BBP’s Consort: Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Cheap Trick

The black-clothed man examined his body. When he discovered that nothing seemed to be off, he once again lifted his sword and slashed over.

“Damned woman.” As he shouted, traces of flames ignited in his ice-cold pupils. “I will definitely send you to the underworld today.”

He felt his earlier movement caused him to lose a lot of face.

Su Qiqi stood guard in front of Lei Yufeng’s bed, her chest wound flowing with nonstop blood. She slightly knitted her brows due to the pain, but still did not move. “Why do you want to kill me?”

She didn’t seem to have offended anyone before.

She didn’t ask who was it that sent you to kill me but asked why.

This sentence caused Lei Yufeng to also feel admiration. This woman truly was not simple, not someone good to provoke.

The sword that almost reached her eyes stopped. The black-clothed man looked at Su Qiqi’s delicate face and those slightly creased willow brows and seemed quite pleased.

He smiled. “Took person’s money, help person vanquish troubles.”

Tugging at the corners of her mouth, Su Qiqi’s facial color changed several times. It turned out that someone really had paid assassins to murder her.

She was wondering whether it was Mo Wenxuan or her own father. But thinking to here, she hurriedly overruled this idea. She knew that though Mo Wenxuan hated her, he still wouldn’t send people to kill her this quick.

Then there was only one person left.

Her eyes turned, then Su Qiqi looked straight at the person in front of her. From the looks of it, he also seemed to be an extremely arrogant person.

She silently moved a little. “Wonder how much money this life of mine is worth?”

“For opponents that don’t have martial arts, once money is paid, then the task is taken.” The black-clothed man’s entire face was filled with a conceited expression. “But, this Master behind you is worth quite a lot…”

A greedy light flashed through his eyes.

Outside, one person had already been taken out and the strange formation was broken. For Mo Wenchen and Leng Yan to kill the remaining nine, they didn’t even need to exert as much energy as they needed to blow ash flying.

In just a blink, the two were holding blades that dripped blood as they swept their eyes around the surroundings.

To confirm that there would be no more assassins appearing.

“Send for someone to clean the mess.” Mo Wenchen used his sleeve to wipe the blood on the sword as he instructed coldly.

Immediately after this sentence, the sound of a chair falling to the ground came from inside the room.

Fiercely furrowing his brows, Mo Wenchen didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he abruptly turned around, kicked open the door to the inn room and directly leaped in.

As Mo Wenchen flew in, he took in the entire situation of the room with one glance.

Su Qiqi was currently lifting a chair with both hands to block the opponent’s longsword, her entire body protectively guarding in front of Lei Yufeng’s bed. Lei Yufeng, at the side, forced himself up and threw everything on the bed towards the black-clothed man.

“Damned bitch! You actually dared to trick me!” The black-clothed man’s face turned ashen. His longsword was already embedded in the chair. He was currently trying to pull out the sword as he glared hatefully at Su Qiqi.

Even though Su Qiqi was chatting with this person, she was actually paying attention to the sounds outside the door. When she noticed that it seemed almost completely quiet outside, she knew that the assassins there were probably all dealt with.

She asked him how much she was worth while saying that she would give him ten times the money to kill the other party.

That black clothed man was a person that tended to open his eyes wide at the sight of profit. He thought that if he killed this one, then went back and killed that client, he’d really be able to make a profit with this deal.

He truly ‘took a person’s money, helped a person vanquish troubles’.

Everything was calculated into it.

Su Qiqi exhibited her hatred for the other party as she turned back to ask Lei Yufeng for money.

In the split second that Lei Yufeng handed the money over, she took advantage of the instant the black clothed man looked over with greed to kick down the chair next to her, and then lift up another chair.

At the instant the chair fell to the floor, the black-clothed man knew he had been tricked and immediately slashed his sword down.

But it was a step too late. The sword hacked directly onto the chair Su Qiqi lifted up!

Mo Wenchen flung his sleeve. The longsword twirled in a circle, then slashed down, directly cutting through the back clothed man’s back and taking his life with one strike.

Blood spurted all over the floor.

The black-clothed man fell unwillingly to the ground.

Su Qiqi also loosened her grip on the chair and collapsed, strengthless.

“Qiqi, are you guys alright?” Mo Wenchen’s cold pupils gradually warmed. He walked forward and looked Su Qiqi over. When he saw the large wound in front of her chest, he couldn’t help but subconsciously knit his brows.

His hand which clenched the sword also tightened.

Lei Yufeng held on to half a breath of life, then slanted a glare at Mo Wenchen. “Why didn’t you ask me if I was alright…”

He said as he coughed.

Su Qiqi looked at Mo Wenchen’s worried expression and her heart warmed. Her chest still hurt, but she couldn’t feel it anymore at this time.

Rolling his eyes at Lei Yufeng, Mo Wenchen saw that he was unharmed and shook his head. “As long as you’re alive, it’s good enough.”

It caused Lei Yufeng’s face to be filled with a detesting expression. “Seriously a guy that’s weighs lust more heavily than friendship.”

He actually still had the mood to joke. This allowed Su Qiqi to also be relieved.

As she laughed softly, she said, “Mo Wenchen, help look after Castle Master Lei Head for now. I’ll go clean my injury.”

She, Su Qiqi, was not a delicate girl at all. She was already extremely satisfied with the fact that she had not returned to the Yellow Springs earlier. Now, with the addition of Mo Wenchen’s concern, it caused her to feel even more strongly that this journey had been worth it.

Finally, she had waited through the clouds and saw the bright moon.

“Alright.” Mo Wenchen originally wanted to say something but held back. While nodding forcefully, he abruptly stopped himself for moving forward.

When he lifted his head, he saw the ridicule in Lei Yufeng’s eyes.

And rolled his eyes at him.

Su Qiqi also turned and left with her eyes red. Her injury was at her chest area, so she could only deal with it herself.

She had seen the worry on Mo Wenchen’s face and the concern in his eyes clearly.

The current her no longer felt the despair of seeing fantasies then realizing them to be fantasies as she did in the past.

The corpses outside had already been cleaned up. Leng Yan stood at guard next to the door like a log. When he saw Su Qiqi come out, he gave a call of ‘wang fei niang niang’.

In regards to Leng Yan, Su Qiqi had already long gotten used to his cold demeanor and block-of-wood-like personality.

It was enough for her that Mo Wenchen accepted her. As for other people’s perceptions, she’ll work to slowly change them. She wanted to let everyone know that she wouldn’t become Mo Wenchen’s burden but his most competent assistant.

As he looked at Su Qiqi’s frail back that was held upright, the expressionless Leng Yan finally changed expressions. He saw the mass of red in front of Su Qiqi’s chest. Actually, he also felt his heart ache for Su Qiqi.

But that the moment she chose Mo Wenchen, her life was destined to be extraordinary and unpeaceful.

Even though this girl was resourceful and full of strategies as well as clear-headed and farsighted when encountering situations, in the end, she still lacked in one part–she didn’t have martial arts.

Just then, it was still her that dragged Mo Wenchen down.

Su Qiqi pushed open the doors but stood next to the door without moving.

Her woman’s sixth sense told her that this place was dangerous.

In the dark night, the moonlight was much to dim and the candlelight was like a bean. However, Leng Yan still felt a cold light flash in front of his eyes. Originally, he could have pretended that he didn’t see it. Even though he could’ve leaped backwards and retreated, he had already seized the Su Qiqi that was incapable of retreating into his arms and spun three circles in the air before softly landing on the ground.

During the time Leng Yan hugged Su Qiqi and spun in the air, countless darts broke through the air as they flew over.

“Ding ding dang dang…” The sound continuously entered their ears.

Two dozen black clothed assassins rushed out from the run simultaneously. All of them held longswords and they moved forward in very synchronized steps.

It could be seen with a glance that these two dozen men were even harder to deal with than those ten before. And this formation was even more strange.

Mo Wenchen had already flown out with his sword. When he saw the Leng Yan and Su Qiqi that were trapped by the black clothed men, the black robe that was filled with fresh blood actually started to stir on its own without wind as the murderous aura in his eyes rushed to the skies!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Unedited

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