BBP’s Consort: Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Forget the Former Enmity

Without needing Su Qiqi to say anything, Leng Yan had already flipped Mo Wenchen over and placed him on the bed. His originally wooden face was emitting even more chill at this moment.

He didn’t speak a word.

Picking up the medicinal chest that Mo Wenchen had thrown earlier to block the poison darts, Su Qiqi speedily found the acupuncture needles. She couldn’t care about too much now and lifted her hands to pull open Mo Wenchen’s robe.

With an adept hand, she started piercing the needles. The first thing that she had to do was seal off the heart veins in order to prevent the poison from invading his heart.

Leng Yan simply stood to the side and stared straight at Su Qiqi’s busy fingers.

With a flutter of her fingers, several dozen needles instantly entered various acupuncture points on Mo Wenchen’s body.

In the leaping candle flames, the needles seemed to sway slightly.

It had only been a few minutes. However, Su Qiqi’s forehead was already covered with sweat and they dripped down drop by drop.

She didn’t even dare to blink and stared fixated at Mo Wenchen’s back which was filled with darts.

The veins of his heart were already sealed, so the next step was to pull out these poisoned darts.

There were twenty something darts on Mo Wenchen’s back. Although it didn’t pierce deep into the flesh, it was still a ghastly sight.

It caused Su Qiqi’s hand to tremble a bit.

It wasn’t the first time she had given Mo Wenchen acupuncture, but this time, she was actually scared. She was scared, scared that Mo Wenchen would never wake up again.

Due to this worry, her heart was becoming increasingly flustered.

Lifting her hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead, Su Qiqi tried to calm down. At the same time, she lifted an acupuncture needle and stabbed it into her own two wrists, using the stimulation to make herself more alert.

Leng Yan’s expression was still cold as before as he watched Su Qiqi’s series of actions.

If Mo Wenchen really didn’t wake up, he would definitely also kill Su Qiqi, then bury her with their Master, Mo Wenchen.T/N

At this moment, this was Leng Yan’s only thought.

Lifting a dagger, Su Qiqi heated it on the candle. Her hands were still trembling.

The sweat that was wiped off once again dripped down.

“Do you have wine?”

She had already grabbed onto the dagger tightly and had been about to cut open the flesh the dart was pierced in. However, Su Qiqi suddenly stood up and took a deep breath. She was nervous, nervous like she had never been before.

It was only because she had started to care about this man.

She cared too much and it ended up becoming a psychological burden.

A hand passed over a wine bottle. It was Leng Yan. From start to finish, he didn’t say a single word.

It was very quiet, quiet to the point it was intimidating.

Lei Yufeng, who was in the neighboring room, had already fainted. It was a good thing this round of assassins wasn’t targeting him. Otherwise, he would already be in the condition that everything simply boded ill with not a single positive sign.

Taking the wine bottle, Su Qiqi tilted her head back and took a large gulp.

She was strengthening her courage.

Afterwards, she poured the wine with a shaking hand over Mo Wenchen’s back. His skin was copper colored, but now it was already faintly dyed green.

Those darts were actually this toxic.

It was fortunate that Su Qiqi knew medicine. Otherwise, by the time they managed to bring over a doctor, Mo Wenchen truly would have breathed his last.

Su Qiqi gritted her teeth and hardened her heart. Suddenly, her hand stopped trembling and she speedily sunk the knife. As she lifted the knife, a poisoned dart that carried a chunk of bloody flesh had already fallen into the water basin to the side.

When this cut fell, Mo Wenchen, who was unconscious, actually gave a light groan but still didn’t wake up.

Su Qiqi’s hand rapidly started to lower again. The sweat on her forehead also started to fall like rain.

Leng Yan just watched as Su Qiqi pulled the poisoned darts off Mo Wenchen’s back, then disinfected and wrapped the wound. From start to finish, his heart was calm. Other than the brief nervousness at the beginning, he didn’t feel any worry.

Almost as if he believed that as long as Su Qiqi was here, no matter how severe the injury, it could still be cured.

Not to mention, now, Su Qiqi cared about his wang ye, so she would definitely make an all out effort.

A quarter of an hour passed. Su Qiqi’s chest injury was still seeping with blood and her forehead was still dripping with sweat. Even though it was winter, her clothes were soaked with sweat.

She had already done her best to make herself calm down and tried to just think of the person on the bed as a stranger.

As long as she could cure him, it was enough.

Lifting her sleeve, she wiped the sweat drops on her face and exhaled a long breath. She had finally pulled out all twenty-three darts that were on Mo Wenchen’s back, and didn’t leave any of the barbed tips in his flesh.

It was not hard at all for Su Qiqi to mix an antidote to a third rate poison like this.

That was why she wasn’t nervous anymore after that. As she looked at Mo Wenchen’s half exposed face as he laid there, she felt warmth in her heart. This time, her heart was truly moved.

Because this man actually used his own life to save her.

Moreover, this guy was actually that awkward. Even though he was clearly worried about her, he still spoke with such a cold voice and a cold tone, acting so loud and imposing.

A trace of a smile flitted over her face as Su Qiqi opened the medicine box with a content expression to start mixing the antidote.

Taking this in, Leng Yan also wanted to smile. It seems that coming to the Imperial City this time was truly the right decision. As long as wang ye and wang fei could be of one heart, they would definitely make the Magnetic Capital stronger.

Even if Mo Wenchen didn’t intend to fight for the throne, having the protection of the Magnetic Capital would prevent Mo Wenxuan from trying any tricks.

With the lesson he suffered this time, Mo Wenxuan probably won’t dare to act blindly without thinking for the time being as well.

In reality, Leng Yan did admire Su Qiqi. A frail girl who didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken was able to, time and time again, change the situation of the battlefield and turn the table on opponents; this wasn’t something anyone could do.

It required too much courage and wisdom.

It was clear that this Bei Ding Hou wang fei was highly intelligent.

Only when she had given Mo Wenchen the antidote did Su Qiqi send Leng Yan out. She casually took care of the injury in front of her chest. In reality, the reason she kept sweating cold sweat earlier was only partially because of nervousness. The other part of it was because each of her movements would tug at her wound, causing her to feel unbearable pain. However, she could only endure.

Su Qiqi didn’t blow out the candle. Quietly gazing at Mo Wenchen’s face in the candlelight was also a sort of happiness.

The route to Lei Clan Residence was much shorter than the path it would take to return to the Magnetic Capital, and the road was also not as rugged. So, Su Qiqi took care of Mo Wenchen and Lei Yufeng while appreciating the scenery outside.

Even though it was winter, as they got closer to the Lei Clan Residence, the atmosphere seemed to have turned slightly warmer.

Although Lei Yufeng was heavily injured, Su Qiqi’s medicine was also very effective so he was already able to joke around a little with the same elegant and carefree manner as before.

However, the depths of his eyes still flashed with cold light that sent people a thousand miles away.

This part, Su Qiqi saw clearly.

The first time they met, this person saved her. However, he had never brought it up.

Su Qiqi didn’t ask why either.

This time, she saved his life once. It probably counted as even.

This was what Su Qiqi thought.

As for what Lei Yufeng thought, Su Qiqi didn’t bother worrying.

“Wenchen. If I killed Mo Wenxuan that day, would you have blamed me?”

The carriage jolted, and suddenly, Lei Yufeng asked that question.

Mo Wenchen, who was reclined at a corner of the carriage, glanced at him. “There’s no way you could kill him.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Lei Yufeng’s expression was completely unconvinced as if he was eager to give it a try.

Su Qiqi only leaned against the window area and look towards the outside without looking at the two men. She didn’t wish to participate in their conversation even though she was very in favor of Lei Yufeng’s thoughts.

She believed that things would only completely calm down once Mo Wenxuan dies.

In addition, her mother’s death has caused Su Qiqi to harbor hatred towards Su Shichang and Mo Wenxuan.

Shaking his head, Mo Wenchen looked at Lei Yufeng. “If you could kill him, would you still be lying here?”

The two were always like this. Every time they chatted a little, they would step on the other’s tail. Right now, Mo Wenchen’s mood was too good. The poison in his body had already been completely cured. As his gaze swept across Su Qiqi’s face out of the corners of his eyes, he felt quite content.

That’s why he started picking at Lei Yufeng’s scar.

“You…” Lei Yufeng’s face turned greenish black from the anger. He gritted his teeth, but the truth was right in front of his eyes. “If it weren’t for the fact that the damned dog emperor tricked me, how could I have fallen into their hands?”

When he recalled that matter, his whole belly filled with angry flames.

He, Lei Yufeng, had been intelligent his entire lifetime, yet ended up muddled for a time.

To have actually fallen for a trap.

Not only did he fail to protect Su Qiqi’s mother, he actually was captured by the enemy to use as a hostage.

It was truly a huge loss of face.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – is it bad I feel like Leng Yan’s plan to bury them together kinda fulfills them in a twisted way lol?
And lol, when your mood’s too good so you bully your friends.


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