BBP’s Consort: Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: A Difficult Choice

“All of you stop.”

Lei Yufeng and that green robed martial arts practitioner shouted at the same time.

Lei Yufeng had Su Shichang captured and the green robed martial arts practitioner had Su Qiqi captured. They stood on two separate sides, both trying to threaten the other.

Upon seeing their general captured, all the horsemen stopped their advance and stood there motionless.

They honored only the military command and did not really care if the person ahead was His Majesty.

So this move of Lei Yufeng’s was actually quite effective.

On the other hand, when Mo Wenchen saw the green robed martial arts practitioner seized Su Qiqi, his expression turned cold. His murderous aura overflowed and caused everyone around him to feel an icy chill.

Mo Wenchen had been angered. It looks like someone has touched his tender spot. People that cause him pain, would definitely feel a thousand times the pain.

Upon seeing this, Mo Wenxuan actually felt despair. All the hope that he saw earlier seemed to have vanished without a trace. He understood all too well the position Su Qiqi held in Mo Wenchen’s heart. If it was possible, he would have long ordered his subordinates to first capture Su Qiqi.

Looks like he’ll have to face total defeat today. There was not even a trace of hope anymore.

Just as Mo Wenxuan was despairing, Mo Wenchen actually lifted his hand and commanded everyone to retreat, warning them not to act blindly without thinking.

This caused the Su Qiqi, who originally had her eyes lowered expressionlessly, to abruptly lift her head. She didn’t understand this man. Even though he was much more gentle and considerate to her on the road then he had been on the way here, she still didn’t dare to let herself harbor even the slightly bit of hope.

Yet at this time, she actually saw him coldly command everyone to stop moving.

What did this mean?

Even Leng Yan and Lei Yufeng were shocked stunned.

Lei Yufeng, who was holding onto Su Shichang, felt like he had heard a hallucination. Looking at the Mo Wenchen that was continuously commanding the Blood Troops, he rubbed his eyes hard. Then, slightly furrowing his brows, he suddenly recalled something…

The bet he had with him!

Thinking of this, Lei Yufeng couldn’t help but shake his head. It was just the Yellow Emperor’s Sword, did he have to go so far as to be this serious in this kind of situation?

Being like this would indeed get Su Qiqi’s heart, but the losses were too great.

“Imperial Older Brother, have your subordinate release her.” Mo Wenchen glared straight at Mo Wenxuan, speaking each word with exceptional emphasis and chill. “Ben wang will guarantee that your Su Shichang will not die.”

Being flung from feeling despair to being filled with hope again caused Mo Wenxuan’s heart to be quite turbulent. He stared straight at Mo Wenchen’s face, not even letting the slightest bit of expression change escape his eyes. He couldn’t use his own life for a gamble.

In reality, he was still far from understanding Mo Wenchen enough.

And even less close to understanding his true strength.

Then he turned back to glance at Su Shichang and those Jianghu experts that were beaten to a sorry state.

Of course, now he felt like it was still the army that was the most useful.

That’s why, although he felt like Su Shichang deserved to die earlier… Especially when he thought about the relationship he had with his Empress Mother, Mo Wenxuan would itch to personally stab a thousand blades through Su Shichang’s heart.

But, at this moment and this time, there was only Su Shichang that could save him.

Su Qiqi didn’t make a sound and just watched. She wanted to know what Mo Wenchen planned to do.

Did he really cared about her?

She narrowed her eyes slightly. Perhaps it was because her mother’s death caused him to feel guilty. If it wasn’t because of Mo Wenchen, her mother definitely wouldn’t have walked onto a dead end road.

Thinking to here, her heart gradually calmed and she lifted her head to look around.

Looking at the wang flags and emperor flags fluttering in the wind, a trace of flame gradually flitted through her eyes. She will make it so that the wang flags took the place of the emperor flags.

“Alright.” Quite a while later, Mo Wenxuan finally replied in a low voice.

Then he lifted his hand towards that green robed martial arts practitioner as he said: “Release her.”

While at it, he gave Su Qiqi a deep look, the interest in his eyes increasing. Looks like he had underrated the position this woman had in Mo Wenchen’s heart.

If he had known earlier, he could have just pushed Mo Wenchen to his death when he was still in the Imperial Palace. What need would there have been for him to capture Lei Yufeng and end up falling into the current predicament?

He should have changed his battle strategy.

It was just that everything was already too late.

Right now, the most important matter was to preserve his life.

The green robed martial arts practitioner glanced at Su Shichang, then at Mo Wenxuan. Afterwards, he tugged the corners of his mouth and said: “Bei Ding Hou wang ye, if you want me to release the person it’s possible, but I don’t want to exchange for this general.”

He seemed to have felt the importance of the hostage in his hands so his guts also got a bit bigger.

It must be known that the reason he came here was only because of power and wealth.

As long as he was able to accomplish some big matter for His Majesty, all that he desired would come smoothly to his grasp. As for Su Shichang… he simply didn’t put Su Shichang in his eyes at all.

People of the Jianghu sometimes just tends to consider everyone else beneath them.

The green robed martial arts practitioner’s voice was very loud, everyone present heard it loud and clear. Lei Yufeng’s expression went cold as he glared straight at the martial arts practitioner. The sword pressed against Su Shichang’s throat also applied a bit more pressure.

Causing Su Shichang’s face to turn green then white and traces of fear to appear in his eyes. He lifted his head to look straight at his daughter. In reality, Su Qiqi was also his biological daughter; it was just that he felt it was impossible to get close to her.

He once also doted on Xia Xiaodie. It was just that suddenly, one day, that woman became ten thousand miles distant from him.

Even he didn’t know what had happened.

At this time, he and his daughter had both became hostages. And no one seemed to care about his life while his daughter’s life was viewed as increasingly important. This feeling was very strange and also made him feel very helpless.

He didn’t know if he wanted to beg his daughter to help him.

Mo Wenchen’s expression did not change. He just looked at that green robed martial arts practitioner calmly. A trace of chill appeared in his eyes, yet he actually pulled out a trace of a smile, causing people to shudder with dread.

Everyone in the Blood Troop knew that Mo Wenchen was already on the brink of exploding into a rage.

The green robed martial arts practitioner became a bit anxious when he didn’t get a reply. He glanced towards Mo Wenxuan again and got approval, so he abruptly lifted his head and said: “Bei Ding Hou wang ye, if you wish to have wang fei niang niang unharmed, then use the military command in your hand to exchange for her.”

There was a trace of savagery in his eyes.

As if he could already see the wonderful future.

The sword pressed against Su Qiqi’s neck slightly increased in pressure because the green robed martial arts practitioner was a bit excited; his fingers were even trembling slightly. In actuality, he did fear Mo Wenchen and that severe imposing aura caused him even more fear.

Yet he tenaciously held on, for the sake of the wonderful future prospects, for the sake of a huge bunch of gold.

Seeing the green robed martial arts practitioner like this, the smile on Mo Wenxuan’s face deepened some more. Looks like, defeat was not necessarily certain.

Mo Wenchen who maintained a cold smile didn’t say a word but continued to look at Su Qiqi. He seemed to be making an extremely difficult decision, pain actually flashed through the depths of his eyes.

That look, Su Qiqi saw clearly. There was mistaking it.

At this time, Su Qiqi suddenly felt a faint pain in her heart.

This man was really starting to care about her, it wasn’t her imagination. If it was in the past, Mo Wenchen would have definitely made a prompt decision and abandoned her.

But right now, his hesitation continued to cause Su Qiqi’s heart to be uneasy.

Her position in his heart probably has no way to compare with the military command.

Softly closing her eyes, Su Qiqi made herself stop thinking about it. It would only cause herself more heartache, more despair.

As two sides faced off, Lei Yufeng also looked with a face of anxiety towards Mo Wenchen. He was afraid now, because of Mo Wenchen’s hesitation.

Mo Wenchen felt that there was a lot of wind, as it blew on the face it smarted a lot.

Heavily shutting his eyes for a moment, when he abruptly opened them again, all that was left was chill and ruthlessness. “Qiqi… sorry. Ben wang will definitely get this blood sea deep revenge for you.”

Su Qiqi suddenly felt that the surroundings were unusually quiet. So it turns out, she shouldn’t have harbored even a tiny bit of hope. Su Qiqi didn’t open her eyes and also didn’t shed tears. She once again fell from the high clouds to the very bottom of the valley. Her heart hurt to the point it was dripping blood.

At the same time, Lei Yufeng moved…


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira and also edited by yours truly b/c proofreader ran off TT-TT

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