BBP’s Consort: Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Heart Moved

“Wenchen…” Lei Yufeng once again glared incredulously at Mo Wenchen.

Mo Wenchen’s face was expressionless as he waved his hand, but his eyes were completely clear. Things that he has decided on, no one had the ability to change.

He has never had an interest in this realm.

If he had, the person sitting on the imperial throne would’ve already been Mo Wenchen.

And this sentence of Su Qiqi’s also allowed Mo Wenxuan to understand that Mo Wenchen was giving him a way out.

Though his emotions were extremely conflicted, under the protection of the Imperial bodyguards, Mo Wenxuan turned his horse around. Before leaving, he turned back to look deeply at Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen for a moment, then whipped down on his horse forcefully and sped away.

Kicking up a road of rolling yellow sand.

The several hundred Jianghu experts also dispersed and peacefulness was once again restored to this area.

There was only the sound of the wind.

When Su Shichang heard Su Qiqi’s words, his back also turned rigid. Then, he got up. “Many thanks.”

This daughter whom even he didn’t understand has already broken all ties with him. He no longer had the face to greet people, but he couldn’t throw his life again because of this.

Looking at Su Shichang’s slightly desolate back, Su Qiqi still lowered her head. Her facial color was a bit pale as she questioned, “You… are you really my biological father?”

But she was just talking to herself in an extremely small voice. Only Mo Wenchen who had his arm wrapped around her waist heard.

The strength in his hand tightened a little. Mo Wenchen’s powerful heartbeat also paused for a moment. Then, slightly leaning over, he said by Su Qiqi’s ear, “You still have me.”

He said it with unquestionable clarity.

Su Qiqi didn’t look at him but also didn’t throw off his hand. She just quietly allowed him to hug her waist and drive the horse forward.

She couldn’t not admit that no matter how much she gave up all hope in Mo Wenchen, just one word from him could still stir up countless ripples in her heart.

She knew that she had already sunk into damnation without hope of reprieve.

To feel emotionally moved by this type of man was tantamount to jumping into a ten thousand meters deep abyss; there were no roads of retreat, no ways to turn back. Even for someone as clear-headed as her.

Lei Yufeng and Leng Yan didn’t have much expression on their faces. They were not happy at all with this outcome and the Blood Troops had also suffered great damage.

This operation can be counted as successful in the fact that it saved Lei Yufeng’s life.

And of course, had also beat Mo Wenxuan back.

Making it so that he had to carefully consider before any future operations.

Originally, Leng Yan and Lei Yufeng did feel some sympathy for Su Qiqi, but now they actually felt more resentment towards her. If it weren’t for her, they definitely could have captured Mo Wenxuan alive this time.

Su Qiqi also knew that the entire Blood Troop blamed her right now.

At the very end, Mo Wenchen still saved her life.

You still have me…

These four words continuously reverberated in Su Qiqi’s mind and her heart also softened a little.

After one large battle, the rest of the road was very calm and peaceful without a single assassin. Other than the fact that it was colder now and the wind got a bit larger, everything was very nice and quiet.

Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen once again returned to the inside of the horse carriage. Neither of the two spoke.

The atmosphere was still a bit unclear.

Even though Mo Wenchen did appreciate Su Qiqi and what he did earlier did count as staking his life to save hers, when facing Su Qiqi alone, he still won’t say anything.

You still have me. These four words, to him, meant that he has already given Su Qiqi a promise.

The promise of a lifetime. (A promise for a lifetime)

And Su Qiqi was a very cold and reclusive person as well, so she was even less likely to take the initiative to say anything. Losing her heart first had already made her feel a lot of regrets.

“Did you get injured?”

In the inn, Mo Wenchen still asked Su Qiqi this softly.

Su Qiqi shook her head and gave a small smile. “No.”

It was still a little alienated.

The high turn-up collar hid the scar on her neck. The one the green robed martial arts practitioner left.

She had already treated it herself, it was nothing big.

Originally, Mo Wenchen was standing next to her. But with one step, he moved to her front and pulled her collar. His movements were a bit rough but still gentle.

“What are you doing?” Su Qiqi started and went pale, then hurriedly lifted her hand to block Mo Wenchen’s fingers.

However, Mo Wenchen just pushed aside her collar and looked at the scar on her neck. Through the depths of his eyes flashed faint gentleness and——heartache.

This trace of heartache caused Su Qiqi’s resistance to stop in that instant. The leaping of her heart also seemed to have stopped for a minute.

After seeing that the injury was very shallow and medicine had already been applied, Mo Wenchen finally let go. While fixing her collar for her, a trace of a teasing expression actually appeared on his originally expressionless face. “You’re ben wang’s (perfectly) legitimate wang fei (yet you’re getting embarrassed?).”

Then laughed as he walked away.

Causing Su Qiqi’s face to turn pale before a trace of red crept up.

When he got to the door, Mo Wenchen stopped again. “Yufeng’s injury is quite serious. Do you have medicine with you?”

It seems the relationship between the two had turned much more comfortable in a split instant. The previous awkwardness was no longer there.

As she fixed her clothes again, Su Qiqi’s expression returned to normal. “I do. He got injured because he was protecting my mother, I will save him.”

Lei Yufeng had only been holding on by sheer will during the battle. The moment they got to the inn, he collapsed unconscious on the bed. These past days, Mo Wenxuan didn’t let him pass his days in peace at all. He allowed the teachers of the state to test no less than a hundred poisons on his body and cruelly tortured him to try and force him to cooperate with their plan.

And earlier, Mo Wenxuan sent another whip at his face.

His body had already reached its limit. Lei Yufeng didn’t have the slightest bit of strength left.

“Yufeng, open the door.” Mo Wenchen and Su Qiqi left the room and headed straight towards Lei Yufeng’s room.

They knocked four times, but there was still no response.

The two shared a gaze filled with worry.

Forcefully pushing open the door, they saw Lei Yufeng lying on the bed, his facial color ashen and his lips purple. His eyes were tightly closed and his breathing was difficult. The lash mark on his face was ghastly and his hands were also filled with scars.

Mo Wenchen’s hands clenched as his expression immediately turned cold. Murderous aura filled the surroundings. Never did he expect that Mo Wenxuan would be this despicable and actually injure Lei Yufeng this severely.

“He’s poisoned.” Su Qiqi was concerned and hurriedly lifted her hand to check Lei Yufeng’s pupils, then check his pulse. “We must cure the poison as fast as possible.”

Mo Wenchen nodded forcefully, then took a step back. “Whatever you need, just say it. You… you must definitely save him.”

His voice actually seemed a little choked with emotion.

Lei Yufeng was his good friend, and also a good brother that has gone through fire and water with him for many years. This time, it was also because of him that Lei Yufeng would fall to such a sorry state.

If at that time, there was no other choice, even if he had to use his own life to exchange for Lei Yufeng, he still wouldn’t have hesitated to do it.

Su Qiqi nodded. Her expression was also determined. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely cure him.”

She pulled out her medicine chest and acupuncture needles as she started calmly and carefully treating Lei Yufeng’s poison. It was lucky that Lei Yufeng’s physique was good from the start and that he was someone that grow up practicing martial arts. There were over a hundred types of poison in his body attacking and mixing all together. If this was used on an ordinary person, he probably would’ve already died from his intestines being burned through and his stomach turned to rot.

From the looks of his pulse, Lei Yufeng had forcefully sealed the veins of his heart. It was only due to this that the poison didn’t enter his heart and lungs.

But even like this, he was already at his last gasp.

If she didn’t quickly cure the poison, even if he survived, he’d become an invalid.

As Mo Wenchen watched Su Qiqi apply the needles with a focused expression, a trace of contentment flashed past his face.

He himself also admits that his heart has been moved.

It was not because of the bet, it was because of that stubborn, unyielding temperament of Su Qiqi’s. Even more, because of that noble and aloof mannerism of hers. Even though her facial features were not extraordinary, in Mo Wenchen’s eyes, she was inviolably beautiful as a noble dew-filled white lotus.

Seeing the droplets of sweat on Su Qiqi’s forehead, Mo Wenchen pulled out a handkerchief from his chest and gently helped her wipe…


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Unedited

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