His voice, his appearance, and also the nice smell drifting from his a hair all are that of a woman’s.
Despite this, a man?
I tried observing properly once more.
Yeah, a woman.
Also quite a nice woman.
But, a man.
Even though it’s a woman, a man.
…What? What is a man?

I seem to have slightly fallen into confusion.
“A-anyway, I have to become strong! Please bestow strength upon me as my master.”
“Even if you say strength. It’s possible for me to convey what I learned as is, if that’s okay.”
“Of course! I came because I wanted to learn that.”
“W, well then, I’m OK with apprenticeship.”
“Thank you so much! I swear that even after overcoming my limits, I shall further train and gain comprehension of master’s techniques.”
No, that’s heavy, so stop it!
It’ll give me pressure!

He must have been captivated by the word strength.
After the conversation with Curosshi finished, Vaine opened his mouth.

“If you want to become strong, first train your body. Your body is too thin. Since that’s the case, even if you can use magic, swordsmanship will be difficult.”
“Shut up! I cannot accept your instruction! I am master Kururi’s disciple!”
The two’s gaze is yet again strongly entangled.
Round three! Fight!!

“Now now, calm down you two.”
“Yes, if master so says.
By the way, I want to begin training right away,” I was told this and come to a loss.
What should I have him do?

“…T, train your body. Start from that.”
Vaine’s gaze hurts.
But these are the basics, right!? Vaine-san, even if you didn’t say it, I would have!!
It’s true! I’m saying it’s true!!

“Yes, understood. In detail, what should I do?”
“Whatever you do, bodily flexibility and fundamental physical strength as necessary. First, stretch your joints and muscles.”
These are Vaine’s lines.
Curosshi gives Vaine a sidelong glare.

“Whatever you do, bodily flexibility and fundamental physical strength as necessary. First, stretch your joints and muscles.”
While these are my lines, they are not my words.

I’m asking you two, please get along!
Then you don’t need me in the middle!!

“Stretch your thighs more!”
Vaine enters strict coaching.
Curosshi ignores.
“How about you stretch your thighs more?”

If it were going to become like this, I should have gone to the entryway, then it wouldn’t have become something so bothersome.

“Properly take your time training your foundation.
After continuing for a week, you enter the stage of running to increase physical strength. Until then you will only cultivate flexibility.”
“Think of his words as if they are mine!”
I added without a moment’s delay.
Ah, I was unexpectedly able to get him it accept it so simply.

“Open your legs more.”
Vaine enters a strict check. He seems to get fired up when becoming someone’s trainer.
“Ku, don’t touch a woman’s thighs!”
It seems that Vaine’s hand that he used to support him in opening his legs more bothers him.
“But you’re a man.”
“That’s right! But don’t touch them!”
“Noisy. Listen, open your legs more!”
“I said not to touch there!”

Good, it seems they’re getting along.
Vaine seems to be good at looking after others. His tone is harsh, but his guidance itself is thorough and attentive.
The two are noisy, but they seem like they’ll be able to get along.

I returned to smithing.

“Try looking at this flexibility. The feet easily reach to the head. Until you reach this level, you cannot proceed to the next step.”
“I could care less about your bragging. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you’re pushing too hard! It hurts!”
“It hurts because you were so lazy for your life until now.”
“Shut up, you, don’t make a mockery of me!”
“Whatever, just be quiet. Strength exists just past of endurance.”
“Even without you saying, I understand!”
Good, they’re getting along just as I thought.
Sheesh, can’t you go and do this in your own room?


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