BBP’s Consort: Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Lei Clan Residence

Su Qiqi understood that Lei Yufeng had only fallen into Mo Wenxuan’s hands because he was trying to protect her mother. As she listened to the two t, she once again recalled Xia Xiaodie who had died tragically in flames…

She gently let down the hand that was originally keeping the curtain lifted.

Then, she lowered her eyes and slanted her body to lean against the carriage.

Mo Wenchen, who had been planning to make fun of Lei Yufeng, also had an expression change as he kept his eyes fixed on Su Qiqi.

Seeing this, Lei Yufeng slightly furrowed his brows, then lifted his brows towards Mo Wenchen.

The meaning was to warn him not to go through the real motions of the fake act.

They did make a bet, but he never thought Mo Wenchen would be this serious about it.

Mo Wenchen ignored Lei Yufeng. He didn’t speak and just quietly lowered his eyes.

He also remembered the bet he made with Lei Yufeng. He must obtain the Yellow Emperor’s Sword, that’s why…

But, he shook his head. He told himself that he didn’t fall in love with Su Qiqi because of the Yellow Emperor’s Sword. It definitely wasn’t due to that.

The bet was only to make Su Qiqi fall in love with him.

And he already felt that Su Qiqi’s heart harbored a place for him. She no longer kept her heart tightly shut, afraid to open it, like she did in the past.

In reality, the fact that Su Qiqi would be like that was probably also because of him.

As he recalled all the little events that had happened, Mo Wenchen’s gaze softened even more as he looked at Su Qiqi.

“For there to still be someone that dare aim for ben gongzi’s life, they probably lived too much and are now impatient to die.” From the start, Lei Yufeng was someone that couldn’t stay idle. The atmosphere inside the carriage was also strange and caused him to feel uncomfortable.

Even if Su Qiqi was present, he still couldn’t change this personality of his.

Mo Wenchen laughed. “No matter what, at the very least, your life has a value comparable to that of my military command.”

His tone was filled with ridicule.

It caused Lei Yufeng to glare at him.

Su Qiqi, who had her eyes lowered at the side, couldn’t help but smile at this exchange.

The atmosphere eased a little. Su Qiqi lifted her delicate face. As before, she still wore a white long gown that didn’t have any decorations, causing her to seem like a lotus flower that had emerged unstained by the surrounding mud. Her appearance was simple and elegant, beautiful and pure.

“I think it’s not necessarily His Majesty’s move.” Su Qiqi pretty much knew who it was even though she didn’t have evidence or grasp of any useable information. There were not a lot of people that wished to send her to her death after all.

It was just that she couldn’t say this matter directly.

She needed these words to come from Lei Yufeng’s mouth.

After all, that woman was Mo Wenchen’s cousin.

And in front of Mo Wenchen, that woman’s act was flawless.

She had just obtained Mo Wenchen’s heart, so she didn’t want to throw everything away just due to this matter. Moreover, she wasn’t even someone that liked to gossip.

So it was even less likely for her to tell on someone.

All the events of the past, she will think of a way to make that woman – pay everything back in full.

This time wouldn’t be an exception either.

She, Su Qiqi, had always stood aloof from worldly affairs. However, if someone dared offend her, she would repay them with interest.

“Leng Yan has already gone to investigate this matter. I believe the results will be revealed very soon.” Cold light once again emerged in Mo Wenchen’s eyes. No one could escape his investigation. Even if the assassins from that time had all died, he still had ways to uncover the person behind it.

His subordinates have never disappointed him before.

Lei Yufeng also gave Su Qiqi a meaningful look, but he hesitated to speak.

He also knew who it was.

However, at this moment, he didn’t have evidence so he couldn’t say it casually.

He just gave a cold smile as his heart grew heavy. Looks like, this Su Qiqi was even more subtle than him. Very interesting.

Su Qiqi didn’t move upon sensing Lei Yufeng’s gaze. Instead, she continued to sit there nonchalantly without a change of expression.

Su Qiqi knew that Lei Yufeng and Leng Yan had felt sympathy for her when Mo Wenchen once targeted her. However, everything was different now. They now thought of her as a burden, especially with the events this time. Mo Wenchen had actually risked his life to sae her, so they probably couldn’t tolerate her anymore.

All she could do was to make it so she had the qualifications to stand at Mo Wenchen’s side.

And to have the qualifications to stand at his side, she must be strong. Regardless of whether it’s in terms of strength or ability, she must be strong. Strong enough that she could protect herself and not drag Mo Wenchen down.

She believes that Mo Wenchen probably also wants this kind of woman.

As for her, she was only filled with the Book of Songs(one of the Five Classics of Confucianism) and the four arts…

The area the Lei Clan Residence occupied was very large. It was even larger than the Magnetic Capital Mo Wenchen had jurisdiction over. The street was filled with people coming and going in an endless stream; it was a very peaceful and happy scene.

Except, the architecture of this city actually caused people to feel a bit cold. Even the stones on the street path were penetrated with a cheerless chill.

Although the people here were all smiling, they gave off valiant temperaments from their bones.

It could be seen that all the people here had martial arts foundations and were even belligerent. The feeling this city gave off was that they liked to fight.

As the carriage galloped past, everyone automatically moved out of the way.

It was due to the single fact that Lei Yufeng, the current Castle Head of the Lei Clan Residence, was inside the carriage.

Even though they barely saw the Castle Head even once during the period of an entire year with its four seasons, this Castle Head was much more benevolent than the past Castle Heads. He didn’t collect tax from the citizens that lived here and even the emperor could not interfere.

Lei Clan Residence did not classify as one of the places the imperial household had jurisdiction over due to the fact that it was located right between the kingdom of great Yan and Nanjiang(southern country).

Back then, when great Yan attacked Nanjiang, it was the blocking Lei Clan Residence that prevented them from smoothly succeeding

Although the area the Lei Clan Residence occupied had no way of comparing with a kingdom, it was still a strong force. In addition, it had always been at odds with great Yan; that was why it had chosen to act as a barrier.

Of course, these were all things of the far past.

When it got to Lei Yufeng’s generation, the Lei Clan Residence had already become intimate friends with the wang ye, Mo Wenchen. It was to the point that the entire Lei Clan Residence was willing to serve Mo Wenchen.

No one knew why this was so.

But there was also no one bored to the point they would go investigate this.

Su Qiqi and the others had already gotten off the carriage and started walking towards the castle as they quietly sized up this little city. This city that was colored black at the base was completely filled with an aggressive air.

Those grand and imposing buildings caused people to feel involuntarily arising respect.

This place was even bolder than the imperial city of great Yan.

It was worthy of being called the Millennium Fortress that no one was capable of rocking.

Mo Wenchen had already pretty much recovered and was walking slowly next to Su Qiqi. Lei Yufeng, however, needed someone to support him in order to walk. His facial color wasn’t pretty at all.

Due to his current image.

However, even though he was like this, there were still large numbers of beautiful girls that swarmed up and passionately greeted him. After all, he has always been flirtatious. Everyone in this little city knew that he loved to show off and loved, even more, to mingle among butterfly seas and flower clusters.

Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen were soon forced to the side by a crowd of beautiful girls. They watched helplessly as Lei Yufeng, who was incapable of moving, greeted the beautiful ladies one by one and threw flirtatious glances.

Mo Wenchen shook his head, already used to Lei Yufeng being like this.

During occasions of importance, he was extremely upright. Moreover, he has always been swift and decisive in dealing with matters. It truly was a huge difference from his current appearance.

Even Su Qiqi was stunned by Lei Yufeng’s captivating smile.

She would never have imagined that he would have a side like this.

Lei Yufeng only managed to struggle his way through the crowd after greeting all those beautiful ladies one by one. However, his face was flushed and pleased as if he still wished to continue basking in their attention more.

It provoked an eye roll from Mo Wenchen.

However, Lei Yufeng didn’t care and just kept his head high, pleased with himself.

This place was his domain, so naturally, these beauties were also up to him to manage.

He understood how to live, unlike Mo Wenchen, and he understood how to enjoy taste.

Before Su Qiqi came, there had actually only been Hua Qianzi, that sort of woman, in that huge wang fu.

Furthermore, even though she was that sort of woman, her looks were still good enough to cause the downfall of a city. However, Mo Wenchen never even looked straight at them before.

He truly doesn’t understand how to enjoy the grace of a beauty ah.

After finally shaking off those beauties with difficulty, they continued walking forward.

Then, a horse galloped straight towards them flying fast. It pushed directly through the crowd, ignoring all the pedestrians’ shrieks.

Mo Wenchen’s facial color sunk and his eyes darkened. He abruptly pulled Su Qiqi’s arm and shielded her completely in his arms as he prepared to face the incoming horse.

At the side, Lei Yufeng shook his head helplessly. “This crazy yatou. When will she grow up…”


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