Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 298

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That stubborn girl brimmed with pride and arrogance from head to toe, but she made his heart feel pained and worried.

“Hey, in the future, don’t call Baili Hongzhuang stupid, or I won’t let you off.”

Dongfang Yu hit Gong Shaoqing’s chest with his fist. Then, he put his hands behind his head and walked back to his own room with dignity.

Gong Shaoqing’s expression changed in an instant, Dongfang Yu…… seemed to be a bit strange.

As she had completed the mercenary mission of the Armored Rhinocerous, Baili Hongzhuang had received 100 points. The academy had many things going on at this time, but they had no way to complete the mission in such a short period of time. She might as well go cultivate at the pagoda and see how that went.

As the most attractive cultivating spot in Azure Water School, it definitely had its reasons for becoming so famed.

She didn’t know how much 100 points were either, so she might as well go check it out!

The cultivation pagoda was the tallest building in Azure Water School, with 21 floors!

Even if one was outside of Azure Water School, one could see the cultivation padoga in just a glance.

The cultivation padoga was entirely black, understated and dull. The special material on it prominently penetrated slightly like colored glass. Even if the sunlight shone on it, the building would not reflect any light. It was just like an immense attracting magnet by thoroughly absorbing everything around it.

Just looking at the outside, one would feel an unordinary aura.

In the second when she walked into the cultivation padoga, Baili Hongzhuang could clearly feel a vague presence scanning her. It could be assumed that this was to determine if she was a student from the Azure Water School.

Standing on the first floor, Baili Hongzhuang felt the exceptionally strong spirit power. These powers and everything else all surged into her internal body.

Emotions flashed in her pitch-black glittering pupils. No wonder the cultivators in the cultivating padoga of Azure Water School cultivated so much faster than other cultivators!

She didn’t know how much faster the cultivating speed could be here versus how fast she had cultivated in the past!

Upon sweeping her gaze over the area, Baili Hongzhuang discovered that this building had eight extremely spacious and empty rooms. Every stone room’s scope was pretty big.

At this moment, Baili Hongzhuang noticed a board that was hung next to the entrance. It clearly explained all the necessary costs of points for each floor.

First floor, 100 points per day.

Second floor, 95 points per day.

Third floor, 90 points per day.


The higher the floor was, the less points it required. Because all the power had assembled underground, the lower the floor, the better the effect it had on cultivation.

Baili Hongzhuang possessed 100 points, but to cultivate in one floor, she would actually only have enough to cultivate for a day?!

“Though this cultivation padoga produces extremely good results, it needs ten times the points. If I were to cultivate on this floor, how many missions would I have to complete?!”

Baili Hongzhuang was secretly speechless. She had accompanied Gong Shaoqing and the others to complete this mission, and this mission hadn’t been that low either. Among the four people, everyone could only get 100 points.

It could only be feared that the other students in Azure Water School were making even less points! It turned out that everyone had been saving them up. As it turned out, points were the most important thing to a Azure Water School student!

“Master, this place is too great!” Little Black and Little White excitedly said.

After they had been infused with so much strength, it had been extremely helpful to both of their cultivations.

“Let’s first walk up, and find a good place where we can cultivate.”

Her delicate and extremely beautiful face drew into a witty smile. The others could only cultivate one by one, but she could bring Little Black and Little White, as well as Baishi and come cultivate together. When added all up, spending these points was extremely worth it! Though this type of strength was becoming a rarity, it was much more fulfilling when compared to the usual cultivation practices.

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