BBP’s Consort: Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Rebirth

Blood kept spilling out from her chest. Su Qiqi still had some sensation left. She could feel her life dimming; she could still feel her heart aching.

Next to her ears was the loud, cold wind. She didn’t want to die, but she no longer had any chance of survival.

Mo Wenchen’s sword had cut deep into her chest. It seemed to have passed through her heart. She had medicinal knowledge. She knew that the wound was fatal.

She hated, she resented.

She had worked so hard, but all she got in exchange was his sword.

It severed everything; it severed all.

Her body continued to fall and her windborne hair flew up, striking her face. However, she could no longer feel the pain. She couldn’t see how far it was to the bottom of the abyss, but she knew that there was no longer any need to worry about it.

Mother, Qiqi’s coming to find you.

Mother, Qiqi is actually really scared. Qiqi’s really scared of dying…

She wished so much that she could live.

Pain mixed with reluctance as her consciousness slowly faded.

She slowly closed her eyes, releasing her awareness.

She still felt unwilling to accept this even as she was closing her eyes. The unwillingness filled her heart and soul. She was going to just die like this, from the blade of the person she loved the most with everything unresolved? It was unjust!

Yet her body continued to fall, until it fell to the bottom of the abyss.

To be reborn after death or to reincarnate into someone else’s body; these were all myths. Su Qiqi – even if she had a hundred unresolved regrets, a thousand unvoiced grudges – was dead.

Perhaps her soul would head to the King of Hell to be reincarnated, or perhaps she would become a wild ghost, or perhaps her soul would fly away and scatter. In any case, everything related to her would disappear without a trace.

Right now, Su Qiqi was a bit dumbstruck. She sat motionlessly on the bed as she looked blankly at everything in front of her. Her eyes were dull and spiritless. She had already maintained this position for an entire day and night.

She couldn’t believe that she was alive, that she had actually reincarnated into someone else’s body. She had gotten the chance at a second life.

She didn’t dare to see what she looked like. Perhaps, a capable person had saved her after she fell into the abyss. However, even celestials would have their hands bound with the wound on her chest.

So how could it possible that there had been a human capable of saving her?

Su Qiqi felt a bit cold and she hugged her shoulders. The decor in the room was very luxurious.

There were servants walking in and out. All of them ignored Su Qiqi’s dull behavior as if it was nothing unusual.

Su Qiqi found out that she had really reincarnated into someone else’s body from the words the servants whispered to one another. The original owner of this body was a girl with a mental disability. She had no father or mother and was mentally handicapped from the moment she was born.

She had never even spoken before.

Su Qiqi decided that since she had gotten the opportunity to be reborn, she definitely had to shock the world and settle all past accounts.

“Little Young Miss…”

The door was pushed open and a servant girl slowly walked in. Her voice was flat and she was carrying a dish of clear porridge.

Su Qiqi, who had originally been spacing out, abruptly looked up. Her eyes instantly turned cold and her voice came out very indifferent. Her manner seemed to cast people a thousand miles distant. “You have business?”

She had been reborn. She told herself that she definitely couldn’t be as weak as she had been in the past.

Sometimes, hiding would just cause the enemy to torment you with even less restraint.

“Little Young Miss…”

The servant girl was so frightened by Su Qiqi’s cold gaze that she trembled and almost threw the tray in her hands. “Ghost… there’s a ghost!”

As she screamed, she anxiously backed away.

This scream ended up startling Su Qiqi. She lifted her hand to touch her face. Could it be that in this rebirth, she ended up with an ugly appearance again? Though the appearance she had before wouldn’t enchant a myriad of people, she had never been called a ghost.

She had only become the laughingstock of the country due to the fact she had an unremarkable appearance. That was the reason she had become Mo Wenchen’s puppet, the reason she was abandoned again and again, used… Suddenly, Su Qiqi felt that she cared a lot about her appearance.

“Shut up. Leave the porridge and scram.” Su Qiqi stood up and walked forward while glowering at the servant girl who was backing away.

She walked to the table and looked in the copper mirror.

She didn’t have the habit of deceiving others and deceiving oneself. That’s why, she had to see clearly what she currently looked like…

Su Qiqi was dumbfounded as she stared at the unfamiliar face in the mirror. Her soul had actually taken over this body? It was actually such a stunning appearance. Her skin was white as snow with rosiness within the white which made it seem gentle as jade yet sparkling and translucent. Her eyes and brows were mild like soft spring. Matched with small cherry lips that were slightly scarlet, it gave off a tender and beautiful aura. Beside her cheeks, the two locks of hair further enhanced her alluring appearance. This appearance, with the exception of the coldness in the depths of her eyes, could be said to be flawless.

Su Qiqi couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by it.

If back then, she had such an exceptional appearance, how could she have ended up that way?

Thinking of this, she felt a dull ache in her heart.

The coldness in her eyes deepened.

The servant girl was quite severely frightened. This foolish Little Young Miss was suddenly able to speak. In addition, the cold light that came from those originally dull eyes was enough to make people retreat three feet and tremble with fear.

It was unbelievable.

The imperial physician had said that Little Young Miss wouldn’t be able to live past today. She had only come here to see how this fool was due to orders. Unexpectedly…

It’s a ghost, it’s definitely a ghost.

Su Qiqi glanced at the servant girl that was staring at her while retreated backwards and gave a cold humph. These servants actually dared to bully their master? Since she, Su Qiqi, had been reborn in this body, she’ll make it so that everything changes.

The servant girl’s screams had alerted the other people in the courtyard.

A white-haired old madam walked in with shaky steps. Her eyes were filled with love as she looked at Su Qiqi who was sitting in front of the copper mirror. “Susu, you’ve woken? You’ve finally woken?”

Her voice was trembling.

Behind the old madam was about a dozen people. There were males and females, young and old.

“Old Madam, you(respectful) shouldn’t get too excited. Little Young Miss really has woke up. She knows how to speak now…” The servant girl from earlier had already calmed down. Right now, the only one who could explain everything was their Little Young Miss. The Little Young Miss had woken up. After lying dormant for fifteen years, she had finally woken up.

“That’s right ah, Grandma. You should be happy.” A teenage boy walked up and patted the old madam’s shoulder in a manner filled with filial affection. As he did so, he looked at Susu, the current Su Qiqi.

“That’s right ah, Mother. Susu has woken up. Little Sister who is down below will probably be able to rest easy now…”

“Mother, your health is most important…”

Everyone spoke at the same time, trying to persuade the old madam.

“Grandma.” Su Qiqi retrieved her emotions and gave a call in an obedient manner. The coldness in her eyes had also disappeared without a trace. Instead, it was replaced by the brightness of lively intelligence.

This was the innocence manner a fifteen-year-old girl should have.

Su Qiqi subtly sized up the married women in the room. They seemed to have an air which stood out from the masses.

Yet that aura escaped description. By contrast, the men at their sides seemed to give off a gentle air.

Su Qiqi didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know if this was the same world she had lived in before…

This single call of grandma caused the old madam’s tears to overflow. She hugged Su Qiqi tightly. “My Susu, you’ve finally woken up, you’ve finally woken up…”

She has now fully come to believe this reality. Her granddaughter who has been mentally handicapped for fifteen years, who the imperial doctor said would not live past today, has woken up.

This was unbelievably good news for the Xiao family of Hundred Flower Nation.

Su Qiqi, who was now Xiao Susu, hugged the old madam back. “Grandma, I’ve woken up. From now on, I’ll definitely show you proper filial respect.”

From the looks of these people’s attire and the disparity between men and woman, it was likely that this was the Lei Clan Residence’s neighbor, the Hundred Flower Nation.

A matriarchal nation.

Su Qiqi felt even more confident. A matriarchal nation? Then from birth, the status of women was higher.

The old madam’s white hair seemed dyed with light and she seemed much more spirited. She released Xiao Susu and started seizing her up. She seemed very pleased with what she saw.

She knew that there was hope now, for the Xiao family to rise to glory again.


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