BBP’s Consort: Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: At a Loss

The entire Bei Ding Hou wang fu was enveloped in shadow.

These past few days, Hua Qianzi’s expression had been consistently cold. She hadn’t expected for Mo Wenchen to be away so long and Su Qiqi’s name was present in all the intelligence she had received.

It was as if Su Qiqi was already an inseparable part of Mo Wenchen’s life.

“Humph! That ugly woman actually came back alive.” Hua Qianzi angrily threw down the letter, then swept all the teacups off the table.

The tepid tea spilled all over the floor.

The servant girl kneeling on the ground trembled slightly.

However, she didn’t dare to say anything.

It seemed that swiping the tea onto the ground wasn’t enough to relieve Hua Qianzi’s anger as she abruptly got up again and fiercely kicked that servant girl. “It’s all because of you!”

The servant girl hurriedly kowtowed and accepted the blame. As she trembled, she said, “Princess, please punish…”

Hua Qianzi lifted her hand and slapped the girl several times until the girl fell to the ground and laid there trembling without daring to get up. “Looks like you still remember that I’m a princess.”

The yes-man little servant girl could only lay there on the ground and keep admitting her errors. She didn’t dare to say a single word extra. She had been sent by the Palace to protect Hua Qianzi as Hua Qianzi was the daughter of the Hundred Flower Nation’s queen. Back then, Hua Qianzi was only sent out of the palace due to compelling circumstances.

Now that the Queen held steady power, she naturally intended to protect this daughter, who was away from the palace, well.

It was just that she was unaware of the temper this daughter of hers had. All the people she had sent over was sent out by Hua Qianzi as assassins. Not only did Hua Qianzi send all of them out, she also spent a huge sum of money to hire a batch of killers. All this was for the sole purpose of killing Su Qiqi.

Or, to kill Lei Yufeng.

Hua Qianzi didn’t like Lei Yufeng roaming around either since that man’s gaze was too sharp. Whenever he looked at her, she felt as if a spearhead was pressed against her back.

Thus, the news she received made her fly into a rage. Not only did none of the people she sent out come back alive, Su Qiqi was still alive and unharmed. At this current moment, she was actually heading back with Mo Wenchen!

“Scram.” Hua Qianzi gave a low growl, having tired of hitting the servant girl.

The servant girl quivered from fear and continuously repeated ‘yes’ as she scrambled out.

She had been here for a little over two months. At the very start, she thought this master would be much easier to deal with than those in the palace. It was only now that she realized the princesses in the palace were way too simple compared with Hua Qianzi.

Hua Qianzi was the one that was truly shrewd and vicious, ruthless to the extreme.

There was no one in the entire wang fu that dared to offend her.

In addition, she held such power not with the status of being the female master of wang fu but simply with the status of being the wang ye’s cousin.

Though she had vented for a round, Hua Qianzi still fumed. However, she didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking as she knew that Mo Wenchen was already heading back to wang fu and Leng Yan was investigating the matter of the assassins.

Otherwise, she definitely would have spent another huge sum and sent even stronger assassins after Su Qiqi.

She just doesn’t believe that an ugly woman who didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken could dodge fifteen more after dodging the first one.

Hua Qianzi had pretty much grown up with Mo Wenchen. She knew better than anyone what the temper of this cousin was like.

Even if he would save someone, it would only be with the premise that he was not in any danger.

While Hua Qianzi was pacing back and forth, her sweet and charming face was filled with anger while her eyes were filled with killing intent. She had already been unable to tolerate Su Qiqi when Su Qiqi was still in the Laundry Department so there was no need to ask the question of whether she would be able to tolerate Su Qiqi now that she had moved to Mo Wenchen’s courtyard.

There was no way she could tolerate it.

This was the man she had been guarding ever since she was little. How could she allow someone else to have him?

Even though Mo Wenchen was that cold and distant towards her, she still didn’t give up.

Narrowing her eyes, she suddenly smiled as if she had thought of a good idea. Looking into the distance, she said, “Su Qiqi, I rather look forward to your return.”

Her smile gradually became deeper, more fearsome.

It caused that flawless appearance to become a bit distorted.

Su Qiqi felt very content on the entire way back. Although she didn’t have much conversation with Mo Wenchen, the atmosphere was not as cold and awkward as before.

Mo Wenchen was still drinking medicine to readjust his health. Although he wasn’t ill anymore, he continued to take the medicine due to Su Qiqi’s insistence.

“What plans do you have?”

Mo Wenchen suddenly asked.

Leng Yan had met up with Mo Wenchen on the road and was currently riding a horse next to the carriage. When he heard Mo Wenchen’s question, he felt a little at a loss.

However, Su Qiqi’s expression became a little grave. She sighed, then said, “I just want to avenge Mother.”

Leng Yan hadn’t understood, but Su Qiqi had.

Mo Wenchen nodded, satisfied. “Don’t worry, I will. However, it’s almost lunar New Year’s Eve so you shouldn’t think too much. Why don’t we discuss this matter after New Year’s?”

Mo Wenchen was afraid that Su Qiqi would continue soaking in sadness.

Su Qiqi glanced at Mo Wenchen’s pitch-black, yet gentle eyes then nodded. “Alright, I’ll do my best.”

Indeed, Su Qiqi hadn’t felt truly happy a single time on the way back from the Imperial City. Even though her heart felt warm after Mo Wenchen repeatedly rescued her, she still brooded due to her mother’s death.

Mo Wenchen clearly noticed this.

That was why he would say this.

Leng Yan’s lips twitched but his ice-cold face didn’t show any expression change as he drove the horse forward. He felt that their wang ye has changed. He just didn’t know whether this was good or bad.

He had already found the inside information on the people that had tried to kill Su Qiqi. The only thing he couldn’t ferret out was who orchestrated the attack behind the scenes.

This was because the only connecting line was a little servant girl.

There hadn’t been any distinctive feature on her.

Mo Wenchen didn’t intend to let this matter go. It was just that since it was the end of the year, he decided to set it aside temporarily. At the same time, it would give the opponent a little breathing room, causing them to eventually give the game away.

If this side relaxed their guard, they would definitely make a move again.

Mo Wenchen understood this better than anyone.

That person had occurred to him. It was just that he couldn’t act blindly without thinking before he obtained evidence.

After glancing at Su Qiqi’s clear eyes, Mo Wenchen’s line of sight shifted to the side. He also had a problem he couldn’t resolve. As he thought about Lei Yufeng’s words, he was also asking himself, had he really fallen in love with Su Qiqi?

This kind of woman was suitable for standing by his side.

It was just, was it as someone he cared about or as a close aid?

There were a lot of matters that he couldn’t have completed so flawlessly without Su Qiqi’s help. Just the last time he was poisoned would have caused him to be bedridden for the rest of his life.

So seizing total victory in the Imperial City would obviously have been impossible.

Su Qiqi was unaware of what Mo Wenchen was mulling over. She was just an ordinary woman. Ever since she was little, she didn’t have high demands. She just wanted to find a man that would love her wholeheartedly, a man she could rely on her whole life.

Due to the disparity between her looks and Su Mengru’s, she had learned not to get carried away by wishful thinking ever since childhood.

However, she still couldn’t help but fall when she faced Mo Wenchen.

The carriage stopped. Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen shared a gaze but neither of the two spoke. They had arrived at wang fu. They’ve finally returned.

However, the two’s moods instantly turned slightly heavy.

And it showed in their eyes.

After jumping off the carriage, Mo Wenchen didn’t help Su Qiqi off but allowed her to get down on her own. The steward and Hua Qianzi were already waiting outside the wang fu doors and they watched as Mo Wenchen walked over with Su Qiqi following behind.

The old steward’s eyes were filled with gratification.

However, Hua Qianzi’s gentle expression could not conceal the murderous intent in her eyes.

Although she didn’t see a scene she shouldn’t have witnessed, just the fact that Su Qiqi was standing in perfect condition in front of her was enough to make her feel displeased.

Biaoge, you’re finally back,” Hua Qianzi said softly as she stepped up while gazing towards Mo Wenchen with water-like eyes.

Mo Wenchen just nodded. Without saying a single word to her, he strode into the wang fu with large steps.

Su Qiqi simply followed behind him, yet Hua Qianzi felt provoked and sent her a fierce glare.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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