BBP’s Consort: Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Blocked Poison Darts

Leng Yan protected Su Qiqi as he blocked the enemies attacks and counterattacked. Each move was made with the intention to kill and each slash was accurate and precise.

It was just that he had no way to immediately find the hole in the strange formation that these twenty people were using. Before his sword could even pierce towards an enemy’s vital points, a blade would appear from somewhere and pierce towards his vital point.

And Su Qiqi didn’t have the slightest bit of martial arts. All she could do was rely on Leng Yan to protect her.

However, Leng Yan didn’t have any intentions to abandon Su Qiqi right now. He knew that as long as Mo Wenchen hasn’t given up, he couldn’t give up.

He could only fight with the enemy as if his life depended on it.

The killing intent in Mo Wenchen’s eyes surged up violently. However, he didn’t immediately enter the battle but stood at the side to watch Leng Yan’s strenuously struggle with an icy cold expression.

He was studying this formation.

Su Qiqi also forced herself to calm down.

She quietly examined the way the opponents attacked, their movements, and the patterns of their steps.

She didn’t understand the Five Phrases and Eight Divinatory Trigrams* at all, so right now, she could only stare bewildered.


“Five Phrases and Eight Divinatory Trigrams” The ‘Five Phrases’ are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. They are used for describing interactions and relationship between phenomena. Used in many fields of Chinese thought such as Feng Shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategy, and martial arts. The reason why ‘Five Phrases’ is a better translation of the name is because unlike Greek elements, the Chinese were primarily concerned with process and change. The 行(xing) word of 五行(wu xing) meant ‘move’.

The ‘Eight Divinatory Trigrams’ represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, either “broken” (representing yin) or “unbroken” (representing yang). They are related to the ‘Five Phrases’ and also used in astronomy, geography, etc. Sample) ☳, Nature = Thunder, Personality = emperor

She simply started examining from the most basic concepts of reinforcement and counterattacks to see how these people combined their strengths at a point.

Her clear pupils were also filled with vicious currents. Right now, Su Qiqi was also a fearsome force. She was truly a fearsome force.

A blade pierced towards Leng Yan’s heart from the back. Su Qiqi saw clearly that the two people at the side were individually using their blades to assist the movements of the person piercing the blade over. As long as Leng Yan tried to counterattack, he was bound to receive three people’s attacks.

“Pierce towards the waist area of the person on the left.” Su Qiqi suddenly said in a small voice.

Her face was filled with unflinching resolution and the murderous aura in her eyes was also gradually increasing. The injury at her chest was still untreated. However, right now, she didn’t have the time to care.

Leng Yan didn’t hesitate. He was already in a tight situation. So now, he lifted his sword and thought no further as he pierced out with all his might.

One sword came into contact.

At the same time, Mo Wenchen had also moved. His long sword moved like a snake’s shadow. Following each sweep, one out of every two people fell.

It didn’t pierce towards the vital points. If it wasn’t the arm, then it was the waist or areas of the thigh.

For a moment, even the attacks aimed toward Leng Yan had stopped.

Su Qiqi roughly surveyed the scene and saw that Mo Wenchen had taken down no less than eight people with a single strike.

The formation had already been thrown into disorder by the time these eight people stood up again.

They had to reform the formation.

At this time, Su Qiqi had already noticed that these people didn’t understand the principle behind this formation at all. They were just moving stiffly according to the steps and each moved identically within the formation.

With the fall of these eight people, it caused them to be unable to reorganize for a brief period of time.

Leng Yan also took advantage of this opportunity to start on a massacre.

He coordinated with Mo Wenchen who was outside. As their blades swept pass, blood flowers blossomed…

No matter how many people attacked, Mo Wenchen would cut them down without even batting an eye. His figure towered in midst of the red blood like a god. A terrifying god.

In Leng Yan’s arms, Su Qiqi watched as assassins fell just like that one by one. In the depths of her eyes, all that was left was the color of red blood. It was red everywhere…

She had already forgotten to close her eyes. It seems she was already capable of accepting this kind of scene.

There was no fear, no disturbance, just tranquil calmness.

Only when the last person fell did Mo Wenchen return his blade to his scabbard. His face was covered with fresh blood like an ominous devil, yet his eyes carried the sacred and inviolable air of a king.

Leng Yan’s face was as cold as ever as he released Su Qiqi.

There was not the slightest change in his expression.

Su Qiqi felt her body was still a bit weak and almost fell the moment she landed on the ground. Leng Yan speedily lifted his hand to support her.

As Mo Wenchen moved forward, he took in the fresh blood on Su Qiqi’s face and her white garment that was stained dark red at the chest area. His brows tightly furrowed and he moved up to support her while looking at the room.

Leng Yan perceptively moved forward and carefully scanned the entire room. He only withdrew after closing the window securely. “Everything is normal.”

Nodding, Mo Wenchen bent over slightly and completely lifted Su Qiqi into his arms. Ignoring her resistance, he carefully placed her on the large bed. “Don’t move, I’ll take care of the wound.”

It was unquestionable.

Even though he spoke without any expression.

Su Qiqi’s little face instantly flushed red all the way to her neck. She couldn’t think too much this time and forcefully shook her head. “No, Mo Wenchen, I can do it myself.”

She was still incapable of accepting close-range contact like this.

Not to mention, her injury was at her chest area!

“Shut up.” Mo Wenchen ordered tyrannically with a cold face while pressing Su Qiqi down.

Leng Yan, who took all of this in, exposed a trace of a rare smile.

Right now, Mo Wenchen’s face was not filled with a menacing cold but with some embarrassment, some woodenness, and some stiffness…

Even he felt like his brain had gone out of control. When he saw Su Qiqi’s white garment being dyed red with unceasingly flowing blood, he felt his heart ache unbearably. He already told himself long ago that this woman was his. Other than him, no one was allowed to harm her.

There was only one fate for those who dared to harm his woman——death.

Leng Yan withdrew and started tidying up the corpses on the ground. He also sent someone to investigate who was it that dared to try and assassinate Su Qiqi so many times.

Even though they were just aiming for Su Qiqi, they also assaulted Mo Wenchen.

This could not be tolerated.

Su Qiqi really shut up as she looked at Mo Wenchen. She could only stare at Mo Wenchen helplessly as she hugged her shoulders, her heart a bit flustered.

Seeing that Su Qiqi had calmed down, Mo Wenchen started undoing her belt a bit clumsily.

Afterwards, he felt like something was not quite right and got up to look for Su Qiqi’s medicine chest.

The medicine chest was at another table, so he walked over.

Leng Yan, who was currently dealing with the corpses outside, didn’t notice that there was one person who had only gotten his arm broken. At this time, he noiselessly ducked into Su Qiqi’s room.

Mo Wenchen grabbed the medicine chest and turned to return to the bed.

A black figure was already standing next to the door. Countless darts flew out from his uninjured hand. Under the candlelight, the darts flickered with a green light that caused people’s scalps to turn numb.

Su Qiqi also opened her eyes abruptly. But when she saw that attack of numerous and densely concentrated darts, she could only accept her fate and close her eyes again. She simply had no way to dodge…

Looks like this group of people would only be able to rest once they sent her to her grave.

“You’re seeking death.” Mo Wenchen raised his hand and threw the medicine chest. Several dozen darts instantly stabbed onto the medicine chest. Taking advantage of this interval of time, Mo Wenchen threw himself onto the bed. With a lift of his large hand, he pulled Su Qiqi into his embrace and used his back to block that unending stream of poison darts…

“Ah…” One scream, and the assassin next to the door had already died beneath Leng Yan’s blade.

It was just that Mo Wenchen’s back was currently filled with poisoned darts!

It flashed with green light beneath the candlelight.

Wang ye.”

“Mo Wenchen.”

Leng Yan shouted as he stepped over the corpse.

Su Qiqi trembled as she grabbed Mo Wenchen’s arm and shouted, her lips trembling.

She had never thought that there would be a day Mo Wenchen would disregard his own life to save her.

Those darts all contained deadly poison.

Mo Wenchen smiled for a moment before his face twisted a little. It seemed the poison from the darts were taking effect. “It’s fine, there’s no way I’ll die. After all, aren’t you… a godly doctor?”

The last sentence just had to seem like he was making a joke.

Right after these words fell, he collapsed forward. However, he didn’t forget to use the last bit of his inner strength to place Su Qiqi back onto the bed before he fell.

The moment Su Qiqi touched the bed, she immediately flipped over and got down. She didn’t have the time to care about her torn injury. Her expression was anxious and her facial color was deathly pale. Su Qiqi felt completely disconcerted. “Leng Yan, hurry… place wang ye down properly.”

It was Leng Yan that had caught Mo Wenchen the instant he fell.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by yours truly

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