BBP’s Consort: Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Don’t Forget the Yellow Emperor’s Sword

Su Qiqi’s words caused Lei Yuyao to freeze in her tracks. She felt a bit of disbelief, but mostly, she could understand. After all, she also knew clearly how Su Qiqi ended up becoming Mo Wenchen’s bride.

“But he…” Lei Yuyao wanted to say, risked death to save you.

“That’s because he had that ability. No matter what, I am his main consort that was bestowed by His Majesty.” Tranquility once again replaced all the expressions on Su Qiqi’s face.

Su Qiqi believed that if the cliff she had fallen off earlier led to the ten thousand meters abyss, Mo Wenchen definitely wouldn’t move to save her without hesitation.

This was because she knew that Mo Wenchen has always only made moves that he was one hundred percent confident about.

Otherwise, he would choose not to make the move.

Lei Yuyao continued to stare straight at Su Qiqi. However, her tightly clenched fist gradually loosened and her entire body seemed to soften as if she no longer had any strength.

The two simply stood facing each other silently.

Snow fell incessantly. As wind blew past, hair lifted in the wind and garment hems danced.

“Young Miss.”

The carriage driver waited for a while before he finally couldn’t stop himself from moving up. After giving a respectful salute, he gave a call.

As Lei Yuyao observed Su Qiqi’s apathetic eyes, apathetic face, and apathetic expression, she suddenly felt that this woman in front of her was much more unfortunate than her. So what if she could stay at that man’s side? She could only serve as an existence that was a disgrace to him.

At that instant, Lei Yuyao fully believed Su Qiqi’s words.

She lifted her hand and had the carriage driver turn the carriage around. Then, she looked towards Su Qiqi. “Let’s go.”

Lei Yuyao has always done things following her feelings. She didn’t understand how to plan very well and also didn’t have very deep schemes. Once she believed something, she wouldn’t think any more about it.

That’s why, at this time, all the hostility she had towards Su Qiqi instantly vanished.

The tensed heart finally was able to relax. Su Qiqi released a soft breath of relief and nodded, then followed Lei Yuyao onto the carriage.

On the way, the two didn’t speak and both closed their eyes to nap.

One was worried about Mo Wenchen’s injury, one was feeling tired. She had caused a fuss for so many days and now she had discovered that she was actually causing trouble without reason. Her hostility had been aimed at the wrong person.

All the doctors in the Lei Clan Residence had been invited to the room outside Mo Wenchen’s.

In Lei Yufeng’s eyes, Mo Wenchen was a god-like existence. If he spat out a mouthful of blood, that meant he had definitely received a severe injury.

That was why Lei Yufeng caused such a big fuss.

It was also due to the fact that he couldn’t wait for Su Qiqi to return.

Nor did he have the space of mind to consider how dangerous it was to leave Su Qiqi behind with Lei Yuyao.

Due to forcefully suppressing his qi that was flowing in reverse, Mo Wenchen wasn’t able to breathe for a moment. That in addition to being worried about Su Qiqi suffering at Lei Yuyao’s vicious hands caused him to faint from anxiety.

All the doctors in the hall were helpless in face of this crisis. All they could say was that he’d recover with some nursing.

In the end, it caused Lei Yufeng to fly into a terrible rage and drive all of the doctors out of Lei Clan Residence.

Su Qiqi returned an hour later. Only then did Lei Yufeng recall that there was a godly doctor here and he had wasted time inviting the quacks that filled the streets.

Lei Yuyao also walked into Mo Wenchen’s room with Su Qiqi.

Lei Yuyao felt extreme regret for her actions as she looked at the unconscious Mo Wenchen and thought about what Su Qiqi had said.

She had blocked all her future paths.

She knew that to change Mo Wenchen’s opinion of her would be very difficult.

Not to mention her brother had never supported her in regards to this matter.

Su Qiqi slowly and carefully walked to the bed, then reached out to check Mo Wenchen’s pulse. She slightly lowered her head and her long eyelashes conceal all the emotions in her eyes.

From her exterior appearance, she seemed very calm, almost indifferent.

After Su Qiqi checked his pulse, she asked Lei Yufeng for a brush and started writing a prescription.

From start to finish, she didn’t say a single superfluous word.

At this time, Lei Yuyao just stood quietly to the side allowing Lei Yufeng to glare fiercely at her.

She knew that she had made a mistake, and this time it was a grave blunder. That’s why she didn’t dare to try to challenge Lei Yufeng and could only behave herself.

After looking at the prescription Su Qiqi wrote, Lei Yufeng immediately sent people to the pharmacy inside the residence to get the medicine, then he went to personally boil the medicine.

“Your older brother… really cares about wang ye,” Su Qiqi said casually, seeing as Lei Yuyao wasn’t leaving.

“Of course. Wang ye was the one that saved my big brother’s life. Without Wenchen ge, my big brother wouldn’t be here today.” Lei Yuyao looked with a face of admiration towards Mo Wenchen who was lying quietly on the bed.

That gaze was filled with sincere love.

It caused Su Qiqi to also feel a bit moved. This man indeed was capable of capturing a hundred thousand young girls’ hearts. She, as well, was included among those people.

Thinking to here, Su Qiqi gave a wry smile. There was no way she could stop herself from loving this man anymore due to how many times her heart had been moved by him.

Mo Wenchen had only messed with his inner qi so he would be able to recover with a bit of nursing. Thus, right after Mo Wenchen woke up, he insisted on leaving.

Lei Yufeng stood in the large hall glowering fiercely at Mo Wenchen. “How am I supposed to not worry with you like this?”

His expression was cold and stern.

However, Mo Wenchen’s expression was also resolute. “You know my temper. If you don’t want anything to happen to your younger sister, you’d best let us leave.”

If not for the fact that he was taking Lei Yufeng into consideration, he definitely would have personally killed Lei Yuyao. He was the only one allowed to touch his woman. Anyone that harms Su Qiqi was harming him.

It was slapping his, Mo Wenchen’s face.

Lei Yufeng took in Mo Wenchen’s ice-cold expression and deep, unquestionable tone.

Then, he went silent.

True, he also knew that everything yesterday was purposefully arranged by Lei Yuyao. When she took the initiative to bring up going to Duan Ya, it was already part of her plan to send Su Qiqi to her grave.

Although he had already punished her to kneel in the ancestral hall, he couldn’t change reality.

Based on his understanding of Mo Wenchen, it was fortunate that Su Qiqi didn’t get injured this time. Otherwise, even he wouldn’t have been able to protect Lei Yuyao.

“You’ve really fallen in love with her?”

After a while, Lei Yufeng asked this question while staring straight at Mo Wenchen.

He had wanted to know this entire time.

After giving a cold smile, Mo Wenchen seemed to want to say something. However, he then lowered his eyes. “Don’t forget, the Yellow Emperor’s Sword.”

He looked confident of his victory.

“So it was like this.” Lei Yufeng shook his head and shrugged helplessly.

For a while, he was still puzzled by Mo Wenchen’s actions. Was it really only because of the Yellow Emperor’s Sword? Then why was he that desperate yesterday?

However, Lei Yufeng didn’t wish for Mo Wenchen to fall in love with Su Qiqi. If Mo Wenchen did, he would no longer be the Battle God, because he would now have a weak spot.

The current Su Qiqi was really incapable of becoming his support. She would only be his burden.

“Alright, Qiqi has probably already finished packing.” Mo Wenchen got up and, without a goodbye or saying anything else, turned to leave.

Lei Yufeng had long gotten used to Mo Wenchen being like this.

He has always been like this – coming and going like the wind, never being impeded by anything.

Lei Yufeng didn’t go to see him off. Instead, he sat in the Lei Clan Residence sipping tea.

Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen sat together in a carriage that headed north.

Having pacified Lei Yuyao, Su Qiqi believed that Lei Yuyao would no longer view her as a needle in her eye. However, though this side was resolved, what about after they returned to the Magnetic Capital?

When she returns, what status would it be with?

Where would she stay? Would Hua Qianzi easily give up?

All these questions filled her heart and made it difficult for her to relax. She peeked at Mo Wenchen who was napping. She truly hoped that this man would forever care about her.

“You are ben wang’s main consort.” As if he could feel Su Qiqi’s unease, Mo Wenchen didn’t open his eyes, but he said this solemnly.

It probably counted as giving Su Qiqi a Heart Calming Pill.

For a while, Su Qiqi just continued watching Mo Wenchen. Her unease, her worries, had all instantaneously disappeared.

This sentence, was enough.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Sigh. I swear I read that he had figured out that he loved Su Qiqi a couple chapters earlier. Why is he wavering like a girl!? And acting like an immature jerk…

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  1. Som says:

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    Lei Yuyao lives by the grace of the bromance and Su Qiqi’s half truths.

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