BBP’s Consort: Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: You Do As Well

“What Cousin Miss means to say is allow him to continue staying in wang fu?” Su Qiqi didn’t reply directly and responded with a question instead. There was not much expression on her face, she simply looked mildly at Hua Qianzi.

She completely did not attach importance to Hua Qianzi’s anger.

The grudge between them hadn’t been cleared up yet. Just because she didn’t mention it didn’t mean that it was over.

Even if she was the princess of Hundred Flower Nation, Su Qiqi wasn’t afraid of her.

“Of course,” said Hua Qianzi in the complete manner of a female master. She glowered arrogantly at Su Qiqi.

She looked down haughtily at Su Qiqi.

She believed that as long as she spoke out, Su Qiqi definitely would not dare to continue pressing charges.

Although Su Qiqi had the name of wang fei, she had never gotten Mo Wenchen’s favor. Hua Qianzi also knew that Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen’s relationship were in name only.

Knowing this meant she also knew Su Qiqi would never be her opponent.

Still writing with her head lowered, Su Qiqi lifted her brows slightly. “If Cousin Miss wishes to get involved in this matter, it would be best if Cousin Miss asked wang ye first.”

It was said mildly.

It didn’t contain even the slightest bit of an imposing manner. Su Qiqi knew that right now wasn’t the time to go head to head with Hua Qianzi. When dealing with this sort of woman, one had to use intelligence to compete.

“You…” Hua Qian stopped. Her face reddened and her arrogance evaporated. It was true, she no longer had the right to meddle in any affairs in the fu. The only reason she had dared to run over here and make an unreasonable scene was because she had the status of being Hundred Flower Nation’s princess.

However, her identity in this respect could not be revealed.

She couldn’t return, grandly, back to the royal household of Hundred Flower Nation.

Disregarding Hua Qianzi’s anger, Su Qiqi lifted her eyes and said lightly, “If Cousin Miss has no other matters to discuss,  it would be best if you return to your room to try on the wedding dress. We still have to give the royal household of Hundred Flower Nation a reply tomorrow.”

It may have been that the queen of Hundred Flower Nation felt that she owed Hua Qianzi because she had actually conceded to all of Hua Qianzi’s demands and whims. She had even personally sent someone to deliver the wedding dress, and the state subject was still waiting in wang fu.

Hua Qianzi angrily flung her sleeves back, turned, and left the room. There was nothing she could refute.

However, the hatred in her heart increased little by little. She had never expected that Su Qiqi would have been able to triumph over her so easily and thoroughly, without wasting a single soldier.

Not only had she been unable to save the situation for the accountant, after this, even fewer people would dare to openly oppose Su Qiqi.

And how many people were a match for Su Qiqi in the dark?

Hua Qianzi could not tolerate Su Qiqi anymore.

She planned out everything secretly. She was actually a bit impatient to make it into reality.

Once that time comes, she’d like to see how Su Qiqi would try to change her fortune then.

“I’ll definitely let you die tragically.” Hua Qianzi clenched her fist as she vowed darkly.

At that time, not only would she have seized back her position in the wang fu, she would also have gotten rid of the thorn in her eye.

When she thought of this, her lips curled in a smile.

Mo Wenchen, who had taken all of this in from the courtyard, did not react much. He just shook his head. It was unknown if he was sighing about Su Qiqi or Hua Qianzi.

He didn’t like the chatter of orioles and swallows (the sound of women talking and laughing), that was why there had never been women in the fu.

Su Qiqi had been bestowed by the Emperor and Hua Qianzi counted as someone bestowed by the queen of Hundred Flower Nation.

They were both people that he had no choice but to accept.

However, the scene he had just watched told him that Hua Qianzi would never be a match for Su Qiqi.

Due to the incident with the accountant, the entirety of the wang fu calmed down a lot. No one dared to trouble Su Qiqi to her face, and even fewer dared to rig things in secret.

Swirling snow welcomed the night of lunar New Year’s Eve.

Mo Wenchen, Su Qiqi, and Hua Qianzi once again sat at the same table to eat. Leng Yan joined them as well, his usual stiff, serious expression eased a little. Su Qiqi had released many of the old servants to go home in order to celebrate New Years with their families. Thus, the wang fu was particularly desolate and quiet.

Su Qiqi didn’t mind this feeling.

Her mother wasn’t present for this New Years. That person has probably long forgotten the words he had said. She didn’t harbor much hope.

Hua Qianzi, who was gorgeously dressed, continuously picked food from the dishes for Mo Wenchen in an extremely intimate fashion. Her coquettish glances were soft as silk.

Only Su Qiqi sat there coolly.

As if the people present had nothing to do with her at all.

But then, Mo Wenchen actually picked up some food and placed it in Su Qiqi’s bowl. He didn’t speak, nor did he look at her. It appeared to be just a casual gesture, but everyone knew that this was the first time in Mo Wenchen’s life that he made such a gesture.

It was the night of New Year’s Eve. Mo Wenchen didn’t want to see Su Qiqi’s sad expression anymore.

It didn’t matter if his gesture had been prompted by a sort of pity or heartache, he simply did it.

Su Qiqi, who had lowered her head to eat, was a little stunned. She lifted her head to look at Mo Wenchen but saw only that he had lowered his head and was eating.

They rarely talked. Even if they talked, it was about the household affairs of the wang fu, or about medical science. Other than that, they were silent when they faced each other.

Mo Wenchen only chatted without restraint when he was with Lei Yufeng.

The expressions of the two at the side didn’t change much. Leng Yan only swept an indifferent glance over them. Hua Qianzi, on the other hand, continued to smile on the surface. However, inwardly, she was grinding her teeth so much she could have crushed silver teeth.

She gripped her chopsticks hard. She was furious, jealous… She couldn’t accept it…

The New Year’s Eve dinner drew to a close in the quiet, wordless atmosphere.

Hua Qianzi searched for an excuse to stay behind, but Mo Wenchen took the initiative to leave first. Before he left, he actually told Su Qiqi to come to his room after tidying up.

In the depths of night, a single man and a single woman being together… There was no way Hua Qianzi could accept this, but she didn’t have the power to stop anything.

She could only stomp in helpless fury. Her resolution to carry out her plan became even stronger.

No one would be able to stop her.

After a round of firecrackers went off, things finally quieted down.

The wang fu seemed especially large. All the servants had gone home to rest. Only the guards that were always there, regardless of rain, hail, or shine, were still standing beside the doors.

The entire courtyard had been decorated with lanterns and colored banners. The rows of crimson lanterns ran all the way to the little courtyard in the back.

The lights were brightly lit.

Hence, the darkest night of the year was particularly bright.

Su Qiqi didn’t overthink things and obediently tidied everything up. Then she checked on the guards stationed around the fu before heading towards Mo Wenchen’s room.

Their rooms were adjacent to each other, so she reached it quickly.

“Is something the matter?” asked Su Qiqi simply. Mo Wenchen was reclining on the chaise lounge and was looking into the distance when Su Qiqi walked in.

“Come sit.” He didn’t lift his head and simply continued gazing at the distance.

Then, he said two words mildly.

Su Qiqi couldn’t think of a suitable response, so she sat down opposite him.

“How did you celebrate this time in the past?” Mo Wenchen rarely allowed desolation to show in his face. He always gave off a domineering and ferocious aura.

When this was mentioned, Su Qiqi’s shoulders involuntarily trembled. She leaned back on the chair and lifted her face slightly. Her expression was no longer indifferent, there were traces of sorrow in her eyes, but also a tinge of happiness. “On this day every year, I would light red candles in the little room with Mother. We would make a few little dishes and compose poetry together while gazing into the distance, praying that every year would be like this.”

It can be seen that Su Qiqi really liked the past days.

Although their situation was destitute, they had been happy.

“Your mother never thought about seizing back all that had belonged to her?” Mo Wenchen couldn’t help but be a little stunned as he had glanced back at Su Qiqi.

That face, which could only be counted as pretty in a delicate way was actually glowing a little.

Smiling a little, Su Qiqi shook her head. “Mother has always stood aloof from worldly affairs.”

“You do as well,” said Mo Wenchen softly as he continued to gaze at Su Qiqi.

The candlelight shone on their faces, lighting them with a hazy glow.

Su Qiqi lifted her head to look at Mo Wenchen and took in his gentle gaze. His face no longer gave off a ferocious air, just like the way it hadn’t when he was deep asleep. She really liked watching him quietly back then, as if she could never get enough of it. She had wanted to etch the scene into her eyes, to carve the sight into her heart.

She still desired that now.


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