BBP’s Consort: Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Strong Willed Confrontation

The carriage calmly proceeded forward, without the slightest hint of anxiety or worry. The two people in the carriage were even more tranquil; one took a nap, one stared blankly ahead.

Su Qiqi was lost in thought as she lifted up the curtain to look into the distance. Her body lightly swayed with the motion of the carriage and there wasn’t really any expression on her face. There was no solemness, nor was there any joy, as if the incident that happened earlier didn’t give her any emotional burden at all.

And didn’t make her immeasurably self-satisfied.

She knew that even if she hadn’t made a move, Mo Wenchen would still have ways to make that person tell the truth.

Right now, he was only changing his view of her, valuing her more. That was it.

She saw clearly the changes in Mo Wenchen on their way here. He was much gentler, considerate, and attentive. Even though he wasn’t like normal men, but there was already a lot of improvement.

If it was the past, her heart would definitely be uncontrollably happy. But ever since Xia Xiaodie tragically died in the fire, she always felt like Mo Wenchen was intentionally treating her this way.

Perhaps it’s a sort of compensation.

After all, that incident happened because of him.

All the little things from before were nothing but an introduction.
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Even though Mo Wenchen was napping, he would occasionally open his eyes to glance at Su Qiqi. When he saw her expression, his heart would feel heavy for a moment as the feeling of heartache became stronger and stronger.

This woman, sometimes would be so staunch to the point it caused people’s hearts to ache for her.

Ever since she buried her mother, he never saw a single tear drop or heard her mention half a word regarding her mother anymore.

‘Everything by oneself’, she just carried those burdens like that.

The carriage moved very slowly, rocking and swaying so, leaning against the carriage, Su Qiqi also slowly drifted off to sleep. In her half conscious state, she felt like someone was close to her so she softly opened her eyes and saw that Mo Wenchen was currently taking off his outer garment to drape it around her. Then, he used his hand to gently brush away the loose hair on her forehead.

This casual action actually made Su Qiqi’s heart feel warm and comfortable.

It was just that her heart still sighed. Mo Wenchen, don’t treat me too well. I’ll take it as real.

The little things that had occurred ever since they met each other, the dribs and the drabs made her fear feeling moved. Even if at that time her heart had felt moved, when she was clear-headed she would still make herself forget the good of this man.

Their relationship was only that of the commander and the subordinate. If she was useless, she would have died long ago. He wouldn’t even blink at it.

Thinking to here, her heart hurt even more.

Four eyes met. Mo Wenchen didn’t seem embarrassed or startled at all, he just lifted the corners of his lips and exposed a trace of a smile, causing Su Qiqi’s expression to freeze and she hurriedly squeezed her eyes close.

Her reaction made Mo Wenchen’s smile become even deeper.

No matter how highly intelligent she was, she was still a girl of the lady’s chambers that hadn’t  experienced things. In regards to the matters between men and women, she still gets embarrassed and lost.

Shaking his head, Mo Wenchen also didn’t make things difficult for Su Qiqi anymore. Looking deeply at her for a moment, he then moved back a little. But his heart suddenly became a bit chaotic.

Did his heart really move for her? Or was it because of the bet with Lei Yufeng?

Even he himself wasn’t sure.

Thinking to here, his thoughts whirled in disarray.


Suddenly, Mo Wenchen shouted to the carriage driver and leaped out of the carriage. Randomly seizing the reins of a horse from the hands of one of the bodyguards, he mounted it and struck the horse, driving it forward.

Let the wind clear his head.

He knew his heart had moved. The care he showed towards Su Qiqi was his natural involuntary actions, not intentional acts.
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He was Mo Wenchen, of course he would be able to face himself truthfully. Right now, he wanted to make himself more clear-headed. The deep winter wind blowing on his face caused raw smarting pain, like being cut by a knife.

But Mo Wenchen didn’t stop and continued frantically hitting the horse and driving it forward.

Su Qiqi who was inside the carriage also turned stiff for a moment. She opened her eyes, but didn’t turn to look at the suddenly crazy-acting Mo Wenchen. She just moved towards the corner of the carriage and found a comfortable position, then continued to nap.

This kind of man, she can’t afford to offend. So, she won’t provoke.

Just let nature take its course.

All she knew was that she must live well for the sake of her mother. For the sake of getting revenge for her mother, she must stand on Mo Wenchen’s side.

In front, Mo Wenchen suddenly stopped. The horse gave a cry and it’s hooves kicked the air.

This neigh caused everyone behind to stop.

Because the carriage suddenly stopped, Su Qiqi was startled awake.

She didn’t immediately look outside but listened attentively.

Mo Wenchen’s lips turned up into a trace of a smile that carried a bit of chill. Riding on the horse, there was a high, aloof arrogant air, an imposing manner as if he was disdaining everything below the sky.

“You’ve come.” He said quietly.

It was some distance away. Even though Su Qiqi didn’t know what had happened in the front, she still knew that it must be Mo Wenxuan. He probably couldn’t resist and wait anymore, and made a real move.

It was just that he was too impatient.

Was he really this desperate to kill Mo Wenchen?

Shaking her head, she slowly closed her eyes again and sat back down inside the carriage, continuing to nap.

She must rest well to be sufficiently alert.

Mo Wenxuan’s personal campaign wouldn’t be that easy to deal with.

Of course, Su Qiqi still believed as before that Mo Wenchen was matchless under the heavens. Even if Mo Wenxuan made a move personally, it would still only be a little troublesome.

At worst, they’d only have to spend some time here.

They were also not rushed to return to the Magnetic Capital. She was curious, however, how they were able to capture Lei Yufeng with his skill in martial arts.

Recalling that he had fallen into the enemy’s hands because he was protecting her mother, her heart also slightly moved.

Facing Mo Wenchen, Mo Wenxuan was riding also on a tall scarlet red horse. Wearing a bright gold dragon robe with a magnificent grandeur, he looked straight at Mo Wenchen, “I’ve made Imperial Younger Brother wait long.”

“Not at all.” Mo Wenchen smiled. He really didn’t wait for him.

His tone light as wind and mild as clouds.

This attitude made Mo Wenxuan’s expression darken. In his dangerously narrowed eyes, a trace of murderous intent flashed through.

Of course, he came precisely to kill Mo Wenchen.

“Imperial Younger Brother just killed ten thousand of zhen’s troops, what explanation does Imperial Younger Brother have to offer?” Mo Wenxuan lifted his head, narrowing his eyes. In his pitch-black pupils, there was no trace of emotion.

They were after all, brothers. These two faces were utterly alike, even that dangerous aura was exactly the same.

Giving a cold humph, Mo Wenchen also raised his head, “Outside the Imperial City, there were people that desire to assassinate Imperial Younger Brother. Wonder if Imperial Older Brother has an explanation?”

Simply not even showing a hint of weakness.

And there was only Mo Wenchen that dared to confront Mo Wenxuan like this.

Simply not attaching importance to him at all.

Mo Wenxuan’s mouth distorted. His face turned green, then white, then green again.

Ferociously giving his robe a shake, “For something like this to actually happen.”

Su Qiqi who was in the carriage slightly tugged her lips at hearing this kind of exchange.

As for Mo Wenchen, in regards to Mo Wenxuan’s obvious pretense, he directly ignored it and didn’t reply at all.

“Since everyone is well aware, today, zhen won’t make things difficult for you. Hand over the military command and zhen will return your friend perfectly intact to you.” Mo Wenxuan slightly lifted his head, trying hard to crush Mo Wenchen’s imposing manner.

All these years, he had pitted himself against Mo Wenchen, but he had never been able to win as he wished.

The hand holding the rein trembled for a second, but Mo Wenchen just smile, “Alright.”

Seeing him like this, not cold yet not hot, not hurt nor angry, Mo Wenxuan’s anger rushed up from the depths of his heart and became more and more vehement. Fiercely tightening his grip on the rein in his hand, he gnashed his teeth.

This attitude was simply one of ‘you may do what you wish, whatever comes he’ll receive with welcome’.

“Hand it over.” Mo Wenxuan abrupted struck the horse and advanced a step. The bright gold robe flourished, as he assumed a prepared posture, about to act at any time.
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Today, he must make Mo Wenchen remain here forever.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
When I first read to this part, my heart ached for Su Qiqi so much I couldn’t stop reading in order to try and find a place where the heartache would end. And I was totally rooting for Su Qiqi not to fall in love/fall out of love with that arrogant bastard with communication problems!
Scullyhanh: I’m totally with you here! I feel like he needs to earn it more!!!
Sorry as always for the cliffhanger! >_<’’
Chiyo’s rushing through her other series as fast as she can to get to focusing on Consort~

3/27/17 Since a lot of you probably don’t check my site for updates and I haven’t given fair warning before making this change of plans, I’m dropping this note in all my latest chapters. I’m taking an emergency hiatus to deal with drops in chapter quality so chapter postings will probably resume next week. More info here.



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  1. Sheri says:

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  3. Rawa Beast says:

    I feel so bad for Su QiQi her attitude and feelings- outlook on life it makes me ache and root for her happiness! Show her you care Mo Wenchen, this could become a beautiful relationship! ;))

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