BBP’s Consort: Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: This Year, I’ll Keep You Company

Mo Wenchen’s eyes flashed with displeasure as he looked at Lei Yufeng. However, it was true that Su Qiqi seemed to be avoiding him lately.

It was probably because of what Lei Yuyao said that day.

Looks like what he needed to do was to eliminate the uneasiness in Su Qiqi’s heart.

This uneasiness was something he gave her.

During the newlywed night, he said something like that straight-out. It definitely injured her self-esteem deeply.

A snow-like woman like this could too easily dissolve.

Then, she’ll disappear without trace.

Don’t worry. For the sake of the Yellow Emperor’s Sword, I’ll do it.” Mo Wenchen laughed in a provoking way and slapped Lei Yufeng, his face filled with confidence.

Lei Yufeng’s whirled as he reclined on a long chair. “Maybe I should think of some ways to prevent her from falling in love with you.”

You dare?”

Mo Wenchen’s facial color darken in a seemingly serious way.

Laughing, Lei Yufeng acted boldly as if he was seeking a beating. He downed a cup of tea without caring about Mo Wenchen’s expression change and wiped the corners of his mouth. “This is called a fair competition. I can’t just watch with my eyes open as you win the Yellow Emperor’s Sword.”

Not to mention, he still wants to obtain Jiao Wei.

He really desperately wants it.

As Mo Wenchen shot Lei Yufeng a disdain-filled glance, his expression loosening up a little. “Alright ah.”

He had never been afraid of challenges.

The more difficult the challenge was, the more interest he felt.

Dusting off his hands, Lei Yufeng felt much less depressed. He lifted his leg and then crossed them. “Since you’ve decided to leave, I won’t stop you. How about this? Before you leave, I’ll host a feast to send you guys off.”

Alright, I have no problems with that.” Mo Wenchen didn’t put it off either.

Just as the two were nodding, Lei Yuyao pushed open the door and walked in.

She rushed up to hug Lei Yufeng. “Big Brother, Big Brother, I want to go to Duan Ya to play.”

Her appearance caused Mo Wenchen’s facial color to darken again. He rather hated this woman now. If it weren’t for the fact he was giving Lei Yufeng face and the fact this was the Lei Clan Residence, he definitely would have become hostile towards her.

Lei Yufeng’s face was also wrinkled, troubled. He couldn’t do anything about this little sister of his at all. He pushed her to the side with a suffering expression as he dug at his own ear. “Duan Ya? Did I hear that right?”

His face filled with a disbelieving expression.

This yatou was truly becoming more and more outrageous.

Of course that’s right, I want to go to Duan Ya.” Lei Yuyao nodded vigorously.

You can’t.” Lei Yufeng suddenly said seriously with some traces of dignity.

Lei Yuyao seemed to be used to Lei Yufeng being like this. She didn’t leave and just tugged on his arm, swinging it back and forth. “I want to go though~”

Based on her skills, Duan Ya wasn’t a dangerous place.

It was just that it was covered with snow year-round and the road was rugged. Going up to Duan Ya was extremely difficult.

Lei Yufeng could only beg help from Mo Wenchen with a helpless face.

But Mo Wenchen just pretended that he couldn’t see or hear anything and minded his own business as he sipped the tea. Looking outside the window, his gaze landed on Su Qiqi.

She always seemed so disconnected from the world, always quietly standing by herself, tranquil and isolated.

As he looked at her frail back figure, a trace of tenderness emerged in Mo Wenchen’s heart.

When he turned around again, he saw Lei Yufeng lying there miserably as he said with a helpless expression, “Wenchen, why don’t we go to Duan Ya to play tomorrow?”

In the Lei Clan Residence, he could push the skies with a single hand and no one dared to anger him.

However, he just couldn’t deal with this darling little sister of his.

Raising his head and laughing, Mo Wenchen gave him a mocking look as he said, “Alright ah, I’m willing to accompany.”

He also wanted to let Su Qiqi go out to relax a little and advance their relationship.

When Su Qiqi heard that they were going to Duan Ya, her expression didn’t change at all and she just nodded.

What are you worried about lately?” Mo Wenchen finally blocked Su Qiqi’s way and asked, displeased.

These last few days, Su Qiqi’s expression was too indifferent. It caused his heart to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Shaking her head, Su Qiqi smiled a little. “What worries could I have? It’s just almost the Spring Festival, I… miss Mother.”

The voice was very small and barely discernible.

Mo Wenchen’s entire body stiffened for a moment. He knew that Su Qiqi already trusted him from the fact that she could say this. He walked forward and put his hand on her shoulder, half drawing her into his arms. “This year, I’ll keep you company.”

He spoke very gently.

Slightly lifted her head and meeting Mo Wenchen’s eyes, Su Qiqi’s eyes were clearly moved.


Tomorrow, we’re going to Duan Ya. Have fun playing, alright?” Mo Wenchen’s hand tightened and he added another two sentences.

In the distance, Lei Yuyao was pouting and stomping hard as she angrily looked at the two hugging figures. She forcefully tore down a plum blossom branch, then threw it on the ground before stomping on it.

As she did so, she fiercely cursed. Words like ugly woman, Su Qiqi, could vaguely be made out.

Looks like, she has already taken Su Qiqi to be a nail in her eye, a thorn in her flesh.

Lei Yufeng just happened to hear her.

He strode over with large steps and pulled Lei Yuyao’s arm hard. “Yuyao, no matter what you do, Big Brother won’t stop you, but you’re not allowed to harm wang fei niang niang.

It was a very stern warning.

Lei Yuyao who was scared for a moment looked at her own brother, her big eyes a little moist. She bit her lips as she swung her hand, trying to fling off Lei Yufeng’s hand. “Big Brother, you clearly know that I like Big Brother Wenchen, but he actually married that ugly woman.”

Hearing this, Lei Yufeng hastily lifted his hand to cover her mouth, his expression helpless. “Damned yatou, what are you saying?”

Of course he knew that Lei Yuyao liked Mo Wenchen.

But, how could he bear to allow his own sister to marry that kind of man.

Even if Mo Wenchen was willing, he, Lei Yufeng, was not willing.

Lei Yuyao pushed Lei Yufeng away as tears started falling. “I’m saying it, saying it!”

But when she saw Mo Wenchen hugging Su Qiqi and walking over, she stopped her words. After all these years, she was also aware of how vicious Mo Wenchen was. Even if she was Lei Yufeng’s little sister, if she really touched his sore spot, her fate would not end pretty.

That’s why, she still didn’t dare to be impudent in front of him.

But she couldn’t help but like this man.

When she saw the happy blessed smile on Su Qiqi’s face, Lei Yuyao’s facial color turned a little ugly. The tears on her face continued to flow without end until she finally stomped her feet, turned, and ran off.

She couldn’t watch anymore.

Shaking his head, Lei Yufeng could only give a light sigh as he walked up to meet Mo Wenchen and Su Qiqi.

What’s wrong?” Su Qiqi still asked politely. They had all seen what Lei Yuyao did earlier.

Lei Yufeng smiled with a little embarrassment as he shook his head, “It’s nothing, nothing. It’s all because I spoiled her too much.”

As they talked, the three headed back towards the courtyard. Tomorrow they were going to Duan Ya so they needed to prepare horses, carriages, and everything they needed to use while they were on the road. Thus, they each returned to their own rooms.

Lately, Su Qiqi always felt that her heart was empty. Although Mo Wenchen’s words warmed the unease in her heart a little, that empty desolate feeling still didn’t dissipate.

She didn’t have anything she needed to pack and only needed to head out with everyone else. At this moment, she was leaning next to the window and looking towards the distance.

That sort of unease came from deep within her heart and could not be scattered.

It was affecting her sleep and appetite.

Yet she couldn’t find a root to it.

Her mother’s frail and gentle smiling face emerged in her mind.

A gust of wind blew pass and penetrated through the paper-covered window. It was a little chilly and cause Su Qiqi to shudder a little. As she hugged her shoulders, she suddenly missed Mo Wenchen’s embrace.

It seems, she can only rely on this man for the rest of her life.

Even though she had always been self-reliant and independent, she was also an ordinary girl and also needed someone she could rely on without worries.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Yours Truly

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