BBP’s Consort: Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Becoming Closer

Su Qiqi lifted her eyes and gave a brief smile, then took the handkerchief from Mo Wenchen’s hand to wipe her sweat herself. Even though it was painful, even though it was tiring, she still felt very content.

A gentle warmth wrapped around her heart.

Because she was still busy with acupuncture, after she wiped her sweat, she placed that handkerchief with a single orchid embroidered on it inside her sleeve.

With plans to wash it before returning it to Mo Wenchen.

She really wanted to tell her mother: Daughter has found her own happiness.

At this moment, her heart was filled with warmth, happiness, and contentment–feelings that she had never experienced before.

After using an entire half an hour to force all the poison out of Lei Yufeng’s body, Su Qiqi’s face was also slightly pale. She was a bit fatigued.

The night scene was tranquil without a ripple. Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen stood guard quietly next to Lei Yufeng’s bed, observing his complexion.

Even though the poison had already been cured, but his internal organs had already been injured. That’s why they had to keep track of his complexion at all times; there couldn’t be a single bit of error.

Leng Yan had already sent someone to bring food over and personally chose to stand guard outside the door. Even though Mo Wenxuan’s subordinates had already been scattered and there were no assassins anymore, they still didn’t dare to be careless.

After all, in this battle, countless people of the Jianghu had gotten injured or died. The possibility that a sect may come for revenge couldn’t be ruled out.

And so, they must be careful and prudent.

Mo Wenchen wasn’t arrogant. He always knows to be careful in order to steer the boat for ten thousand years. And it was also because he was like this that he had been able to set up an invincible position.

It was due to this that he had become an undefeatable legend and the Battle God in the citizen’s hearts.

“Qiqi, you should go rest first.” It was already late in the night. Mo Wenchen looked towards Su Qiqi with a concerned expression as he spoke softly.

His slender fingers brushed past her hair.

Su Qiqi who was a little drowsy immediately woke up and shook her head. “I’ll accompany you.”

Her face was full of resolution.

Mo Wenchen knew that it was very hard to change this girl’s decisions.

So, he didn’t say anything more and lightly nodded. Then, he moved to sit down quietly on the chair behind her.

Lei Yufeng’s complexion had already returned to normal, it was just slightly pale. The lash injury on his face had also been carefully treated. It was unlikely to damage this handsome face.

Mo Wenchen had personally applied the medicine to the injuries on his body and the medicine was also specially formulated by Su Qiqi based on the poisons that were currently in his body so it was abnormally effective.

“Did you teach yourself medicine?” Because he couldn’t sleep, Mo Wenchen decided to find a random conversation topic.

He also didn’t understand Su Qiqi. She was like a puzzle, yet always able to bring him pleasant surprises.

“Yes. When I was little, in the fu… my mother was not favored. That’s why we could only stay in the small courtyard in the back. There was no teacher to teach me how to read and write, so the four arts shouldn’t even be mentioned.

There was only my mother who taught me some words. She was also a lady from a prestigious family after all.

That time, I didn’t have anything I could do so I studied with all my heart. There also weren’t many books in the fu that I could read; all I found were some medical books. For the sake of learning more words, I carried medical books around everyday. After a long time, I ended up falling in love with medicinal arts. And so, after a dozen years, I accumulated an abundant amount of medical knowledge.”

Su Qiqi’s face had a slight smile as she reminisced.

She recalled the way she and Mother replied upon each other for survival ever since she was little and recalled Mother’s exceptional guqin skills, drawing skills…

Everything she had was given to her by Xia Xiaodie. Even though this face of hers was plain and ordinary, though she didn’t have a mien capable of causing the downfall of a city and didn’t have an incomparably stunning aura, she didn’t mind.

Of course, Mo Wenchen did not mind either.

“Cough cough…”

Just as the two were speaking, Lei Yufeng who was on the bed suddenly started coughing and broke off the comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Su Qiqi hurriedly moved up to press her hand against Lei Yufeng’s wrist and lightly knitted her brows. “We must get back to the Magnetic Capital as soon as possible. The medicine I have with me won’t be able to support him for long. His body is currently extremely weak and needs at least a month to recuperate.”

Nodding, Mo Wenchen didn’t comment but turned to look at the moon outside. The moonlight in winter was also clear and cool. “Then, why don’t we detour to Lei Clan’s Residence? This way, some time can be saved.”

“That works.” Su Qiqi didn’t have any differing opinion. To her, it didn’t matter where they went. What mattered was that she now had a position in Mo Wenchen’s heart. That was enough.

Right after their words fell, the sharp sound of weapons clashing came from outside the door.

Mo Wenchen’s original gentle gaze instantly turned cold as he abruptly got up and pushed open the door with his blade in his hand.

Leng Yan was in the middle of fighting with a group of black-clothed men. This time’s assassins were actually more difficult to deal with than those of the past. Even Leng Yan was struggling a little.

There weren’t a lot of them. Mo Wenchen swept his cold gaze through. There were only ten.

Each person held a long sword in their hand. In the dim light of night, they flashed with icy cold light.

The ten people seemed to have moved into a formation and had Leng Yan completely trapped inside that formation.

The ten attacked Leng Yan with their strengths mutually supporting one another, causing it so that Leng Yan, for the time being, could only defend with no way of attacking.

It could be seen that the situation was very dangerous.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Mo Wenchen lifted his blade and entered the battle.

Even though he didn’t know what formation this was, with his strong perception and observation, he soon found a way to break the formation. His longsword lifted and he went into action. In an instant, a person fell to the ground!

The blade had directly stabbed into that black-clothed man’s stomach…

Now that the ten men formation was missing a person, the formation immediately became chaotic.

And so, Leng Yan and Mo Wenchen started the massacre.

Su Qiqi who was inside the room did not move but stood guard quietly next to Lei Yufeng. As she gave him acupuncture to lessen his pain, she paid attention to the sounds outside the door.

But, a cold light flashed past. She didn’t even have the time to lift her head before a figure flew in from outside the window and pierced the blade in his hand directly towards her chest.

She immediately understood. The assassins this time were aiming for her.

She didn’t scream or get flustered. She hurriedly dodged the life reaping blade, but her movements were still a little too slow. Lines of bloodstains were left on her robe.

As the blade streaked past her chest, it carved a long bloody gap.

She quickly shot out the needle in her hand, only hoping that it would be able to slow the enemy’s movements.

Once Mo Wenchen finished dealing with everything outside, he’d return in his own time.

Lei Yufeng who was originally asleep suddenly opened his eyes. The needles on his body hadn’t even been taken down yet when he flipped over and sat up. Grabbing the longsword next to his pillow, he exerted strength and the sword flew directly to attack the black clothed invader like a snap.

The black-clothed man was originally about to chase Su Qiqi when he suddenly felt a gust of wind come from behind him. He hurriedly countered and used his blade to block the longsword Lei Yufeng threw over.

The two swords clashed, emitting a ‘clang’ sound.

Then, Lei Yufeng’s sword fell to the ground. The depths of the black-clothed man turned cold and he immediately sent an attack towards the Lei Yufeng who was at his last breath having used up all his strength.

“Watch out…” Su Qiqi never expected for Lei Yufeng to wake up at this moment, much less that he would make a move. She also never thought that this black clothed man would throw her aside and aim to kill Lei Yufeng instead.

In a moment of panic, she shouted and sent all ten needles in her hand over.

The black-clothed man turned rigid. Several acupuncture needles had entered his body. Because there was quite a distance between them, Su Qiqi could not actually aim for the acupuncture points and could only randomly throw all of them.

However, upon receiving the acupuncture needles attack, that black clothed man still turned stiff for a moment. He had also heard about the fierce battle during the day and how Su Qiqi took a Jianghu expert’s life with one needle.

So at this moment, he feared that he would also get poisoned and hastily retreated.

Taking advantage of this gap, Su Qiqi moved in a flash to Lei Yufeng’s bed and used her body to shield him in order to prevent him from receiving the black-clothed man’s attack.

This caused the Lei Yufeng who originally had his eyes narrowed to be stunned for a moment as he laid there. No matter what, he never imagined that Su Qiqi would use her own life to save him.

What happened just now was way too dangerous.

If it weren’t for the fact that her reputation was widespread and the black-clothed man was worried about being poisoned by her, Su Qiqi’s life would have easily been taken by that black-clothed man’s counter attack.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Unedited

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