BBP’s Consort: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Blocking the Arrow

Looking at the deathly still Wang fu back courtyard, a trace of a cold smile flashed through He Yi Tian’s unveiled face: “One million gold taels, Mo Wen Chen, your head is really quite valuable.”

But, even if it was one million gold coin taels, He Yi Tian would still only dare to accept this business transaction at this time, when Mo Wen Chen still hasn’t recovered strength to retaliate.

How terrible Mo Wen Chen is, no one knows. However, rumors can make people fearful.

This pride of the great nation of Yan in the East mainland China was not just a legend.

He light-handedly and light-footedly felt his way to the main courtyard. Because the courtyard was pitch black, he was somewhat disoriented, not to mention that during the day He Yi Tian had only taken a single glance at the map of the Wang fu.

At present, he moved very carefully.

Softly sliding open the door, a thread of excitement actually flashed in the depths of He Yi Tian’s eyes. As long as he obtained Mo Wen Chen’s head, then Shadow Blade House will become the boss of the killer circles, the killer community’s legend.

This was what he had been pursuing his whole life.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” But never thought that the moment he pushed open the door, the originally dark and silent room in an instant became brightly lit.

But, in contrast with the brightly lit room was the fact that there were only two people in the room; Mo Wen Chen who was sitting on a chair and Leng Yan who was standing beside him.

The one who had spoken was precisely the cold, smiling with a hint of a sneer, Mo Wen Chen.

He Yi Tian has had much experience in killing. In regards to this sudden unforeseen event, he was only shocked for a moment before immediately returning to normal, grasping his sword, he lightly cupped his fist: “Presume that this one must be the pride of the great Yan nation, Bei Ding Hou wang ye. It truly is an honor.”

“As well, as well.” Mo Wen Chen didn’t get mad either, and just calmly looked at He Yi Tian: “How many taels?”

Asking very casually.

This one sentence actually caused He Yi Tian’s face to turn slightly red. He didn’t think that Mo Wen Chen would ask this type of question and suddenly became slightly enraged. For a cripple to actually at this way. He straightened his waist: “Excuse my offense.”

Then lifted his sword and stabbed forward.

At the same time Leng Yan also pulled out his sword, exchanging blows with He Yi Tian.

Leng Yan has been beside Mo Wen Chen since childhood, but few people knew of his existence. At this moment, his blade was like a viper, tightly coiling around He Yi Tian,

causing the imposing manner he had when he came in to diminish quite a bit.

The depths of his eyes also gradually became more clear and calm. So it turns out that this one million gold taels won’t be that easy to obtain.

The prestige of the Shadow Blade House also won’t be easy to obtain.

Because in the intelligence,   this person. Leng Yan, didn’t exist.

Neither of the two dodged and only slashed out continuously, wanting to kill their opponent.

And sitting on the chair, Mo Wen Chen was leisurely sampling the tea, not showing the slightest trace of tension.

As if he were simply enjoying a sword dance performance.

Just that those dark pupils contained too much viciousness and murderous intent. But the murderous intent could not be picked up by people.

Su Qi Qi who was sleeping in the next room turned in bed, about to continue sleeping but sat up instead, because she heard the sound of blades clashing.

A bit startled, she got up and took the antidote that was on the table to hide under the bed, then listened carefully again, to ensure that she heard it right.

Her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. Su Qi Qi knew that this was definitely someone that had come to prevent Mo Wen Chen from taking the antidote. Unexpectedly the rumors still leaked although she had already been extremely careful.

This time, no matter what, she cannot make a mistake.

At present Su Qi Qi was actually a bit anxious, lacking the usual calm. She regretted that she didn’t deliver the antidote to Mo Wen Chen tonight.

If Mo Wen Chen had already drank the antidote, all the difficult problems would already be solved by now.

Thinking this, Su Qi Qi’s heart felt a bit fretful and restless. She slowly pushed open the door and walked out, the direction just happened to be towards Mo Wen Chen’s room.

Seeing Leng Yan and another black clothed person in the middle of combat, Su Qi Qi was genuinely shocked for a moment. Only after seeing Mo Wen Chen who was on the opposite side looking completely at leisure did she slightly relax.

Avoiding the two fighters, she slowly moved towards Mo Wen Chen.

The moment Su Qi Qi walked in, all three people in the room noticed.

But Leng Yan and He Yi Tian were too occupied to attend to other things, both focusing their whole attention on sending out an attack, advancing, and blocking attacks.

Looks like  their strengths were closely matched.

As for Mo Wen Chen who saw Su Qi Qi, his color immediately paled and the depths of his eyes showed a hint of frost. Inside, he was scolding this stupid woman for coming here.

At this time, Su Qi Qi was only moving according to her feelings, she herself did not know what she did this for.

Coming to stand at Mo Wen Chen’s side, Su Qi Qi did not say a thing. She only felt that standing here was safer, then also solemnly watched the battle.

Suddenly from outside came the urgent sound of a flute.

He Yi Tian who was currently fighting became sluggish for a moment. The moment his hand slowed, he was stabbed in the shoulder by Leng Yan’s blade.

Leng Yan was about to press on and claim victory when He Yi Tian faked a strike, retreated several steps, and with a bent of his arm, sent a dart without sound or warning towards Mo Wen Chen’s direction.

Heading straight towards Mo Wen Chen’s throat.

He Yi Tian’s Wind Chasing Arrow was undefeatable, and was a sinister advanced technology. This time, he also didn’t have the leeway of time to delay.

Only because of that did he make such a move.

“Mo Wen Chen……” Su Qi Qi started and fiercely shoved the chair next to her, shoving it along with Mo Wen Chen out of the way.

And that tiny black iron arrow entered deeply and embedded in Su Qi Qi’s left wrist.

If she was not standing there, if she had been sitting like Mo Wen Chen, that arrow definitely would have pierced her throat.

“Stupid woman.” Mo Wen Chen roared. Though his entire body could not move, he still rose up and pulled Su Qi Qi into his embrace: “Who told you to go block that arrow.”

The roar was very loud, it could be seen that he was extremely angry.

And just at the moment when He Yi Tian shot out the arrow, Lei Yu Feng had already burst in through the door. The five hundred Shadow Blade House killers outside had all met with a violent death already under his hand.

The flute sound just now was to notify He Yi Tian of the complete annihilation.

Without anymore hesitation, He Yi Tian quickly leaped out from the window. Leng Yan only cared about seeing whether Mo Wen Chen got injured and didn’t obstruct him.

Anyways, even if he went to block him, he may not be able to succeed.

“Mo Wen, did anything happen to you?” The first thing Lei Yu Feng did was stand in front of Mo Wen Chen and nervously ask this.

Although he knew Leng Yan was here, he still felt a bit unassured.

“Where is the Blood Troop’s Captain?” Mo Wen Chen didn’t look at Lei Yu Feng and only asked in a heavy voice.

“Died in battle.” Lei Yu Feng slightly lowered his head. They had still underestimated the enemy’s strength.

Hearing the words died in battle, Mo Wen Chen also froze for a moment, the remote darkness in the depths of his eyes became several degrees deeper.

And Su Qi Qi who was in his arms, though her face was deathly pale, her eyes were actually matchlessly clear: “The arrow had poison.”

She didn’t know what Mo Wen Chen’s anger signified, but the fact that he could bring himself to hug her means that he probably did not hate her as much as he did in the past.

Leng Yan had already gone out to deal with the aftermath, and Lei Yu Feng looked at Su Qi Qi: “What do we do?”

Struggling to her feet, she didn’t look at Mo Wen Chen again.

And Mo Wen Chen also did not say anything else as Lei Yu Feng helped him back up to a chair.

Su Qi Qi lifted up her sleeve and looked at the wound, her facial color was also a bit unsightly, but was soon restored to a look of indifference: “It’s not problem, I know medicine.”

Only, Mo Wen Chen had clearly seen her dark expression in that split second.

“In that case, ben wang would like to see how you cure the poison.” What Mo Wen Chen said seemed to be very casual as at this moment no one had the mood to go back to sleep.

“This……” Su Qi Qi froze for a moment.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Is Mo Wen Chen cruel? I guess he is, but at the same time, I think he has to keep up his front of being cold and indifferent. I wonder if in the future he’ll turn passionate?



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