BBP’s Consort: Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Pierced Straight Through the Heart

Hua Qianzi laughed loudly. “What do I want? Of course it’s for you to die.”

As she spoke, she looked towards the distance as if checking for something.

Su Qiqi, who was restrained by the man, could not budge at all. Thus, she could only glare at Hua Qianzi as she said, “You clearly know that there is nothing between wang ye and me. Is it worth the trouble to send me to my grave?”

Naturally Su Qiqi wasn’t willing to die in this woman’s hand. She still had to avenge her mother.

This woman had definitely been behind the assassins from last time. Mo Wenchen had probably gotten to the bottom of it as well, yet he didn’t do anything. He probably hadn’t been able to bring himself to hurt Hua Qianzi.

After all, he still had to take her as a consort so that they could live a long and happy life together.

Su Qiqi’s heart hurt as if it was being stabbed by needles when she thought of this.

The conversation between Lei Yufeng and Mo Wenchen still echoed in her ears. She felt so much heartache she involuntarily trembled, but she forced herself to calm down and meet Hua Qianzi’s gaze.

“Humph! Even if there’s nothing between the two of you, you are still monopolizing the position of the main consort.” Hua Qianzi simply replied with a cold humph. She was determined to have Su Qiqi disappear from Mo Wenchen’s world.

She could also see that Mo Wenchen wasn’t very affectionate with Su Qiqi. However, the incident in which they didn’t separate during New Year’s Eve and spent the whole night together caused Hua Qianzi to be uncertain of Mo Wenchen’s intentions again.

After all, Su Qiqi was a godly doctor. There was now no one left in the country that didn’t know of this fact.

Hence, she was a very useful tool for Mo Wenchen. Hua Qianzi’s personality still counted as cautious. Thus, even though Mo Wenchen didn’t seem to harbor affection for Su Qiqi, she insisted on getting rid of Su Qiqi because it was a threat that Mo Wenchen valued her.

Upon hearing this, Su Qiqi had nothing else to say.

She understood that no matter what she said, Hua Qianzi would not stop.

Even at the cost of ruining her own wedding, she had still taken such great pains in order to send her to her death. She probably no longer cared about anything else as all her roads of retreat had been cut off.

And, from the looks of her, she seemed quite confident in succeeding.

The man restraining Su Qiqi didn’t do anything. He simply stood there quietly as if he was awaiting orders from Hua Qianzi.

Hua Qianzi didn’t speak further either. She waited. She was waiting for the right moment.

A person’s figure rapidly flitted towards their direction from the horizon. Hua Qianzi’s lips finally hooked in the trace of a smile before she shot the man a look.

The man who had been restraining Su Qiqi suddenly released her. Without paying any more attention to her, he approached Hua Qianzi simultaneously with another man. Taking out a thick hemp rope from his chest, he started tying Hua Qianzi to a withered tree.

Su Qiqi watched all of this dumbly. She was so confused she didn’t notice the figure that had flown over.

Hua Qianzi, who had an arrogant expression just moments earlier, now had a pitiful, tearstained face. She looked with tear-filled eyes at Su Qiqi as she cried, “I’m begging you… please don’t do this…”

It was truly a sight that provoked one’s pity.

Instantly, Su Qiqi understood what she was doing.

It was truly a great scheme.

With this, Hua Qianzi would be able to consign her to eternal damnation without having to waste any resources.

Finally, Su Qiqi turned to look towards the sky. The figure got closer and closer until she could see clearly who it was. The person that came was Mo Wenchen.

The crimson wedding attire could not dampen the murderous intent and imposing aura that came from him.

He seemed furious. Su Qiqi could sense this from far away.

It caused her heart to drop.

As of now, she really had no way to explain.

The two men were already starting to tear at Hua Qianzi’s clothes. Hua Qianzi’s cries were getting softer and weaker, but it was just loud enough that Mo Wenchen could hear it clearly.

Su Qiqi stood there in the wind expressionlessly, allowing the fierce gales to swept through her skirts and slash at her face. She was still grasping an acupuncture needle, yet she couldn’t bring herself to move at all.

She could not accept this fate.

Hua Qianzi, you sure are vicious.

Hua Qianzi’s outer garments were already torn apart but the two men didn’t dare to actually make a move. They simply continued acting.

Mo Wenchen, who was in midair, looked around with an abnormally cold gaze. The first thing he did was not to save Hua Qianzi, but to look at Su Qiqi who was standing scarily still in the wind.

His expression became even colder. He was completely sure that his guess was right.

The person outside the room that day had definitely been Su Qiqi.

She had heard everything he said to Lei Yufeng, that was why she decided to commit such an offense.

“Su Qiqi, ben wang has misjudged you.”

With a backflip, Mo Wenchen instantly moved to land between Su Qiqi and Hua Qianzi. Before anyone present even blinked, his sword had left his sheath and the two men fell to the ground. Blood bloomed in all directions, watering the dry soil.

He did not look at Su Qiqi again.

Su Qiqi had already expected this result, but she still felt so hurt from these words that she found it hard to breathe.

She didn’t try to explain and simply stayed silent.

Hua Qianzi leaned into Mo Wenchen’s embrace in a pitiful manner while trembling. Her eyes were hazy with tears, her crimson wedding dress was torn apart, and her makeup was long ruined due to her tears.


As she cried, she quietly said to Mo Wenchen, “Forget it, in any case I didn’t receive any harm… don’t punish wang fei niang niang…”

If it weren’t for the fact that Mo Wenchen thought the person behind the door that day was Su Qiqi, he would have certainly reconsidered this entire event calmly.

However, he believed that Su Qiqi’s personality was too determined to simply give up after hearing their exchange. Thus, he came to the conclusion that the fact she did this was to be expected.

And he did not think further about this.

He wrapped his arm tightly around Hua Qianzi. Without looking at Su Qiqi, he gave a cold humph and said, “Then just have her return to the Laundry Department.”
His heart also hurt from the fact that Su Qiqi would do this. Although he didn’t sacrifice as much as Su Qiqi did, he had already changed himself too much for Su Qiqi.

Yet, in the end, it turns out there was no trust between them.

He had only been casually replying to Lei Yufeng’s words that day. If it was said that at the beginning, it was only for the sake of the bet, his reasons had long since changed. His actions were because his heart was moved.

Yet, what he got in exchange was not deep devotion but suspicion and jealousy.

“Mo Wenchen.” Su Qiqi finally could not stay silent anymore.

Mo Wenchen, who had been walking forward while hugging Hua Qianzi, abruptly stopped walking. However, he didn’t turn back.

Su Qiqi walked forward slowly, feeling as if both of her feet weighed a thousand pounds. She lost her balance a bit due to the wind. How could she be so weak as to be overpowered by the wind at this sort of time?

She smiled self-mockingly.

Standing in front of Mo Wenchen, she said, “You don’t want your Yellow Emperor’s Sword anymore?”

Things have already gotten to this point, so why not clear everything up?

Since he didn’t trust her, there was no use explaining.

Originally, she thought they would be able to live together, mutually caring for each other, until old age. However, in the end, it was actually just a bet, just a farce.

Mo Wenchen stiffened. His expressionless eyes darkened as he looked at Su Qiqi coldly. She has finally revealed everything.

That incident was probably the catalyst that caused her to be so cruel towards Hua Qianzi.

Su Qiqi shifted her gaze away from Mo Wenchen and turned to look towards Hua Qianzi. “Very well, you win. However, one day, you will regret it.”

Her heart currently felt dead, yet she forced herself to face them with strength.

Afterwards, she flung back her sleeves, then turned to leave.

So what if she had to return to the Laundry Department? This time, she won’t soak in sadness again. She will be more clear-headed.


Just as she turned around, Hua Qianzi suddenly cried out in pain.

A single, gleaming, acupuncture needle had pierced into Hua Qianzi’s neck.

“Su Qiqi!” Mo Wenchen immediately shouted in anger and strode forward.

Su Qiqi was the only one that possessed acupuncture needles.

Hua Qianzi, after crying out, actually gave a cold smile. However, no one caught that smile.

A dagger suddenly appeared in her hand and she stabbed it fiercely towards Su Qiqi.

Su Qiqi didn’t understand why Mo Wenchen suddenly got angry. However, the first thing she saw when she turned around was that dagger. Thus, she sent out the needle in her hand without hesitation.

Biaoge, save me.”

Hua Qianzi cried out weakly while putting away the dagger in her hand.

Hence, the only gleam of light reflected in Mo Wenchen’s eyes came from the needle in Su Qiqi’s hand.

He wanted to counter with his hand, but the sword in his hand slashed out horizontally before he could think.

He knew how ruthless Su Qiqi could be so he didn’t worry much. However, the moment the sword slashed out, Hua Qianzi moved slightly and caused Mo Wenchen’s wrist to also shift slightly…

“Ah…” Su Qiqi gave a muffled cry. The needle in her hand stabbed into Mo Wenchen’s wrist. Meanwhile, Mo Wenchen’s sword stabbed straight into her chest!

Blood soaked the crimson garment…


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