BBP’s Consort: Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: From Now On, You and I No Longer Have Any Relationship

The blade in Lei Yufeng’s hand twirled to reverse as he lifted Su Shichang and headed straight to Mo Wenchen’s side.

This was precisely the sentence he wanted from Mo Wenchen. The military command must absolutely not be exchanged. He could even give up his own life for the sake of protecting Mo Wenchen’s military command, because no matter how strong Mo Wenchen was, without his own army he’d definitely die tragically.

After all, he was the needle in Mo Wenxuan’s eye, the needle in his flesh.

Since this side had already abandoned Su Qiqi, Mo Wenxuan didn’t have any leverage with which to keep fighting with Mo Wenchen. Perhaps, today, he only had the road of death left to walk.

The green robed martial arts practitioner glared with an incredulous and disbelieving expression at the rumored powerful and incomparably cold-hearted Bei Ding Hou wang in front of him. Perhaps the rumors were true, that the blood in this person’s veins really was completely cold.

To be able to abandon even his own wang fei.

Even though he was clearly willing to use the military command to exchange for Lei Yufeng.T/N

How could he bear to disregard the life or death of his own hair-bound wife?

You bind your hair when you come of age.

The hope for large quantities of gold and a glorious future which he saw instantly disappeared without a trace and all that was left in his heart was bitter resentment. That hate was directed towards Mo Wenchen, then gradually shifted to Su Qiqi.

That’s right, he felt the woman in his hand was too useless.

Thinking of his, his grip on the sword tightened. Pulling back forcefully, he prepared to send Su Qiqi to her grave…

“Don’t…” Mo Wenchen still shouted. He did abandon Su Qiqi, but to have to watch her die with his own eyes… he still couldn’t bear it.

He owed this woman too much, much too much…

Su Qiqi suddenly opened her eyes, the depths of her eyes were cool as a still lake surface without a trace of a ripple.

When she felt the pain at her neck, she didn’t move. Instead, she tightened her grip on the needle in her hand, then fiercely pierced it towards the green robed martial arts practitioner’s wrist, causing the hand grasping the sword to tremble.

The sword left her neck.

It was just that she didn’t have the slightest bit of martial arts and her strength was also too lacking. The green robed martial arts practitioner gave a humph and once again thrust the blade over hard. At the same time, he emitted a severe killing intent, pressuring Su Qiqi to the point that she shivered with cold.

At that side, Mo Wenchen, Lei Yufeng, and Leng Yan were also watching anxiously. Su Qiqi’s resistance was out of everyone’s expectations.

They knew that that girl wasn’t simple, but they never thought that she would give a deathbed struggle.

The sword once again traversed towards her neck. The needle in Su Qiqi’s other hand pierced without hesitation towards the acupuncture point on the green robed martial arts practitioner’s wrist. As long as it struck accurately, his hand would be crippled.

But the martial arts of the green-robed martial arts practitioner wasn’t something that Su Qiqi could compare to at all. With just a slight retreat, he avoided the attack she staked her life on.

Easily beyond belief.

Seeing all of this, the appreciation in Mo Wenxuan’s eyes grew more and more intense. Su Qiqi, if you survive once again this time, zhen will definitely find a way to take you as a concubine.

He suddenly felt that switching concubines that time was a mistake.

The originally already matchlessly powerful Mo Wenchen, now with Su Qiqi at his side, was practically like a tiger that has grown wings.(double the awesomeness)

And Su Qiqi’s strong point laid in the fact that she had a lot of self-knowledge.

She always knew how to defend herself and didn’t need others to worry for her.

The cold light in the green robed martial arts practitioner’s eyes grew stronger. He didn’t expect that a little girl like this who didn’t even have enough strength to truss a chicken would be able to push him to such a pathetic state. His murderous intent overflowed as he turned sideways and lifted his sword to slash Su Qiqi’s face.

The Mo Wenchen who originally had his eyes shut suddenly leaped off his horse to save Su Qiqi.

“Wenchen, you can’t.”

Wang ye, you mustn’t.”

Lei Yufeng and Leng Yan moved forwards simultaneous and restrained the Mo Wenchen that had leaped into midair.

That side was completely filled with enemies. Even if Mo Wenchen was a god, it’d still be hard to come back alive.

In regards to Mo Wenchen’s actions, Su Qiqi only paid a side glance. Her heart still ached. Even though there was anxious unease on that man’s face, she still told herself not to care.

All of it was probably fake.

Otherwise, what did those words of his mean? Get revenge? She had to wait for him to get revenge for her?

With a cold smile, she softly opened her mouth. The depths of her eyes were crystal clear and her facial expression was indifferent. Facing the oncoming sword, she didn’t even blink. The split instant after she opened her mouth, a trace of light flashed past, extremely glaring to the eyes. The green robed martial arts practitioner’s sword also reached her face.

It was just that the sword in his hand suddenly stopped moving; his entire body couldn’t move anymore.

He glared with incredulous disbelief at Su Qiqi, his eyes filled with alarm.

Then, he fell backward rigidly, stirring up a cloud of dust.

The moment the light flashed by, Mo Wenchen shook off Leng Yan and Lei Yufeng with a burst of strength. His body sprung up and he stepped on the heads of the Jianghu experts as he headed straight towards Su Qiqi.

Without waiting for everyone to come to an understanding of why the green robed martial arts practitioner would fall, Mo Wenchen seized Su Qiqi into his arms and then leaped up again. Like the time he came, he spread wings like a roc and instantly flew back to his own horse.

He grasped the reins tightly with one hand as he used the other hand to tightly hug Su Qiqi. He didn’t look at her. He didn’t dare to look at her.

Instead, he looked straight at the Mo Wenxuan opposite him, “Imperial Older Brother, now then, let’s have a talk about how we should take care of your Prime Minster da ren.”

It was said with a tone mild as clouds and light as wind.

His face completely expressionless.

Because she was embraced firmly in Mo Wenchen’s arms, Su Qiqi could feel the heat of his chest. She could even feel his unsteady heartbeat, which, regardless, continued to have such force.

The Su Qiqi that had just viewed life or death with indifference and viewed everything with indifference was still confused. Her heart was confused.

This man, she has never understood and still doesn’t understand.

Yes, if earlier she wasn’t able to save herself, if she wasn’t able to shot the needle in her mouth towards the opponent’s vital point at the critical moment, Mo Wenchen wouldn’t have acted. This fact, Su Qiqi understood better than anyone else.

And what Mo Wenchen wanted was also this kind of woman.

This sudden unexpected turn of events caused the remaining group of a hundred or so Jianghu experts to become tumultuous.

No one saw what Su Qiqi did clearly, but that green robed martial arts practitioner just suddenly collapsed. After Mo Wenchen rescued Su Qiqi away, they saw that the green robed martial arts practitioner on the ground had already bled to death from all seven apertures. And on his neck, there was a single shining acupuncture needle.

There was actually a bit of tremble in the wind.

No one saw Su Qiqi’s move. And just like that, she had sent a Jianghu expert to his death.

This feeling caused everyone to feel a chill down their backs.

Even Leng Yan and Lei Yufeng felt a burst of cold sweat.

Their wang fei niang niang was truly always capable of giving them the greatest pleasant surprises.

Right now, the situation was already completely one-sided.

This time, Mo Wenxuan has truly given away a bride and lost his army on top of it.*

Figurative language; means to suffer double losses, through it is kinda literal in this case as well.

Mo Wenxuan whose facial color was a bit purple also glared straight at Su Qiqi, hatred filling his eyes. This woman has wrecked his plans again.

He felt so much hatred he couldn’t even speak.

Su Shichang who was being suppressed by the Blood Troops suddenly knelt down. He was kneeling towards Su Qiqi.

His expression was panic-stricken, “Qiqi, looking on the fact that we’re father and daughter, Dad begs you, please have mercy on Dad’s old life.”

This kneel caused another uproar to swept through the people present.

A father knelt down to a daughter.

Even Mo Wenxuan couldn’t bear to look on anymore. He felt like his face was completely lost.

Su Qiqi, who was in Mo Wenchen’s arms, froze for a moment but didn’t say anything. She just turned sideways slightly and glanced at Mo Wenchen, the depths of her heart so chaotic it felt like there were overturning seas and rivers.

Indeed, he was her father. No matter the lack of affection, he has still raised her all these years.

Seeing the emotion in Su Qiqi’s eyes, Mo Wenchen nodded. He owed this woman, and he didn’t want to cause Su Qiqi to be in a difficult spot. After all, everyone in the realm was watching.

“Have your army retreat a thousand miles away.” Su Qiqi pronounced. She understood in her heart that what Mo Wenchen was giving her this time was the fruit of his victory. He completely had the power to kill each and every person present then take the country.

But, he didn’t.

He gave all of this to Su Qiqi, allowing her the repay the ties between father and daughter.

“From now on, you and I no longer have any relationship.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira and also edited by yours truly b/c proofreader ran off TT-TT

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – Sorz for the interruption in mood, but if Tang Doudou was here, she’d immediately jump to the conclusion that Mo Wenchen and Lei Yufeng had that sort of relationship lol~
!!!! Another cool moment from Su Qiqi!! XDXDXD



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