BBP’s Consort: Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Hua Qianzi’s Means

Mo Wenchen noticed Su Qiqi’s change. He felt that his guess had not been wrong.

The person behind the door had definitely been Su Qiqi. This meant that she had heard everything he had said to Lei Yufeng.

He wanted to go and explain. However, he, Mo Wenchen, had never lowered himself to the point of explaining himself to anyone. Not to mention, in regards to this matter, he felt he had already done enough.

There was no need for any superfluous words.T/N

As the wedding’s date approached, Su Qiqi was very busy. She woke up early and went to sleep late, putting forth one hundred and twenty percent energy.

Since she had no chance of obtaining anything, she should just do her best in being his right arm and wait for the day he helped her avenge her mother’s death.

As for Hua Qianzi, she was still so soaked in her happiness that she didn’t notice any of this.

However, she was not only happy due to the thought of soon being married to Mo Wenchen, she was also happy, perhaps even more so, due to her plan. As time passed, her scheme was becoming more and more solid.

She was confident that she would be able to succeed at the first attempt when that day came.

Even if it destroyed everything, she would still be happy.

Because, she can no longer tolerate Su Qiqi’s existence.

Mo Wenchen now valued Su Qiqi and their relationship was very comfortable. Thus, she could no longer watch unconcerned. If she allowed things to continue, even if she became his side consort, she would probably become one only in name.

The crimson wedding attire veiled her stunning features. Outside the wang fu, gongs and drums filled the skies, and the sound of popping strings of firecrackers rang out. The inside of the wang fu was decorated with lanterns and colored banners in a jubilant manner. Crimson carpet that started at the main entrance of the wang fu also covered the entire fu, not even sparing a single small road.

Everywhere one looked was eye-piercingly red.

Su Qiqi woke up early in the morning to manage her husband’s wedding. Due to the fact that it had been rather busy lately, her facial color was abnormally pale. She was wearing a red garment as well, and it added some allure to her delicate features.

It was almost the auspicious hour. Su Qiqi was currently directing the old servants to carry necessary things.

Wang fei niang niang, wang ye is asking for you,” said a servant who had run over.

Su Qiqi was surprised, and she looked at the servant carefully. He didn’t look very familiar. Since she had been staying in the same courtyard as Mo Wenchen this entire time, she was very familiar with all the servants in the courtyard.

When the servant saw Su Qiqi sizing him up like this, he slightly lowered his head. “Wang fei niang niang, the auspicious hour is almost here. Wang ye has asked for you to discuss a matter.”

He seemed to be hiding something.

Su Qiqi relaxed slightly, seeing as everything was pretty much in order. Her wedding had been this grand also; however, it simply ended miserable and desolate.

For a moment, she felt an inexplicable unease come over her.

She wanted to give an excuse and say she had no time. However, it occurred to her that after the auspicious hour, she would no longer be the only wang fei niang niang Mo Wenchen had anymore.

Even if it was just a name, she was willing.


When her thoughts went here, Su Qiqi nodded. She set aside her current work and headed towards the courtyard.

That servant followed her.

However, before they reached the front of the courtyard, Su Qiqi suddenly felt a pain at the back of her head, then lost consciousness.

Guests filled the anteroom and the atmosphere was unusually lively.

The commemoration matron* had already cried several times that the auspicious hour had arrived. However, they still didn’t see the bride appear.

A married lady responsible for looking after the bride during the wedding

Mo Wenchen, who was sitting in the center seat, was wearing crimson bridegroom attire. His expression was calm as usual, but his brows furrowed tightly for a moment.

Lei Yufeng, who was at the side, stretched his neck to look towards the door.

He felt that Su Qiqi probably wouldn’t make such a slip-up, so how come the bride still hasn’t been sent over? As he wondered, he shook his head. Looks like that just as humans make mistakes, a horse can stumble.T/N2

No matter who it was, something like this would probably happen if the person was forced to do something she didn’t want to do.

Whispers came from the hall. The commemoration matron had already called out three times, but still, there was no trace of a figure next to the door.

Just as the commemoration matron was calling out for the fourth time, a servant ran in. He seemed extremely flustered and as he knelt down, he handed up a letter. “Wang ye… a letter wang fei niang niang left…”

Mo Wenchen abruptly stood up upon hearing the words ‘wang fei niang niang’, no longer able to remain calm.

He snatched the letter the servant was offering and quickly swept his gaze over it. His originally expressionless face became increasingly grim. It felt as if a storm was approaching. From the start, it was cold winter weather but now, everyone in the hall felt the attack of an even stronger chill.

It must be known that in the Magnetic Captial, Mo Wenchen was the sky. Thus, everyone hushed, not daring to make even the slightest bit of sound.

The commemoration matron was pretty close to Mo Wenchen and was so scared upon seeing his expression that she started trembling.

She didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

Of course, the servant that was kneeling on the floor was cowering even more. He didn’t even dare to lift his head.

“Where did this come from?” Suddenly, Mo Wenchen crushed the letter as he loudly questioned the servant kneeling at his feet. His eyes seemed about to emit flames.

Even Lei Yufeng was a bit confused as he took this in with a frown.

“In, in…” That servant was quite frightened and could not even speak coherently.

Mo Wenchen lifted his leg and directly kicked the servant away. The servant was kicked straight out of the hall and the sound of a pitiful cry came from outside.

It looks like Mo Wenchen was truly furious. Otherwise, he would never injure someone in front of so many common people. That servant probably didn’t have much longer to live.

Mo Wenchen didn’t leave any words after kicking away the servant, he simply leapt out of the hall, going like the wind.

Lei Yufeng immediately followed after him.

This left the people in the room to discuss quietly among themselves.

However, none of them had any clues as to what just happened.

On the day of the wedding, the bride didn’t show up and a single letter caused the wang ye to make such a fuss?

People that had matters to attend to predicted that the wedding probably won’t take place today.

Leng Yan, of course, followed after Mo Wenchen as well. However, he took the time to first instruct people to settle down the guests before leaving.

Su Qiqi felt a little cold. She slowly opened her eyes and rubbed her aching neck. Unexpectedly, the scene that greeted her eyes was that of a mountain. She was at the foot of a mountain and cold wind blew at her from all sides.

The red gown she was wearing was a little thin. She tried hugging her shoulders, but it was still cold.

Her hands and feet were not bound so it meant that she hadn’t been kidnapped.

She had been brought to this desolate mountain for no apparent reason?

As she tried walking a couple steps, she forced herself to stay calm.

She remembered that a servant had told her that wang ye was asking for her.

Although she didn’t dare to make such an unreasonable request as to ask for Mo Wenchen’s love now, having understood her identity even better – she was nothing but a stake in a gamble – she still felt that Mo Wenchen wouldn’t discard her in the wilderness.

Then, there was only one person left that would do this.

Her lips tugged upwards in a cold smile. She laughed at herself a little. With her identity, she wouldn’t affect that woman’s everything at all, yet that woman was still using so much effort to send her to her grave.

Just as her thoughts reached this point, she saw, as expected, Hua Qianzi smiling at her from not far away. Her smile was filled with the joy of victory while her gaze was arrogant to the point she seemed to take no one into her sight.

She was the princess of a nation after all; she had never cared about Su Qiqi, who was just the daughter of a little prime minister.

And even now it was the same.

“What are you trying now?” asked Su Qiqi in a cold voice as she took a few steps forward. “You didn’t even hesitate to utilize this special day in order to get rid of me?”

Her eyes were also filled with a bit of disdain.

“As long as I get rid of you, all my future days will be good ones.” Hua Qianzi smiled proudly. However, beneath her perfect makeup was a distorted face.

It was a blood-thirsty smile.

“That will not necessarily be the case.” Su Qiqi also gave a cold humph as she glanced around. She wasn’t familiar with the geography of Magnetic Capital but she didn’t plan to squander any more time with this woman.

She decided to leave before this woman could start causing trouble.

She gripped the needle in her hand tightly, prepared to face Hua Qianzi’s move. Although it was about as effective as striking a stone with an egg, she still had to fight. She was not someone that would sit and wait for death.

Although today was Mo Wenchen’s special day, she still didn’t part with her needles.

“You want to leave? It won’t be that easy.” Before Su Qiqi even managed to turn around, a large man had pulled her arm then clutched her neck. His movements were extremely fast and he dodged Su Qiqi’s deadly strike as if he knew about it ahead of time.

The needle Su Qiqi stabbed out with stopped in the air. All her movements had been restricted and she couldn’t even budge. All she could do was glare hatefully at Hua Qianzi. “What exactly do you want?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ailin

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – Yah I get that actions mean more than words, but sweet talk matters in a relationship too! I wonder if Mo Wenchen will ever sweet talk Su Qiqi? I feel like he should before the end of the story, but not too soon because male characters that are too submissive to the female heroines also make me feel like they’re nothing but decorations…
But omg… this part. Damned Hua Qianzi!!! #[email protected]%#@$!!
T/N2 – “humans make mistakes, a horse can stumble.” so this saying is usually used to explain mistakes made by all beings that you wouldn’t have expected of them. Horses are known for being able to run well, but they sometimes do stumble…. Apparently. Thus, humans make mistakes occasionally and vice versa.


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