BBP’s Consort: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Scraping Bone

How to cure the poison, Su Qi Qi knew very well, but she never thought that Mo Wen Chen would say such a thing.

Today, this man seems a bit strange.

Lei Yu Feng also looked at Mo Wen Chen with a puzzled gaze.

Clenching her teeth for a moment, Su Qi Qi helplessly gave a sigh, then faced Lei Yu Feng: “Let me borrow your blade for a moment, preferably a dagger.”

Somewhat taken aback, Lei Yu Feng saw Mo Wen Chen nod and handed over a dagger to Su Qi Qi.

At the same time su Qi Qi took out several porcelain bottles from within her sleeve, placing them one by one on the table, then lifted her hand to receive the dagger.

Her movements were very calm, without the slightest hesitation. Only her face turned slightly pale, seeming a bit scared. From her sleeve she took out a white handkerchief and stuffed her own mouth.

“You……” Lei Yu Feng could not remain calm.

Mo Wen Chen raised a hand to interrupt Lei Yu Feng, stopping him from making a fuss out of nothing.

In fact, at this time, everyone had already pretty much figured out what Su Qi Qi was about to do.

Giving a bleak smile, Su Qi Qi heated the dagger in the candle flame until it turned slightly red, then turned it towards her arm and cut down towards the arrow. After a muffled groan, she used a bit of strength and the black arrow, along with a piece of flesh, was sliced off.

The room was filled with a smell similar to barbecue, making Su Qi Qi’s stomach churn.

And this moment, she actually glanced at Mo Wen Chen.

What that gaze was full of, Mo Wen Chen didn’t know. It seemed to say, this was what you asked for.

Mo Wen Chen who was at the side did not even blink once, just kept looking straight at Su Qi Qi’s forehead which was filled with perspiration.

Looking at her delicate side profile, it was true, her temperament was very ethereal, in fact, she was also a rare blossoming beauty.

Just that compared with Su Meng Ru, she fell short.

By contrast, Lei Yu Feng had already closed his eyes. He seriously could not continue watching.

Although the arrow was already pulled out, Su Qi Qi didn’t stop her movements, Currently her hand was shaking, the cold sweat on her forehead dripped down, drop by drop.

But the depths of her eyes were clear as before.

She couldn’t help but be clear-headed because of the pain.

Once again tremblingly positioning the dagger next to the wound, she cut down on the part of flesh that had already slightly turned black.

The force with which Su Qi Qi bit down on the handkerchief in her mouth could be seen. If not for that handkerchief, by now, her lips or her tongue would probably be chewed raw.

The poison diffused extremely quickly. Su Qi Qi’s hand trembled nonstop.

Once again heating the dagger until it glowed red, then, taking a deep breath, she scraped her wound which was already showing bone.

This was already no different from scraping the bone in order to heal.

She has to also cut off that layer of membrane sticking to the bone in order to save her own life.

She is a doctor, she knows clearly what she must do.

This sort of poison, she can cure. But she did not have medicine on hand, and if she waited until she compounded the medicine, she would already be dead from her whole body festering.

Su Qi Qi didn’t want to die this way, she would rather endure the pain now.

Su Qi Qi’s decisive determination made Lei Yu Feng admire her even more.

Of course, at the other side, Mo Wen Chen’s opinion also changed.

What kind of woman is this? Even an iron-blooded man that has lived through long battlefields might not be able to withstand this kind of pain.

Even Mo Wen Chen himself didn’t know when it started, that his gaze stopped on Su Qi Qi’s body for longer and longer periods of time.

Putting aside the dagger in her hand, Su Qi Qi was already strengthless from pain. She stood up shakily while picking up the black arrow along with the rotting flesh.

Lei Yu Feng felt his own hands were covered with sweat, cold sweat.

“Let me.” For the first time, Lei Yu Feng felt like he had no idea what to do.

“Thank you, these…… burn them all.” While treating herself with medicine, Su Qi Qi gratefully looked at Lei Yu Feng.

From the time she was little, she had already gotten use to being independent and solitary. This was the first time someone had actually taken the initiative to help her.

“Alright.” Lei Yu Feng felt that his throat was a bit dry.

Only after everything was cleaned up did Mo Wen Chen sigh out a breath: “Go rest and recover.”

Su Qi Qi nodded, pulling out a wisp of a weak smile, yet still maintained that sort of faint pride.

Not asleep yet, Su Qi Qi tossed and turned on the bed, enduring the pain in her arm, pain that seemed to penetrate her bone marrow.

At the first hint of dawn, she got up, took Mo Wen Chen’s antidote and left the room.

And Mo Wen Chen, Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng were also already waiting there.

Today, nothing is allowed to go wrong.

Even though everything outside the Wang fu has been cleaned and disposed of without a trace left and no one knows of what happened last night.

However, only Mo Wen Chen knew, his entire Blood Troop was completely wiped out.

He felt heartache. How many years had he invested in order to produce this force.

Su Qi Qi’s left hand was inconvenient so could only have Lei Yu Feng substitute and help her give acupuncture.

Ninety-nine acupuncture needles pierced into all the acupuncture points on Mo Wen Chen’s entire body. Leng Yan positioned the antidote next to Mo Wen Chen’s lips.

Mo Wen Chen’s expression was as usual, not a trace of excitement could be seen.

He will never show joy or anger on his face.

After drinking the antidote, then had Lei Yu Feng retrieve the ninety-nine needles.

Of course, it was done under Su Qi Qi’s guidance.

This time was different from the past. The ninety-nine needles were completely covered with black-colored blood. Throwing them inside a copper basin, the water in the basin also turned black.

“It’s done.” Su Qi Qi lightly spit out two words, but it allowed Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan to release a huge sigh of relief.

Finally everything is finished.

Only Su Qi Qi’s expression was somewhat bleak.

Mo Wen Chen’s poison was cured. Then, from now on, what is she to do?

Will she continue to live next door, or will she be returned to the Laundry Department?

Because of the antidote taking effect, Mo Wen Chen slowly fell asleep.

Looking at the soundly sleeping Mo Wen Chen, Lei Yu Feng gave Su Qi Qi, who was sitting next to the bed, a tug: “Wang fei, you should also go rest. We’ll be here.”

“Alright.” Su Qi Qi didn’t say anything more, picked up the needles and turned to leave.

Mo Wen Chen can already stand up and walk, only his original martial arts have yet to recover.

And Su Qi Qi still stayed at the main courtyard, she was not sent back to the Laundry Department.

Because of this, even if Hua Qian Zi wanted to do something, she didn’t have the chance, and could only pick on servants to vent her anger everyday.

For the time the atmosphere of the Wang fu was grave.

And in regards to this small matters, Mo Wen Chen would not easily get involved.

He still has to rest for half a month in order to recover his past strength.

And half a month later, he should bring Su Qi Qi and hurry to the Imperial City, following the imperial order to see Su Qi Qi’s parents.

What a laughable imperial edict. Mo Wen Xuan could even be concerned about his domestic affairs.

It seems, they can no longer ignore and stay out of each other’s way as they did in the past. This time, Mo Wen Xuan has gone too far.

Heading to the Imperial City, Lei Yu Feng ignored Mo Wen Chen’s attitude, and was determined to come along.

He won’t allow the slightest mishap to happen to Mo Wen Chen again.

This time, if Su Qi Qi were not here, by now Mo Wen Chen would probably have already become the great Yan nation’s hero.

A deceased hero.

Su Qi Qi could not explain what she was feeling. To be able to see her mother, of course she was happy, but thinking of the unknown things ahead, she was also inexplicably worried.

Although she knew that even if there was danger again ahead it was unrelated to her.

At worst, it would be the man opposing her that would be stabbed to death.

At this time Mo Wen Chen had his eyes closed to rest.

Just that, imaging Mo Wen Chen dying, Su Qi Qi’s heart felt unwilling, perhaps. She shook her head and looked towards outside the window. A cold breeze blew, allowing her mind to clear a bit.

She knows that she should not hold too much feelings for Mo Wen Chen. This type of man, any woman that falls in love with him is only seeking suffering for herself, not to mention that she was the common in appearance and manner Su Qi Qi.

Since it was the weather of the twelfth lunar month, there was a lot of ice on the road.

Suddenly, the carriage stopped. Due to inertia, Su Qi Qi was thrown into Mo Wen Chen’s chest……


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Sonia really does such an awesome job. XD
Oooh~ hehe, Su Qi Qi realized that she’s falling in love~



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