BBP’s Consort: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Lei Yuyao

Only after hearing what Lei Yufeng said did Mo Wenchen realize that the person who was flying over on the horse was actually the Lei family’s young miss, Lei Yuyao.

This girl is always this way: energetic and reckless.

When the horse got to the three, Lei Yuyao abruptly yanked the reins and the horse was forced to a stop right before it stomped on Lei Yufeng’s head.

Flipping over and swiftly jumping down with grace, Lei Yuyao then walked up and casually hugged Lei Yufeng. “Bro, you’re finally back! Those old guys wouldn’t let me out at all while you were gone… I was about to be bored to death…”

As she spoke, she slapped Lei Yufeng’s shoulder.

She’s really a bold and unrestrained girl.

Su Qiqi categorized her in her heart, her expression unimpressed.

Mo Wenchen, who was hugging Su Qiqi, still had a cold silent expression.

He had already gotten used to this bold girl.

Lei Yufeng got slapped by his sister so much he started coughing. The flirtatious and smug expression from earlier was replaced by suffering as he struggled to escape from this little yatou‘s demonic clutch.

But even after a long time, he still didn’t succeed in pushing Lei Yuyao away.

Mo Wenchen decided to finally save his brother and gave a light cough.

Otherwise, he might be sent back to the Hell King’s Palace after Su Qiqi had spent so much effort to pull him back.

Lei Yuyao only released Lei Yufeng when she heard the cough. Then she looked excitedly towards Mo Wenchen. “Wenchen ge came too? That’s great…”

As she spoke, she pounced over to hug him.

But with a perfectly timed whirl, Mo Wenchen dodged her.

While still hugging Su Qiqi.

Only now did Lei Yuyao notice Su Qiqi’s existence. She looked Su Qiqi up and down to seize her up.

Su Qiqi also took this chance to examine Lei Yuyao. She looked quite similar to Lei Yufeng and was filled with vitality. Her big eyes flashed as she glowered at Su Qiqi. All of her hair was combed up and braided into several dozen pigtails, exposing her bright forehead and she wore a tight-fitting outfit that carried a little of a masculine air.

Her looks fitted quite well with her personality.

“This must be Sister-in-Law.” After Lei Yuyao sized her up, she finally greeted Su Qiqi unwillingly.

“Hello, meimei.” Su Qiqi saw the hostility in Lei Yuyao’s eyes clearly. She remarked in her heart that it was enough to have one in wang fu, but there’s one in the Lei Clan Residence too?

However, Su Qiqi still didn’t show any reaction and simply replied cautiously.

In a dignified and magnanimous, calm and elegant way.

Lei Yuyao slanted a glance at Su Qiqi, then lifted her head. “As expected, you are as the rumors said: your appearance is nothing out of the ordinary.”

Right after the words fell, Lei Yufeng and Mo Wenchen’s expressions changed.

It was true that Su Qiqi’s appearance was not anything outstanding, but to say it right in front of the people involved was a form of incitation towards Mo Wenchen.

“Yuyao.” Lei Yufeng was, in a rare moment, completely serious and stern as he called her name softly.

Mo Wenchen’s expression was dark as he glared at Lei Yuyao.

Hearing this, Su Qiqi smiled indifferently. She was truly indifferent because she understood her place. On the contrary, if Lei Yuyao said she was beautiful as an angel, Su Qiqi would have reacted much more.

It was just that, currently, the person who lost face was Mo Wenchen.

That’s why, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that Lei Yufeng was angry and Mo Wenchen was also getting stormy, Lei Yuyao finally restrained herself a little. Stomping a little, Lei Yuyao then said, “Hello, Sister-in-Law.”

A bit unwillingly.

“Alright, we’re all a little tired from the trip. You can go play, but don’t cause trouble.” Lei Yufeng’s expression still didn’t improve. He knew that Su Qiqi’s looks has always been a disgrace for Mo Wenchen.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t beautiful enough, but because she wasn’t beautiful enough and ended up being gifted to Mo Wenchen so that His Majesty could wash his hands of her.

No, it was because His Majesty didn’t want her and foisted her onto Mo Wenchen.

Even though Lei Yuyao was used to being spoiled, she could still understand the atmosphere. Now, she pouted, promised, and left.

Before she left, she gave Su Qiqi a deep meaningful look, her eyes filled with provocation.

“Looks like we have to find a family and marry Yuyao off soon. Like this, I’m afraid she’ll inevitably attract trouble.” Lei Yufeng looked as he was seriously worried.

And casually said so to Mo Wenchen.

“Indeed.” Mo Wenchen didn’t bother to be polite and gave a mild single-word affirmation.

He had already released Su Qiqi. The three continued walking shoulder by shoulder, but the atmosphere was no longer as warm as before.

After arranging two rooms for Mo Wenchen and Su Qiqi, Lei Yufeng went off to deal with the tasks within the Residence.

It wasn’t that Lei Yufeng was trying to do anything, the two rooms were something that Su Qiqi took the initiative to request.

She still wasn’t used to staying in the same room as Mo Wenchen.

Although the two’s relationship has already gotten better, it was still a step away from mutual love.

Neither of the two could take this step right now.

Perhaps because of what Lei Yuyao said, the distance between Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen increased again. Even though Mo Wenchen saw this, he didn’t say anything.

He knew that everything would take time.

Just like the time he needed to accept Su Qiqi, she probably needed some time in order to accept him.

There was only one goal in coming to the Lei Clan Residence instead of going to the Magnetic Capital, and that was to nurse Lei Yufeng’s injuries. In his domain, they could have whatever they needed. All sorts of precious medicinal ingredients and rare treasures were here in abundance.

That’s why, under Su Qiqi’s nursing, Lei Yufeng’s body soon recovered almost completely.

As for Lei Yuyao, she would come to bother Mo Wenchen at least once everyday. However, she stayed far away from Su Qiqi. Actually, it would be more accurate to say she completely ignored Su Qiqi’s existence.

Su Qiqi actually felt quite happy with this. She didn’t like those types of loud, rowdy girls and preferred the quiet.

As the harvest season neared, and upon seeing that Lei Yufeng was pretty much healed, Mo Wenchen brought up the topic of returning to the Magnetic Capital.

Su Qiqi was alright with it and had no objections. For her, things were up to Mo Wenchen. The reason she had nursed Lei Yufeng to help like this was also based on the fact that he had risked his life for Mo Wenchen.

Actually, Lei Yufeng had only protected her mother due to Mo Wenchen’s order.

The reason why she didn’t hesitate to use her own body to block the sword for him last time was because she remembered how he saved her the first time they met.

“You really must leave?” Lei Yufeng looked at Mo Wenchen, a little displeased. “Without you, the Magnetic Capital would still flourish, just like the Lei Clan Residence does when I’m not around.”

Mo Wenchen rolled his eyes at him. “The Lei Clan Residence would still thrive without you. Actually, it might be even more likely to enter a golden age.”

“You…” Lei Yufeng’s facial expression wasn’t too good. He seemed about to blow up but wasn’t really that angry. He looked outside and saw that Su Qiqi was currently standing alone beneath the blooming plum tree and admiring the flowers. He then moved a step closer to Mo Wenchen. “Looks like you’re about to win.”

Mo Wenchen didn’t reply, His lips tugged a little and he looked in Su Qiqi’s direction as well.

The plum flowers on one tree was currently blooming vibrantly. Su Qiqi was wearing a robe of white with her hair down. It draped over her shoulders and spilled down her back. There were no adornments on her garment, no ornaments in her long her. Her appearance was refreshingly simple, yet also beautiful and elegant.

It cause Mo Wenchen to daze out a little as he gazed at her.

The air Su Qiqi gave off was something Su Mengru would never be able to compete with.

Even though Su Mengru did win in terms of appearance.

Indeed, Mo Wenchen won.

Su Qiqi has already completely fallen in love with Mo Wenchen.

A petty and subservient love.

Willing to do anything for him.

“When will you hand over the Yellow Emperor’s Sword?” Mo Wenchen retrieved his gaze after half a beat and asked.

Lei Yufeng also retrieved his line of sight and smiled. “She loves you, but she’s still avoiding you. With things like this, I don’t count as having lost yet.”

Even though he didn’t mind about the Yellow Emperor’s Sword, he couldn’t accept losing just like this.

From what he believed, Su Qiqi’s guarded her heart too tightly. It should be very difficult for her to truly lower all her walls and love someone wholeheartedly.

Of course, on this trip. Mo Wenchen has also succeeding in making Su Qiqi feel moved.


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