BBP’s Consort: Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: I’ve Never Obtained It Either

After seeing Mo Wenchen jump down after Su Qiqi, then seeing Lei Yufeng leap down as well after them, Lei Yuyao could no longer remain calm either. Everyone in the pavilion started gathering over at this side.

Being more than a dozen meters above the ground, Su Qiqi didn’t instantly hit the bottom.

When she saw Lei Yuyao’s smiling face, she finally understood why she had felt so uneasy.

However, when she saw Mo Wenchen who had leaped down, that faint feeling finally disappeared in its entirety.

She didn’t even have the chance to cry out before she was stifled by the wind after being pushed down by Lei Yuyao. Afterwards, she could only allow for her body to fall on its own downwards.

She could only submit to the will of heaven.

Although she was also afraid of death, she knew that she was incapable of changing her own fate.

Mo Wenchen’s black cloak generated bursts of strong winds, but it slowed the speed of his descent. His face was filled with anxiety as he looked at Su Qiqi whose expression was tranquil and indifferent.

It wasn’t the first time he saw that indifferent calmness, yet every time it would pierce his heart with pain.

His heart truly felt very very painful.

As the two gazed at each other through this distance they realized the other was actually that far away.

Lei Yufeng, who had jumped down after them, fell abruptly. He grabbed a corner of Mo Wenchen’s cloak. “Mo Wenchen, are you seeking death? Are you going to throw away your life just for this woman?”

As he spoke, he threw himself backward, trying to pull Mo Wenchen back to the pavilion.

However, in that instant, Mo Wenchen suddenly tore open the strap in front of his chest by which the cloak was attached to him. Lei Yufeng only managed to pull a cloak with him as he flew up. By the time he lowered his head again, the distance between them had grown quite large.

Snowflakes danced in the sky, scattering everywhere. It was extremely beautiful.

The wind was also very strong and as it blew next to one’s ear, one could not hear anything else.

Mo Wenchen moved his body in the air to increase his speed of descent. At the same time, he stretched out, desiring, no matter the cost, to grab Su Qiqi who was falling rapidly.

At this time, he also couldn’t tell anymore whether it was because of the bet or because of Su Qiqi that he would jump down without hesitation.

However, since he has already jumped down, there was no longer any reason for him not to save her.

No matter what, he had to bring Su Qiqi back to the Magnetic Capital completely unharmed.

A trace of radiance flickered through Su Qiqi’s tranquil eyes as her lips tugged into a slight trace of a smile. With snowflakes sparkling next to her, the scene was actually very beautiful. Su Qiqi’s delicate face was no longer indifferent. Instead, it showed a sort of self-confidence.

As Su Qiqi watched Mo Wenchen struggle to stretch out his hand, she also lightly lifted her hand to grab his.

“Mo Wenchen, save me.” Finally, Su Qiqi said this one sentence loudly. The sentence was delivered by the wind to Mo Wenchen’s ears. She was afraid of dying, truly afraid.

Especially when she knew that death was imminent.

Although these days Mo Wenchen had been very gentle and considerate towards her, too many times of being abandoned made her no longer dare to have extravagant hopes.

Perhaps this time Mo Wenchen would change Su Qiqi.

After Su Qiqi cried out like this, Mo Wenchen’s heart felt heavy. He gritted his teeth and flipped his palm backward. A huge force propelled him downwards and snowflakes hit his face. It smarted a little, but his heart felt warm.

This woman has finally removed her mask of apathy.

He has succeeded in another step.

Flipping over in the air and flicking his sleeve out before withdrawing it, he successfully swept up Su Qiqi’s long hair that was fluttering in the wind.

A wave of pain tugged at Su Qiqi’s scalp but it weakened her momentum of descent. In the next second, she was completely seized into Mo Wenchen’s arms.

The two fell downwards together…

Su Qiqi’s head and entire body were covered with snow, yet she didn’t feel the cold. She leaned against Mo Wenchen’s chest and softly closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes slightly trembled. There was also a layer of snow coating her eyelashes.

Just as they were about to hit the ground, Mo Wenchen abruptly moved and balanced himself. As he hugged Su Qiqi, he lightly landed like a celestial descending to the mortal world.

Onto the thick blanket of snow.

When they landed, Su Qiqi opened her eyes and supported Mo Wenchen with both hands. She discovered that the man who was still strong a moment earlier had turned weak and almost fell with her to the ground.

She was only able to keep Mo Wenchen from falling by using all of her strength. She suddenly saw blood spill out from the corner of his lips.

Without the cloak and only wearing a black garment, Mo Wenchen’s face was blanched. Midst the falling snow, he clearly seemed a little weak.

“Mo Wenchen.” Su Qiqi’s face also turned pale as she called worriedly.

Lei Yufeng and Lei Yuyao had already dashed down from the pavilion.

At this time, Lei Yufeng couldn’t be bothered with rebuking Lei Yuyao. He had already seen from a distance away that Mo Wenchen was vomiting blood by large mouthfuls.

Waving his hand, Mo Wenchen tried to suppress the surging of his blood and qi. Earlier, he had forcefully revolved his inner strength in reverse in order to catch Su Qiqi in midair. And due to the fact that the poison in his body had only been recently cleared out, his inner strength had not completely recovered.

“Mo Wenchen,” Su Qiqi cried again. Her voice was very soft as she lifted a trembling hand to check his pulse.

“I’m fine,” Mo Wenchen mildly replied. “You… are fine, right?”

Shaking her head, Su Qiqi only felt that her tears were truly about to fall. However, she managed to keep them in the rims of her eyes. “I’m fine, I’m fine…”

Her entire body felt strengthless.

But she resolutely supported Mo Wenchen’s entire weight.

All the way until Lei Yufeng ran over and took over supporting Mo Wenchen.

“Hurry up, return to the Residence first.” As Lei Yufeng shouted, he carried Mo Wenchen on his back and ran in the almost knee-high snow.

Mo Wenchen had touched his genuine inner qi and injured his heart area. As long as he was nursed, he would recover.

Su Qiqi knew that, so she didn’t panic.

Lei Yuyao who ran over behind them glared resentfully at Su Qiqi. “It’s all your fault!”

She berated loudly.

Although Su Qiqi’s emotions were disorderly earlier, she soon calmed down. As she stared straight at Lei Yuyao, she didn’t get angry and just replied mildly, “If you truly love him, you shouldn’t cause him trouble.”

After saying that, she turned and left.

Walking by stomping through the thick snow was a little tiring, but Su Qiqi still walked very fast.

Due to the fact that the carriage was at the foot of the mountain, the sky was already pretty dark by the time Su Qiqi made it down. Lei Yufeng couldn’t wait for them and had already left first. He had ordered subordinates to wait below for Su Qiqi and Lei Yufeng.

Su Qiqi’s words caused Lei Yuyao to feel embarrassed and at a complete loss. Indeed, she did know that Su Qiqi was right.

But she couldn’t accept it.

Watching Lei Yufeng leave with Mo Wenchen in the distance, Lei Yuyao clenched her fist tightly, planning once again to send Su Qiqi to her death.

This was currently an exceptionally good opportunity for her to act.

In any case, she had already done it once earlier so one more attempt didn’t matter.

However, she still hesitated because she knew that Mo Wenchen wouldn’t let her off.

Su Qiqi didn’t get onto the carriage but stood there waiting for Lei Yuyao to come over. Due to the fact that it was near night and snowing with large amounts of wind, the temperature was rapidly dropping and Su Qiqi’s face was cold to the point it turned a little blue. Also, because she had just fallen down from the pavilion, her garments and hair were a bit disheveled. However, she didn’t look wretched at all.

Her aura had not changed, her expression had not changed. It was indifferent, not arrogant, yet forever caused people to feel as if she was a high and noble existence who could not be violated.

“Even if you kill me you won’t be able to obtain him.” Su Qiqi looked straight at Lei Yuyao. She did not miss the killing intent in the opponent’s eyes.

Lei Yuyao’s facial color darkened and her fingers slightly turned tense. “What I can’t possess, others shouldn’t dream of obtaining.”

“It’s just a pity, I’ve never obtained it either. It’s just… outside of my hands. The imperial edict is difficult to go against, that’s all.” Su Qiqi didn’t have the slightest bit of fear as she faced the killing intent in Lei Yuyao’s eyes. She knew that Lei Yuyao feared Mo Wenchen.

At the very least, she was hesitating now.


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