Bewitching Prince Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Translated by Tranzgeek

Heya guys, I’m tranzgeek and I translated chapter 298 for kiki~ (happy late bday kiki btw keke~!)! If you liked my translation style, please come check out some of my other novels! I have a translation site where I lead a group of newbie translators and editors at! The novels we currently have ongoing include Les Interpretes, Master Devil Please Don’t Kiss Me, When a Snail Falls in Love and The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol! If you love mystery, crime, and romance, be sure to check out WASFIL, and Pristine Darkness, which is the sequel to Love Me If You Dare and will be coming out soon!!!!!! I have also translated Fleeting Midsummer fror so please check that out as well if you have time! :3

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Translators; Kiki and Adecylia

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