BBP’s Consort: Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Poisoned Arrow
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“Handing it over is possible, but shouldn’t Imperial Older Brother also let Imperial Younger Brother take a look at that person?” Mo Wenchen’s attitude was still that of having no one in his eyes.

As he asked very casually.

That attitude caused people to seriously desire to kill him with one stab.

Yet no one had that ability.

As before, there was a huge imperial army behind Mo Wenxuan’s back. They were all, for the most part, highly skilled and stood on guard by Mo Wenxuan’s side .

“Of course… it’s possible…” Mo Wenxuan spoke with gritted teeth. Right now, they had already torn and shed the skin of cordiality so there’s no need to take any more into consideration.

At this time, Su Qiqi had also lifted open the curtain of the carriage and looked over to the front.

She wondered how Mo Wenchen would choose to act.

Would he really use the military command to exchange for Lei Yufeng? No matter how she looked at it, it didn’t seem likely. It seemed more like Mo Wenchen was playing with Mo Wenxuan.

While the people ahead were currently discussing something, Leng Yan actually walked to the side of Su Qiqi’s carriage. His eyes were a bit helpless as he said: “Wang fei, you must be careful. All four sides have been completely surrounded by His Majesty’s people.”

The meaning was, in a while you’ll have to fend for yourself.

At the most crucial moments, the only thing they must do was to protect Mo Wenchen.

She nodded. The depths of Su Qiqi’s heart were very clear about this kind of treatment.

It’s good that she didn’t truly start to believe that she was someone to him.

She lifted her hand and pressed it on her heart. To say that her heart didn’t hurt would be false. Her heart had clearly already been moved, so how could she pretend to be indifferent?

But then, she can only use indifference to mask over everything.

“I understand.” Letting down the curtain, Su Qiqi gave a light reply. This caused the Leng Yan who was standing outside the carriage to feel contrite. He wasn’t purposefully being this way.  It was  just that he could only come and protect Su Qiqi when the precondition that Mo Wenchen was absolutely safe was fulfilled.

The wind was very cold. It blew on the face, and blew so much that the robes lifted and sharply flapped in the wind.

One robed in black giving off an overbearing air, one robed in gold giving off a noble air; the two just stood there in silent confrontation.
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Nether made a first move, but in the dark they had already arranged everything. This time, it is inevitable that blood would flow to form rivers.

Two imperial bodyguards supported Lei Yufeng as they walked here from far away. At this time, Lei Yufeng’s entire body was covered with injuries. It was clear that he went through heavy torture, yet that bright and beautiful face was still carrying a smile. He even used his eyes to send Mo Wenchen a greeting.

Seeing Lei Yufeng like this, Mo Wenchen clenched the hand that was gripping the reins even tighter. The unquenchable murderous desire spread outwards in all directions, causing even the horse under him to continuously give low uneasy neighs.

It was precisely this sort of aura that would cause enemies to become timid.

Mo Wenxuan who also felt the danger slowly lifted his hand, indicating for everyone to be prepared to move instantly.

Even though he has never admitted that Mo Wenchen was stronger than himself, he didn’t want to use his own life to try and prove it. He still has to unify this land, all the way until he obtains all that he wished for.

As long as Mo Wenchen made even the slightest indication of movement, he’dl retreat into the crowd and let these imperial martial arts experts take care of him.
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No matter how strong a person was, he still wasn’t an opponent for several thousand experts.
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It must be known that for the sake of today, he had bribed several thousand famous experts of the Jianghu.

Feeling the unusual atmosphere, Mo Wenchen’s expression also turned serious. At this moment, he suddenly turned back to look at the carriage behind him. The one who currently sat in the carriage was precisely Su Qiqi.

In regards to her unusual calmness, he had already become accustomed to it.

And he also admired her cool-headedness and intelligence.

Right now, inside the carriage, Su Qiqi was currently thinking of how to protect herself. While laughing mockingly at herself, she took out the acupuncture needles from within her sleeve and pinched them with her fingers. She even kept one in her mouth in preparation for an attack. Her only weapons were those needles.

She didn’t know martial arts so she simply had no way to completely protect herself on the battlefield.

Right now, as long as these martial arts experts didn’t concentrate their lines of sight on her, Su Qiqi believed she could still escape from this calamity.

With all the encounters on the way here, she had already become indifferent to them. She wouldn’t make an unreasonable request for anyone to save her anymore.

Mo Wenchen knew that there wouldn’t be a fake Lei Yufeng this time. From his chest, he dug out that brocade box. A trace of a hard smile tugged on his lips, yet that smile was filled with murderous intent.

Mo Wenxuan who was facing him didn’t move. He just continued to stare straight at Mo Wenchen like that, not letting a single movement escape his eyes . That brocade box was precisely what he wanted. As long as he stripped away Mo Wenchen’s military power, wanting to kill him afterwards would be a simple matter.

Watching as Mo Wenchen extended his level hand over, that brocade box was actually quite glaring underneath the sunlight.

Lei Yufeng who originally still had on a smile immediately changed expressions, “Mo Wenchen, this daddy doesn’t need your rescuing. Hurry up and have your people scram.”

He was obviously angered.

“Shut up.” Mo Wenxuan abruptly lashed his whip towards Lei Yufeng’s face, leaving a trace of blood on that white jade-like handsome face.

Causing Lei Yufeng’s already cold pupils to fill with murderous intent.

The tiger had been thrown out of Ping YanG, yet his unyielding arrogance still filled the skies.

He didn’t show any weakness at all.

Mo Wenchen suddenly drew his hand back, “Imperial Older Brother.”

Just these three words caused people to feel the attack of a chill. Everyone shivered.

His eyes did not contain anger, yet they still carried a crushing pressure. His lips were tightly pinched, giving off an inauspicious air.

After giving Lei Yufeng a glare, Mo Wenxuan unwillingly retrieved his hand and coiled the whip around his hand. Then he looked at Mo Wenchen, “What is Imperial Younger Brother still waiting for? Let’s exchange the person with one hand and the goods with the other.”

The instant he saw the brocade box, he couldn’t help but become impatient.

Giving a cold humph, Mo Wenchen nodded, “Alright.”

At that side, Mo Wenxuan indicated for the two carrying Lei Yufeng to move forward, but unexpectedly, Lei Yufeng struggled and refused to move. He glared straight at Mo Wenchen with enough fury in his gaze to burn down the entire world.

“Mo Wenchen, if you use the military command to exchange for me, we will go our separate ways here and sever all ties.”

Lei Yufeng’s each and every word was spoken with heavy emphasis, the tone extremely serious.

It caused everyone behind Mo Wenchen to be extremely moved. This was truly a good brother that would be with you in life and in death; even Su Qiqi who was inside the carriage felt moved. Lei Yufeng, as expected, you are strong-willed.

But Mo Wenchen remained unmoved by this. He just calmly lifted the box and waited for the other side to come for it.

And he simply did not look at Lei Yufeng at all, much less feel any worry from his threat.

Mo Wenchen’s lack of hesitation, Lei Yufeng’s fury, Su Qiqi’s admiration, and Mo Wenxuan’s pleased smile; they all interweaved together and the scene was very quiet for a period of time.

Only Lei Yufeng was forcefully pushed forward.

Leng Yan lead the Blood Troops, prepared to attack at a moment’s notice.

At this time, only attacking was the best defense.

Because not only did Mo Wenxuan bring a lot of people, their strengths were relatively large as well.

The faint pressure from the surroundings was something Leng Yan and the rest felt clearly.

In reality, Lei Yufeng also felt it. It was just that he didn’t want to drag Mo Wenchen down. From the start he wasn’t able to properly protect Su Qiqi’s mother, and now, he was about to become a stumbling block beneath Mo Wenchen’s feet. This caused him to thoroughly hate himself.

Hate his own powerlessness.

The distance between Lei Yufeng and Mo Wenchen was closing, only ten steps left… eight steps…
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The cold  wind blew past. The black colored robe flapped harshly in the wind. The facial features that seemed to have been carved by a knife became even more prominently cold, causing the two imperial bodyguards that were pushing Lei Yufeng to hesitate and not dare to advance.

There was no need for any moves, just that dominating aura was enough to cause the opponent to freeze.

Seeing Lei Yufeng being pushed a few more steps forward, Mo Wenxuan who was on a horse also narrowed his eyes. A light flashed through his eyes and he abruptly tightened his grip on the reins. With a sharp movement, Mo Wenxuan leaped off the horse and headed directly towards the box in Mo Wenchen’s hand…

Several glaring flits of light flashed past.

Mo Wenxuan turned his body in mid-air. Three hidden arrows broke through the air as they flew over and pierced the two bodyguards behind him. Immediately, they collapsed, bleeding from all seven apertures .

Even though this change was sudden, it caused Mo Wenxuan’s heart to feel tense. His gaze didn’t leave Mo Wenchen. Only now was he certain that the military command in Mo Wenchen’s hand was the genuine article, but it was a military command equipped with poison arrows.

Mo Wenchen only needed to make a slight movement and arrows would shoot out from the box.

Just now, if his movements had been half a second slower, the one collapsed there would have been him, Mo Wenxuan!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Hahaha, at the last sentence I was like, then you should have just died dude! But then, what would happen to the story? Mo Wenchen would become king? Or maybe there’d be another power struggle. The Cousin Miss would still cause Su Qiqi a crap load of trouble… Su Qiqi probably would be criticized and probably wouldn’t be able to become Empress smoothly… Hmm, not much would change even if Mo Wenxuan died. At least his death won’t affect the next fifty chapters much. Where the story develops might change but the scenarios probably wouldn’t lol~


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