BBP’s Consort: Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Interrogation

Where is the Lei Clan Residence’s Castle Master?

When Mo Wenchen’s words fell, the blade was already pressed against the fake Lei Yufeng’s neck. Several dozen darts struck the sword directly and were reflected back. If it weren’t for the fact that the fake Lei Yufeng’s martial arts was exceptional, he probably would’ve already died from his own darts.

But no matter how exceptional his martial arts was, right now the blade was already right in front of his chest. He was facing death’s door.

Looking at Mo Wenchen’s ice-cold pupils and the cold-hard expression on his face, the fake Lei Yufeng gave a helpless sigh. However, he still resolutely shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Right now, if he said everything, the only road left would be death.

The way Mo Wenchen conducted himself, there was no one that did not know.

Fierce, vicious, absolute, decisive.

Once you fall into this person’s hands, there is no chance of living.

“Seeking death.” Mo Wenchen slightly curved his eyes, his mouth hooking into a trace of a ruthless smile.

Then he looked at the Su Qiqi in his arms: “Qiqi, you probably have a way to help him remember where Yufeng is.”

Seeing his smiling face, Su Qiqi felt her hair rise up on end. She gave the person in front a pitying glance then jumped out from Mo Wenchen’s arms and stood calmly. Finally, she unhurriedly took out an acupuncture needle from within her sleeve.

She studied medicine and her acupuncture technique was exceptional. She knew the acupuncture points of the human body like the back of her hand.

A good doctor can save people, and can also, without sound or warning, harm people.

Right now, what she must do was harm someone. She was not a specialized doctor, so there was no need to uphold any virtues.

Especially since the person in front of her was someone sent by Mo Wenxuan. She now thoroughly hated that dog emperor, and of course hated her father even more. At this time, she won’t be lenient.

The needle glared a bit unpleasantly, reflecting the sunlight, dazzling with radiance.

Her forefinger and middle finger lightly pinched it. She stood in front of the fake Lei Yufeng as her expression turned serious: “You really won’t speak?”

That appearance didn’t seem like she was forcing him to speak, it was a very reasonable tone. It was just that her unhurried and calm temperament made it impossible for people to ignore.

The incident in which this girl made the Hua Xia Syndicate Leader eat a huge loss with a single needle had already spread throughout the entire Jianghu. Even though he wasn’t from Jianghu, he had still heard about it.

An unremarkable little girl like this who looked too weak to even stand up to the wind was able to subdue the Hua Xia Syndicate Leader, Hua Chi; naturally this meant she couldn’t be underestimated.

But for him to confess straight out after simply facing some words was something he could not do.

Twisting his neck without looking at Su Qiqi, he said: “To kill to cut, it’s up to you. Lao zi* definitely won’t even blink.”

”lao zi” – father, daddy, “I, your father” (in anger or contempt), I (used arrogantly or as a joke). Sometimes, I’ll probably use ‘this daddy’

He was actually quite strong-willed.

Su Qiqi wasn’t worried, but she no longer smiled. Rather, she was very calm and tranquil, without any trace of emotion that could be seen. That cool temperament made people feel as if she was a deity that should not be disturbed.

She didn’t waste any more words with him. Su Qiqi also didn’t like to waste words on people. So, grasping the needle with one hand, she proceeded to pierce the needle towards an acupuncture point on the fake Lei Yufeng’s neck.

That was simply a very ordinary acupuncture point on the human body. Ordinarily, no one would think it was also a fatal acupuncture point.

The needle effortlessly pierce through. Su Qiqi slightly took a few steps back, her expression still the same.

As if she didn’t do anything at all just then.

And Mo Wenchen’s expression was the same as hers: very calm, very quiet.

The needle entered the acupuncture point but the fake Lei Yufeng only lightly knitted his brows. His expression was puzzled as he turned his head back because he didn’t feel anything at all. Tugging at the corners of his lip, he gave a cold sneer: “As expected rumors are just ru…”

He wasn’t able to finish the last word when his entire body froze. It felt like something was ferociously ramming his chest, it was unbearably painful.


He couldn’t help but scream out, his entire body turned weak.

The feeling of being rammed passed, but now he felt like his heart was being held in someone’s hand and ruthlessly kneaded and pinched. But it wasn’t pinched apart, rather it seemed like it was being played with. This time of torment no one would be able to endure.

Yet it simply was just raw torturing pain, he couldn’t faint at all.

The fake Lei Yufeng hurt to the point that he rolled about on the floor and screamed continuously. He had long lost the unyielding and firm resolution of moments earlier.

At the side, Mo Wenchen and Su Qiqi just stood there quietly without any expression change on their faces, not even drawing a gasp of cold air. As they watched the person that was unceasingly twitching on the ground, it seemed as if they were merely looking at an ant that could die at any moment.

Aloof and unconcerned.

The torment continued for an hour. The fake Lei Yufeng originally wanted to face his end unyieldingly, but discovered that he simply could not endure it anymore. He screamed as he begged for mercy, “I’ll speak… Wang fei niang niang… Please give mercy… Let me… Let me just die…”

Right now he finally understood what ‘death was preferable to living’ meant.

Right now he couldn’t even beg for death.

“Where is the Lei Clan Residence’s Castle Master?” Su Qiqi didn’t move. Mo Wenchen asked once more. His voice was completely level; no emotion could be heard, as if there was no anger at all.

Only the cold light in the depths of his eyes flashed with a dangerous aura that begged to differ.

“I’ll speak, I’ll definitely speak.” The fake Lei Yufeng wanted to climb up so he could kneel, but right now he was in so much pain that he could only tumble on the ground. His hands had already desperately scratched his chest to the point they were drenched with blood. Right now he only begs for death to end this.

“Wanting to die is possible, just say where Lei Yufeng is.” Su Qiqi took a step forward, lightly knitted her brows.

In actuality, she was also disturbed by this. But, facing Mo Wenxuan’s subordinates, she forced herself to endure no matter what. She must be fierce. Recalling her own mother’s death, her heart hardened a little more coldly.

The fake Lei Yufeng’s mouth was distorted as he gave Su Qiqi a deep look. His eyes seemed to carry a bit of regret; he knew now that he had made a mistake. A woman capable of standing at Mo Wenchen’s side would definitely not be run of the mill.

But his regret was already too late, “He… he’s in His Majesty’s hands.”

Even though he was in terrible pain, he found that he still had the strength to speak.

Su Qiqi and Mo Wenchen shared a glance, then broke their eye contact again.

At this side, Mo Wenchen walked up and without the slightest hesitation, lifted his hand. The sword slashed towards the fake Lei Yufeng, instantly separating his head from his body, ending his immeasurable suffering.

When Mo Wenchen’s blade fell, Su Qiqi still squeezed her eyes shut.

He knew that Mo Wenchen was fierce, but having seen it with his own eyes he still felt cold sweat on his back and a chill over his entire body.

This person seemed to be even more frightening than the rumors.

His conduct was indeed monstrous.

The moment the fake Lei Yufeng died, the rest of the troops were utterly defeated. Their morale was crushed, adding on the godly might of the Blood Troops, several divisions simply throw down their helmets and armor in a gesture of surrender. Those who wanted to flee tried to flee, but none were able to escape the Blood Troops’ swords.

All of them had their heads severed from their shoulders.

This has always been Mo Wenchen’s style of execution.

After Leng Yan dealt with those soldiers, he left first. They had to follow the original plan. Just now was simply a brief interlude, it wouldn’t affect their overall advance.

Su Qiqi’s facial color was a bit pale. Looking at the corpses littering the ground, she was still a bit unable to accept it, so she went inside the carriage to sit. Only then did she return to anexpression of calmness.

This in Mo Wenchen’s point of view was already very impressive. For a lady of the women’s chambers to have such courage also caused him to view her in a new light.

Especially because her conduct was reliable. She was completely calm, speaking with concision to the point that not a drop of water could drip out, having courage and brains.

Actually, Su Qiqi’s courage was molded from the trip to the Imperial City. Before that, how could she ever have encountered a scene like this?

The carriage didn’t change directions, but continued on towards the direction of the Magnetic Capital.

Everything was as calm as if just now the fake Lei Yufeng hadn’t told them anything at all.

Su Qiqi lifted her pupils to look outside. She knew what Mo Wenchen wanted to do. Even though Lei Yufeng was in Mo Wenxuan’s hands, Mo Wenxuan couldn’t kill and silence him. So this time, Mo Wenchen will just be waiting for Mo Wenxuan to take the bait.

Having already suffered a defeat once, Mo Wenchen naturally must demand one back.

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Scullyhahn

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Google-sama and Baike-sensei can’t help with this, so Chiyomira can only ask reader-sans.
The second to last line is:

Which translates literally to:
Su Qiqi lifted her pupils to look outside. She knew what Mo Wenchen wanted to do. Even though Lei Yufeng was in Mo Wenxuan’s hands, he couldn’t kill and silence. So this time, just wait for him to take the bait.

I stared at it for quite a while and thought about the context of the story… but it’s so ambiguous.
It could be that Mo Wenchen still can’t kill Mo Wenxuan even though Mo Wenxuan kidnapped Lei Yufeng because Mo Wenxuan’s the emperor, so Mo Wenchen sets the trap for Mo Wenxuan to walk into.
Or it could be saying that Mo Wenxuan can’t kill Lei Yufeng because he’ll lose his bargaining chip. That’s why Mo Wenxuan’s just waiting for Mo Wenchen to walk into his trap.
Please do not host elsewhere but MBC and Yumeabyss
Editor-san Scullyhahn is just as confused: This keeps sticking in my head…. Who suffered the defeat? Mo Wenchen keeps beating Mo Wenxuan, so who should demand a win?
Reader-sans, your opinions?

P.S. for reference, the last line is:
Which I’m pretty sure is:
Having already suffered a defeat once, Mo Wenchen naturally must demand one back.
But… if you read it another way it could possible be:
Having already lost once to Mo Wenchen, one naturally must be demanded back.
If only the author would add a comma to clear things up!!



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