BBP’s Consort: Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Let’s See Who is Truly More Ruthless

“Mo Wenchen, you’re courting death.” Mo Wenxuan dodged the arrows with a rapid twist of his body. Flipping sideways in the air, he jumped back on his horse before giving a forceful wave of the hand.

However, before he even gave the signal, Leng Yan had already started moving leading the Blood Troop.

At the same time as he fired the three hidden arrows, Mo Wenchen also threw several dozen darts in Lei Yufeng’s direction. They didn’t attack the two imperial guards next to him, but rather the rope that was binding him.

The darts flew past, and the rope fell to the ground.

In the first moments following that, Lei Yufeng lifted his hands and immediately crushed the throats of the two guards next to him…

Then, with a spring and a leap, he landed on the horse behind Mo Wenchen. Lifting his head, he roared towards the sky.

Su Qiqi was not at all surprised by what had just happened. She knew that Mo Wenchen wouldn’t easily make any compromises, because he was Mo Wenchen!

But the needle grasped in her hand slightly trembled for a second.

The battle has begun.

The Jianghu experts that Mo Wenxuan had brought and the Blood Troops that Leng Yan led clashed. But because Leng Yan was one step ahead and seized the key moment, in the time of a blink, a mass of the opponents fell.

But they were, after all, the very best experts of the Jianghu who had experienced countless battles before. It only took them a few seconds before they were able to regain control of the situation.

Though the Blood Troops were widely known for having blood of steel, how could they possible be worthy opponents for these martial arts experts? The Blood Troops were only able to barely hold them off with great difficulty.

Mo Wenchen and Mo Wenxuan sat on their horses, silently meeting each other’s eyes over this distance.

At this time–this moment–Mo Wenchen was still expressionless as always as he wore a proud and arrogant look. It was not that his eyes refused to hold anyone worthy, but that his eyes has never looked for anyone from the start; he only acted as if no one existed.
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Mo Wenxuan who had just narrowly avoided an end was currently glaring furiously at his own younger brother.

They were brothers with blood ties said to be thicker than water. Yet for the sake of power, they were slaughtering each other.

Of course, this was not what Mo Wenchen wish for. He only wished to save his own good brother and return to the Magnetic Capital to look after his own territory.

It was just there was someone that wasn’t willing to let him do so.

Since there’s someone that wishes to play, then he will just keep them company until the end.
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On this side, the Blood Troops were slowly drawing back as they were forced by the surrounding Jianghu experts to continuously retreat.

Su Qiqi saw that Mo Wenchen had no way to gain the upper hand. Yet with Lei Yufeng’s shout, the surrounding atmosphere also started to fluctuate as a strength that could pierce space erupted from the surroundings.

This caused Su Qiqi, who was inside the carriage, to freeze.

If this force was rushing towards Mo Wenchen, then they may have to face a total defeat today. It was such a bad situation that Su Qiqi felt she probably would have no hope of a lucky escape.

Even so, when the thought of death came to mind, her brows only slightly knitted.

As she lifted the curtain to look outside, she thought: dying like this, was it worth it?

By now, that fearsome force had already entered the battle. Luckily, it was not aiming for Mo Wenchen but was instead helping them.

This was precisely the force that they had spent these past few days painstakingly building up which they had always kept hidden. This was the true Blood Troop. The group that Leng Yan had led was nothing more than a little signboard.
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Even though the Blood Troops that Leng Yan led weren’t that strong, along with the Blood Troops from the outside, they were able to wedge the hundred thousand Jianghu experts between them in a pincer attack. The situation was now like that of a caught turtle in a jar.

This sudden development caused Mo Wenxuan’s face to turn ashen.

He abruptly applied force to the reins in his hands, startling the horse beneath him and causing it to give a long cry.The imperial bodyguards behind him gradually started to move as they formed a circle. They completely surrounded Mo Wenxuan in a protective formation as they prepared themselves for a bloody battle.

Originally, Mo Wenxuan was confident of winning as he had the chess piece Lei Yufeng in his hands. But unexpectedly, the moment they confronted each other, he lost. And right now, he was facing a disadvantage.

At this time, he actually felt some regret.

He should have known that he couldn’t beat Mo Wenchen…                

“Protect His Majesty!” Clouds of dust rolled in the distance. A thousand mounted soldiers rushed frantically towards this direction as the general at the opposite side bellowed this command..

Looking over closely, that commanding general was actually Su Shichang.

“Not good, prepare to retreat.” Mo Wenchen lightly knitted his brows. A thousand mounted troops; even if they had not gone through a blood-steeling training, they were still fearsome.          

Lei Yufeng had also noticed the smell of danger. He leaped up from the horse’s back and roared towards the sky.

Leng Yan led the troops and started to retreat while continuing to fight.

If Su Shichang hadn’t appeared, they could have wiped out Mo Wenxuan today along with the people he brought, leaving none alive.

Yet at this crucial moment, someone had come to save this emperor. After thinking about it, there was only Su Shichang.

Mo Wenxuan, who thought that he was going to meet his demise looked up with bright eyes. Never would he have expected Su Shichang to prove to be such a useful and talented general.

“My dear subject Su, capture all these rebels. Do not leave a single one.” With the arrival of Su Shichang, Mo Wenxuan’s recovered his composure. He now acted as if he controlled the world and had the authority to make decisions for everyone.

The lung capacity was sure strong enough.

Tugging the corners of his lips, Mo Wenchen just gave a cold smile. Originally, he had planned to just give this Older Imperial Brother a proper lesson. Even now when they had fallen into a disadvantageous position, retreating was nothing difficult..

Don’t leave a single one behind? That is quite arrogant.

Lei Yufeng also smiled coldly, it was only natural. Last time, if it weren’t for the fact that he had been too careless and underestimated the enemy, how could he have fallen into their little scheme? This time, he must use blood to wash clean the past shame.

While commanding the Blood Troops to withdraw, he glanced towards the thousand soldier army in the distance: “Su Shichang, you’ve come at just the right time.”

As he said so, his entire body had already leapt into the air. Borrowing the heads of the horses and enemy troops, he charged towards Su Shichang as if he was flying. Defeat the enemy by capturing the chief. With his current skill, he didn’t have the confidence to defeat a group of imperial bodyguards to capture Mo Wenxuan. In that case… After all, capturing a Su Shichang was still as easy flipping a hand.

Looking at the Lei Yufeng that was flying over like an eagle, Su Shichang was a bit dumbfounded. He wasn’t scared of leading troops and fighting on the battlefields, however he still didn’t have that ability to truly exchange blows with experts.

With a violent pull of the reins, Su Shichang spurred the horse beneath him do an about face and rush towards the middle of the army.

Fleeing for one’s life was more important.

“Trying to escape…!” Lei Yufeng gave a loud shout as he plunged down like a large roc with its wings spread.

The Jianghu experts who had been beaten into such a sorry state also had ashen looks on their faces. Naturally, they felt this sort of outcome in battle was extremely embarrassing.

One of the martial arts practitioners wearing a green garment was brandishing a horsetail whisk* with one hand as he fought the oncoming people with the other. While looking at the situation around him, he suddenly noticed the carriage that was tightly encircled in the middle of the Blood Troops and his slender and long little eyes lit up.

It was quite hard to find the English term for this. Had to try brush whip, duster, duster weapon… In the end.. What did I put? Horsetail whip weapon. Lol, and I found that the English name was horsetail whisk. Why was I sure there was an English name? Because it’s a weapon used in games lol. Read here if you’re interested in why a ‘duster’  is a weapon.

As if he found some sort of hope.

He was just a mere martial arts practitioner. He had wandered around the Jianghu for a dozen years and heard of Mo Wenchen before. However, he was unaware of many things regarding Mo Wenchen.

That’s why, right now, he set his eyes on Su Qiqi as an idea.

Who didn’t know the fact that Mo Wenchen didn’t care whether Su Qiqi was living or dead?

And the Leng Yan that was busy with retreating didn’t have the attention to spare on protecting Su Qiqi and could only hope for the best, leaving nature to take its course.T/N
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During the time that Lei Yufeng captured Su Shichang, at the other side, a green robed figure had also leaped up, landing directly on top of the carriage. He fiercely hacked at the roof of the carriage before jumping in. When he came out, there was already an additional person in his hand.

It was precisely a tranquil Su Qiqi.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sigil

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