Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife- Chapters 32 and 33

Chapter 32-33

This chapter was sponsored by E.Berkowitz, the same one as yesterday, and the same one for 3 more chapters yet to come! Thank you!

As said before, I am still looking for editors! For anyone who wants to apply, please make a copy of this doc: and edit it to the best of your ability following the same standards as radiant translations. Thank you Kiseki for giving me a spare test!!!

Also, I’m sorry to say that I’m flooded with last minute homework, and as such, the daily chapter today will be postponed to tomorrow, giving Monday 3 chapters instead of the supposed 2. As stated earlier, there will only be one sponsored a day now to make it last longer as suggested by you guys on the chapter 28 post. If you prefer 2 sponsored per day, please comment down below, but keep in mind that there are only 3 sponsored left in the queue, meaning it’ll only last for a day whereas 1 per day is until the 8th. Which isn’t much better :P. But hey, your choice!

Meanwhile… Karma you lurker >.>

TL: Kiki

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  1. EldraziLady says:

    It would seem that there was a repeat of chapters, the text for what I assume is chapter 32 is on Chapter 33 as well

  2. dangerdude says:

    super thanks mate
    love ya ^^

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