Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 32

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“Easily earning a hundred thousand gold coins, we’ll get tasty food!” Little White said excitedly, “Master, what lesson are you planning to give to this guy with no eyes?”

Baili Hongzhuang raised an eyebrow, “Just a hundred thousand gold coins alone is enough to force Pang Tangping into bankruptcy, hasn’t he already driven himself in a dead end”

Pang Tangping had looked down on all the physicians and doctors in the east palace. If he could cure Xuanyuan Huan, it’d be a whole other thing, but since it was guaranteed that he could not, then when the time comes, he would turn into a joke!

Even if his medical skills were good, after becoming a joke everybody laughs at, how could he continue to mingle with other doctors or physicians?

“Could it be that something’s wrong with his brain?”

Little Black wondered. Bragging without even knowing his own ability, isn’t he simply courting death?

“There will always be some idiots in the world that cannot be met with common sense.”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled as Pang Tangping prepared to treat Xuanyuan Huan.

The moment Pang Tangping saw Xuanyuan Huan’s condition, his heart sank.

Xuanyuan Huan’s entire body was covered in blisters, his original handsome face unrecognizable. His whole body was swollen, pale and skinny, clearly due to the torturous pain.

Currently, Xuanyuan Huan’s eyes were closed. After withstanding the pain for three days, he no longer had even the energy to shout.

From his sluggish breathing, Pang Tangping knew that his condition was absolutely terrible. If Xuanyuan Huan’s condition couldn’t be treated today, then he might not wake up tomorrow.

Ning Hong and the rest entered the room one after another, eager to see if this conceited Pang Tangping was really able to cure the Crown Prince or not.

Xuanyuan Huan’s symptoms were simply outrageous. Even with all their experiences combined, they had still never encountered such a freakish disease. Some people had even suspected that the Prince had done some unspeakable things and got cursed, otherwise, how would he suffer such tremendous pain?

Pang Tangping began to feel Xuanyuan Huan’s pulse. His original arrogant expression had disappeared, the accumulations of fat on his face holding a trace of anxiety. Pang Tangping forcibly suppressed his feelings before to focused on his pulse.

But as everybody keenly observed him, the hand that was taking the pulse trembled as cold sweat began to drip down his forehead.

“In my opinion, this Pang Tangping won’t be able to cure the Crown Prince, but his tensed appearance really is funny, ah!”

“What a fool, running around arrogantly without even knowing his own skills! It’s no wonder that he was kicked out of the institution!”

“Such a great play to watch, I can’t wait to see Pang Tangping fail.”

Before Pang Tangping appeared, everybody was looking forward to seeing the Crown Prince cured as soon as possible.

But now, they were all looking forward to Pang Tangping failing to cure the Crown Prince.

After all, they were all people who devoted themselves to studying medicine. Who would be happy to be treated with contempt by Pang Tangping?

Nobody restrained their voices as they discussed loudly. Earlier, Pang Tangping had mocked them, so why would they give him face now? They all wanted to put him on the spot!

Hearing the crowd’s laughs, Pang Tangping couldn’t help but swallow.

Over the ages, he had seen many strange and bewildering diseases. But this one, he had never seen before!

Moreover, Xuanyuan Huan’s pulse was so chaotic, that he couldn’t find a clue on where the problem lies.

“What is this weird disease?”

Pang Tangping thought secrectly. No matter how he thought, facing such a challenge, he had absolutely no idea what to do.

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