BBP’s Consort: Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Pretend You Haven’t Died

Su Qiqi gripped Mo Wenchen’s sword tightly with both hands. Blood dripped from her palms and dropped onto the soil by her feet.

Blood also dripped out from the corners of Su Qiqi’s mouth. She stared at Mo Wenchen in disbelief, in despair, in heartbroken sadness, in unwillingness…

Mo Wenchen was also looking at Su Qiqi. The hand that gripped the sword trembled. He didn’t dare to move in fear that the sword would cut into another part of Su Qiqi’s body if he moved.

He never imagined that his own sword would actually cut into her body.

He was angry with her, had complaints with her, yet he had never ever wanted to kill her.

Earlier, in his anger, he had her return to the Laundry Department. However, he just wanted her to be more clear-headed and for her to think through everything he had done for her.

He was just going to block the needle in her hand.

Afterall, Hua Qianzi was his cousin. He had promised his aunt that he would take good care of her…

His lips were trembling as well. “Qiqi…”

Mo Wenchen’s voice was very soft and gentle, as if he was afraid he would scare Su Qiqi if he was too loud.

Hua Qianzi, who was leaning into Mo Wenchen’s chest, didn’t move. Her eyes were filled with pride and excitement. Her plan was way too perfect, things have turned out way too successful.

“Mo Wenchen. So it turns out you hate me this much…” said Su Qiqi slowly but clearly. She coughed out a mouthful of blood. Then, she forcefully yanked the sword out of her chest.

Her hands became soaked with blood.

Using her last bit of strength, she kept herself upright and slowly backed away. All that was left in her eyes was despair.

Blood incessantly flowed out from her chest. She could feel her life gradually draining as her body got colder bit by bit. However, no amount of cold could compare to this despair.

She couldn’t accept it. She really couldn’t accept it.

In the end, she actually died by his hand.

Throwing aside the sword and flinging Hua Qianzi away, Mo Wenchen strode forward. “Qiqi…”

His voice was also filled with despair along with sadness and pain.

His body, his hand, they were covered with Su Qiqi’s blood.

Lei Yufeng who had rushed here after them stood and watched this scene dumbly.

He watched as Su Qiqi, who was covered in blood, retreated step by step. She cried weakly, “Stay away…”

She was crying that towards Mo Wenchen.

Even Lei Yufeng could hear the despair in her voice.

He didn’t know what exactly happened. All he knew was that Su Qiqi was done for. The sword had pierced her heart. Not even celestials would be able to help.

The only thing he didn’t understand was how Su Qiqi still had the strength to keep herself standing. Her hair was a mess and fluttered in the air. A large patch of her crimson garment was wet. It was due to blood, Lei Yufeng knew.

Mo Wenchen stopped moving. However, suddenly, he shouted, “Qiqi, don’t walk backwards anymore.”

Behind her was the ten thousand feet abyss.

At this present moment, Mo Wenchen’s heart hurt. It was as if a blade was stabbing into his heart little by little, hurting him so much it almost felt numb.

Mo Wenchen saw the despair on Su Qiqi’s face clearly. At this moment, he also felt despair.

Su Qiqi slowly turned around. Her eyes were already slightly vacant. She had used her last bit of strength to walk away because she wanted to get away from Mo Wenchen, to get away from everything he had given her in this lifetime.

Suffering, warmth, happiness, despair, unwillingness, and hope. She wanted to get rid of all of it. If it was possible, in the next lifetime, she would rather choose to be a horse or a cow than to be a woman by Mo Wenchen’s side…

That sort of despair penetrated one’s bones even deeper than hatred.

Behind her was the ten thousand feet abyss. Su Qiqi looked deeply at Mo Wenchen one last time. Then, she slowly closed her eyes and fell into the wind…

“No!” Mo Wenchen leapt forward. Earlier, he had been afraid to approach because he was worried Su Qiqi would back away and fall into the abyss. Yet, she actually jumped down of her own will!

“Su Qiqi!” Lei Yufeng also shouted and threw himself over. However, he was too far away and couldn’t even touch her clothes.

Mo Wenchen, who was flying through the air, felt something impede his movements. His belt was wound around Hua Qianzi’s body.

With a swing of his arm, he cut the belt and flew towards the abyss. He reached out to catch Su Qiqi.

The wind was fierce and confused everyone’s sights.

Mo Wenchen had propelled himself forward quickly, yet he had only managed to grab Su Qiqi’s fluttering dress belt.


Su Qiqi fell down into the abyss, while all that was in Mo Wenchen’s hand was her torn off belt. It was eye-piercingly red, like fresh blood.

Lei Yufeng, in his alarm, didn’t manage to catch Su Qiqi. However, he dragged Mo Wenchen away from the abyss and watched him in worry that he would suddenly jump down like Su Qiqi.

Mo Wenchen stood next to the abyss but didn’t make any moves to jump down. He has always been a clear-headed person and was still one. He naturally wouldn’t be dumb to the point of jumping down.

Not to mention, he knew that Su Qiqi wouldn’t have despaired so much if she knew she could survive.

That meant, even if she hadn’t jumped down this abyss, there was still no chance she could have lived.

“Wenchen.” Lei Yufeng was also looking at that ten thousand feet abyss whose bottom could not be seen. He was thinking that Mo Wenchen would probably insist on getting to the bottom of the abyss in order to find Su Qiqi’s corpse.

“Let’s go.”

Mo Wenchen didn’t say anything else. He threw that piece of red belt into the abyss, then turned to leave.

His figure was desolate, his footsteps heavy…

He didn’t tell Lei Yufeng that the reason he wasn’t going down to search was because he was afraid of seeing Su Qiqi’s corpse. As long as he didn’t see Su Qiqi’s corpse, he could comfort himself. He could pretend that Su Qiqi was still alive, living in some corner of this world…

Even though he clearly knew that the blade had stabbed into Su Qiqi’s heart and that the only path for people who fell into the abyss was death, he still insisted on deceiving himself along with others. It seems, only that way his heart would hurt less.

The bodyguard that rushed here after them helped Hua Qianzi up.

Ever since Su Qiqi disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes, Mo Wenchen hadn’t looked at Hua Qianzi even once. He treated her as if she didn’t exist.

He walked forward by himself, casting a desolate figure.

Lei Yufeng looked towards the bottom of the abyss again. The stretch seemed endless. Even he probably wouldn’t survive if he jumped in.

He recalled the first time he saw Su Qiqi, the stubborn manner she had. Although she didn’t have outstanding features, that aura of hers made him unable to shift his eyes away.

That’s why he saved her and even gave her medicine.

However, he never brought up that incident.

He knew that sometimes he was even more ruthless and cruel than Mo Wenchen. He clearly knew how dark Hua Qianzi’s intentions were and how vicious she was. He had even seen it with his own eyes, yet he still watched everything coldly without getting involved.

He never felt heartache watching Su Qiqi escape from death by a hair time after time. Yet, just then, when Su Qiqi fell into the abyss, he felt heartache. He truly felt heartache…

Before Hua Qianzi left, she also turned back to take one last glance. The faint figure of Su Qiqi covered in blood was still fresh in her mind, yet her eyes contained slight unease.

She had succeeded. From now on, she would be the only woman by Mo Wenchen’s side.

Although the position of main wang fei wouldn’t belong to her, there would never be another main wang fei. Thus, she’ll be the final authority in this wang fu.

She felt that only her status could match up to Mo Wenchen’s.

When the time was right, she would definitely let the world know of her identity as the princess of Hundred Flower Nation.

She will obtain the things she want, no matter what the price was.

The cliff was once again peaceful. With the exception of the two dead men that were still lying there, it seemed as if nothing had occurred.

Below the cliff, it was a mass of white. Cold wind swept past that desolate site…

{The End}

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