BBP’s Consort: Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: It Was Only A Bet

Mo Wenchen stayed with Su Qiqi for the entire night of New Year’s Eve. Su Qiqi only returned drowsily to her room when morning came. The moment she laid down, she fell asleep.

And, once again, she had no way of calming her turbulent heart.

He did it.

But why did he still have to marry Hua Qianzi?

With his temper, as long as he didn’t want to, how could the monarch of Hundred Flower Nation force him?

After all, he was the wang ye of great Yan.

And not a wang ye of Hundred Flower Nation.

Su Qiqi has become very familiar with the affairs of the fu, so her lifestyle had finally started to calm down. It was completely stable. It was not tough and painful as it had been when she lived in the Laundry Department, but it was still not as dignified as a wang fei niang niang’s life should be.

Her life simply revolved around Mo Wenchen, her heart did as well.

For a while, the fu was extremely busy because Mo Wenchen was about to marry Hua Qianzi. Su Qiqi was, of course, even busier than before. Although she didn’t like this marriage, there was nothing she could change.

Thus, she decided to just let nature take its course.

Mo Wenxuan, who was far away in the Imperial City, also received news that Mo Wenchen was taking a side consort. However, he didn’t interfere and simply sent someone to deliver a congratulatory gift. The current Mo Wenxuan was very low-key.

At the very least, he didn’t dare to provoke Mo Wenchen again for the time being.

Of course there was one person could not be absent from Mo Wenchen’s grand wedding.

Immediately after New Years, Lei Yufeng came by himself to wang fu. He walked this road with even more ease and familiarity than the road to his own Lei Clan Residence.

“How did you come round the idea of marrying that beautiful and alluring cousin of yours?” Lei Yufeng reclined on the chaise lounge and lifted one leg onto his other knee. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked Mo Wenchen up and down.

His tone was full of puzzlement.

“It was Aunt that asked me to look after her well.” Mo Wenchen never hid things from Lei Yufeng.

He would say everything as they were.

“Then just look after her all the way onto the bed ah.” Lei Yufeng tugged his lips in disdain. “Then, what about Su Qiqi?”

As he posed the question, his eyes emitted a bright glow. “No way she’s willing, isn’t she jealous?” Then he muttered to himself, “Unless she doesn’t care about you at all. Then… our bet…”

He gave an evil smirk.

Mo Wenchen, who was originally expressionless, slightly knitted his ink-like brows. A trace of light flashed through his star-like eyes before instantly disappearing.

“Back then, when we made the bet, you didn’t set a time limit.” At present, Mo Wenchen’s facial color was not relaxed. However, Lei Yufeng wasn’t able to enjoy his victory because the words Mo Wenchen uttered made him want to vomit blood.

If things went on like this, it’ll probably be very hard for Lei Yufeng to win what he wanted.

In fact, as long as Mo Wenchen had enough time, he was bound to win.

These words enraged Lei Yufeng quite a bit. He lifted his hand and pointed at Mo Wenchen, but he couldn’t get any words out.

It was true. He had never been able to win against Mo Wenchen before. Although he tried to act more cautiously every time after he got tricked, he still always fell into Mo Wenchen’s trap the next time.

Mo Wenchen simply shifted his dark eyes to the distance without paying attention to Lei Yufeng’s anger. “The Yellow Emperor’s Sword will inevitably belong to me.”

“Then if Su Qiqi doesn’t fall in love with you this entire lifetime, I’ll have to wait for you an entire lifetime?” Lei Yufeng was in a foul mood. He liked Jiao Wei far too much. He tried over a dozen times, but still hadn’t been able to swindle it away from Mo Wenchen.

He just couldn’t accept it ah, no way he could!

Mo Wenchen was just about to nod and say yes when his face suddenly turned cold. Standing up abruptly, he headed towards the door. “Who?”

His voice was very low.

It was filled with a dangerous aura.

Lei Yufeng stood up and moved quickly to the door.

However, when they walked out, they didn’t see anyone. There was not even a shadow around.

The two shared a glance.

Lei Yufeng shrugged. “There’s no one here. You’re being over-cautious. This is the Bei Ding Hou wang fu after all.” As he said this, he walked back to his seat. He was still in the middle of grieving.

All he could think about was his Jiao Wei.

Mo Wenchen’s brows furrowed tightly. He didn’t turn back to go back into the drawing room but stood there for a moment.

He felt that there had definitely been someone here earlier. However, how high was their skill to be able to avoid his detection so completely?

If such an expert existed, his name would have already been spread all over Jianghu.

Suddenly, a dark thought flashed through his mind. He felt that perhaps there really had been someone here earlier…

The last person that he wanted to be here.

What did he talk about with Lei Yufeng earlier?

He shook his head and stood there for a few more moments before he finally went back. Perhaps he was overthinking things. She had no martial arts skills. How could it be possible for her to disappear that quickly?

“There’s no one, right?” Lei Yufeng glared at Mo Wenchen. “Alright, should we set a time limit or something?”

However, he spoke the rest extremely respectfully at if he was kissing up to Mo Wenchen.

Lei Yufeng looked straight at Mo Wenchen’s eyes.

Looking at Lei Yufeng with a smile, Mo Wenchen shook his head. “Fine, since you’re still acting in pretty good faith, let’s just set the limit at half a year.”

He was completely confident in his abilities.

He was aware of the feelings Su Qiqi had for him. Although it wasn’t that apparent, he could still faintly feel them.

“Clap.” Lei Yufeng clapped his hands and laughed heartily. “Nice, nice, this is more like it.”

Outside the lounge, Su Qiqi leaned quietly against the back of the door without moving. Her eyes were tightly shut and her face was pale and colorless. Her hands were clenched into fists inside her sleeves.

She bit her lips hard. What had she just heard? she asked herself repeatedly.

So everything was nothing but a bet.

Her turbulent heart that had been rising and falling, now plummeted to the very bottom. No matter how strong she was, she couldn’t accept this kind of reality.

No wonder he wanted to marry Hua Qianzi. She was nothing but a stake in a bet to him so from the start she was dispensable. Or, perhaps she was just a tool for him to help preserve his life.

The warmth he had shown her time after time, the times he had saved her – they were all fake.

It was all fake…

Su Qiqi tried not to let her tears fall, but she couldn’t stop them. Her long eyelashes trembled as drop after drop of tears streaked over her cheeks and spilled onto her lips. It was salty.

She leaned against the door and simply allowed the tears to fall.

Only after Mo Wenchen and Lei Yufeng left the room did she walk, step by step, towards her own room while leaning against the wall.

She felt the pain in her heart spread little by little as she thought about all the little events of the past.

Perhaps, it would have been a better choice for her to stay in the Laundry Department. That way, she wouldn’t be feeling this heartache.

She wanted to regret but discovered it was already too late. Her mother was already no longer alive. The sole thing that supported her resolution to live was gone as well.

Leaning onto the table, Su Qiqi forcefully wiped the tears off her face.

She had to live strongly. She still had to avenge her mother.

She must.

Even after New Years, the atmosphere of the wang fu was still full of jubilation.

Mo Wenchen, Lei Yufeng, and Leng Yan sat in a circle beneath the plum tree enjoying tea together.

It was a very relaxing scene.

“Hua Chi has rebuilt Hua Sha Syndicate and is also trying to unify the Jianghu. How likely is it that he’ll succeed?” Lei Yufeng’s white garment fluttered lightly. Contrasting with the red plum blossoms that filled the courtyard, it was exceptionally dazzlingly.

His beautiful features were outstanding and contained a little trace of debaunchedness.

Mo Wenchen, who was all in black, exuded, as always, a domineering air. “One hundred percent.”

Leng Yan looked at the two but didn’t interject.

“What makes you say that?” Lei Yufeng was a little puzzled. Although he had never fought with Hua Chi before, he knew that Hua Chi was not stronger than Mo Wenchen.

Moreover, his background was that of a bandit so he probably didn’t have much brains.

“You can’t judge a person by their appearance.” Mo Wenchen gave a faint smile. “Perhaps, he is the one that’s actually my strongest opponent.”

Lei Yufeng and Leng Yan said nothing after this. They both believed Mo Wenchen’s words. Mo Wenchen had never been wrong about a person before.

This meant that they had to be on guard against this Hua Chi.

Due to the fact that Mo Wenxuan and Mo Wenchen’s confrontation had involved all the members of the Jianghu, Jianghu was currently a complete mess. The fact that Hua Chi had taken advantage of this opportunity and acted showed that he truly had vision and insight.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ailin

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