BBP’s Consort: Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Unforeseen Event

On the way to Duan Ya, Mo Wenchen, Su Qiqi, Lei Yufeng and Lei Yuyao rode in the same carriage.

Today, Lei Yuyao acted differently from usual. Rather than being rowdy, she sat quietly in a corner in an abnormally calm manner.

Lei Yufeng and Mo Wenchen chatted casually. Su Qiqi was used to being quiet so she just leaned on the carriage with her eyes closed to nap. She didn’t know what part of Duan Ya was fun and she also wasn’t very interested.

However, since Mo Wenchen liked going, she decided to just go along as well.

She truly didn’t have any desires this lifetime. When her mother was alive, she only wholehearted wished to protect her mother.

She had wholeheartedly lived for her mother.

As for now, her only close relative has passed away. But for the sake of her mother, she still had to live strongly.

Not to mention, she wanted to get revenge for her mother.

Duan Ya(cut off abyss), as its name suggested, referred to an area near a precipitous mountain wall. The mountain was split abruptly as if by a blade and below the split was a ten thousand meter deep abyss.

At the tip of the border, there was an enormous rock with the words ‘Duan Ya’ carved into it.

No one knew where this name came from and no one has ever investigated who wrote the words on that enormous rock.

However, the people of Nanjiang and Lei Clan Residence have always been very interested in this place. All year-round, people came in an endless stream to observe Duan Ya’s dangerous border.

Mainly people of the Jianghu came to this place. Rarely would any gongzis and misses of wealthy noble families come here to play.

This Lei Yuyao was probably bored to death to have suggested coming here to play.

It was deep winter near the end of the year. Thus, the snow on the road here was very thick and the wind was also quite strong. When the four got to the bottom of the mountain, they left the horse carriage and started ascending the mountain on foot.

Although it was the twelfth lunar month and extremely cold, the amount of Jianghu people that came here to play didn’t lessen at all.

People came and went in a very lively scene.

“Actually, there’s a very beautiful legend about this place,” Lei Yufeng supported Lei Yuyao as he looked towards Mo Wenchen and spoke in a loud voice. He had a big smile on his face, it seemed that he also liked this place a lot.

Mo Wenchen was shielding Su Qiqi with both arms as he looked towards Lei Yufeng.

Although he wasn’t very interested, since Lei Yufeng wanted to talk about it, he decided to just lend an ear.

Su Qiqi also looked towards Lei Yufeng with a faint smile, rather curious as to what he would say.

A broken abyss should be a sorrowful place. How could it have a beautiful legend?

“Legend says that a beautiful fairy lives on the bottom of Duan Ya and appears once every one thousand years. If she encounters her fated person, she’ll leave holding hands with the fated person and live her entire life with that person.” As Lei Yufeng said this, his entire face was filled with hope.

Mo Wenchen reacted with disbelief and exasperation. “Then the reason you’re here today is to wait for the fairy?”

Su Qiqi also couldn’t help laughing. This Lei Yufeng was pretty amusing.

For example right now, as they were chatting and joking on a day out, he was a character that could not be left out. This was because he was the only one cracking jokes the entire way and keeping the air harmonious.

“Of course! If there really is a fairy, I’m willing to jump down with her.” Lei Yufeng nodded vigorously as he replied earnestly.

Provoking laughs from everyone around.

Probably half of the people here were hoping to see the fairy.

Su Qiqi couldn’t help but look in front after hearing this. It was just a legend. Were people actually this strongly attached to it?

Or was there something that they didn’t know.

Lei Yuyao walked forward quickly. Her martial arts was not that much worse that Lei Yufeng’s so she didn’t need any protection.

A cyan cloak lifted with the wind. Her hair was bunched on top of her head and she looked valiant and tall, rather like a hero among females.

Su Qiqi dazed out a little as she looked at her. This type of girl is rather contradictory.

Normally, she’s always crazy and wild. Yet when she calmed down, she was strangely gentle.

They made it to the mountaintop and stopped about a dozen steps from the abyss. As Su Qiqi looked below at the mass of fog, she got a feeling of having to ‘ascend to the very peak to overlook all the insignificant mountains’*.

“Must ascend to the very peak to overlook all the insignificant mountains” refers to Confucius’s remark about having to ascend the peak of Mt Tai so that all the other mountain peaks would be beneath one’s feet. Also a vow to surmount to the very peak of human life.

The gloomy feeling in Su Qiqi’s heart also dispersed quite a bit. As she looked into the distance quietly, she felt her mood lighten up.

Although there was a lot of wind at the top of the mountain, Su Qiqi didn’t feel cold.

“Is there really a fairy in this fog?” Su Qiqi suddenly asked softly.

She seemed to be talking to herself.

“Pff.” Lei Yuyao couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Someone actually believes?”

Her tone was filled with mockery.

She had never liked Su Qiqi so of course she wouldn’t let go of this chance to embarrass her.

“Perhaps there is.” Lei Yufeng also looked towards the fog and took a couple steps forward.

He looked completely earnest.

Su Qiqi, in her robe of white with her hair fluttering loosely as she stood at the top of the abyss, looked rather celestial-like.

From start to finish, Mo Wenchen didn’t say a word.

He just tightly held Su Qiqi, extremely worried that she would accidentally fall into the abyss.

“Are you guys just here to look at this fog? There are even more fun things over there.” Lei Yuyao pointed into the distance and said loudly, “I hear that there’s a pavilion over there from which you can see the entire Duan Ya.”

As she said this, she had already started running towards the left.

In a very energetic manner.

“This yatou.” Lei Yufeng had wanted to stop her but didn’t react in time.

“We’re here to play, it doesn’t matter.” On the contrary, Mo Wenchen gave a rare smile, causing Su Qiqi who had turned to look in his direction to daze out a little as she stared at his face.

It seems, she hasn’t seen him smile like this much.

It could be described as the greatest perfection.

Seeing this, Lei Yufeng nudged Mo Wenchen. “Hey, are you using a honey trap?”

And ended up getting a punch from Mo Wenchen which hurt him so much that he grimaced and groaned in pain.

In his opinion, Mo Wenchen seemed too serious. Wasn’t this just a bet?

Did he really have to put himself through all this to curry favor with Su Qiqi?

Lei Yufeng shook his head. He couldn’t understand, seriously couldn’t understand.

He walked with Lei Yuyao and carefully ascended to the pavilion step by step. Because of the snow, he walked very slowly.

By the time they got to the pavilion, they were already dripping with sweat. Su Qiqi was even more affected. She panted heavily as she leaned against a pillar, her face completely rosy as she continuously wiped the sweat off her forehead.

The handkerchief in her hand was precisely the one Mo Wenchen gave her that day to wipe her sweat.

After she washed it, she didn’t return it to him. Even she herself didn’t know why.

One side of the pavilion was connected to a flight of steps while the other side was several dozen meters away from the ground and simply hung in the air.

However, there were protective railings all around so it was rather safe.

There were not that many people up here so it wasn’t crowded.

Seeing as this place was much safer, Mo Wenchen stopped shielding Su Qiqi and stood to the side with Lei Yufeng to chat.

Lei Yuyao ran here and there seeming extremely excited. The calmness shown on their way here was gone.

Suddenly, she walked to Su Qiqi’s front. She seemed to slip and lose her balance. As she fell forward, the direction just happened to be towards the pillar Su Qiqi was leaning against.

This sudden unexpected event stunned everyone.

Including Su Qiqi.

She simply watched, frozen, as Lei Yuyao fell towards her. Then, she felt herself rise into the air and the railing she was holding onto slipped out of her hand.

Beside her ears was the nonstop wind, below her was a white mass of snow…

“Su Qiqi…”

Mo Wenchen was originally standing opposite Su Qiqi’s pillar. As this sudden event occurred, he abruptly pushed away everyone in front of him and recklessly shouted as he threw himself over.

Lei Yuyao supported herself up with the railing that Su Qiqi had been holding onto as she smiled coldly, watching Su Qiqi fall.

But when she saw Mo Wenchen jump down as well, the smile on her face stiffened. Her fingers gripped the railing with all her strength.

As if she wanted to crush the wooden railing to pieces.

“Mo Wenchen!” Lei Yufeng also leaped over and shouted.


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