Bewitching Prince Chapter 162

Chapter 162

Please enjoy!

Important- So I’ve read June’s post and just realised something- shoot, BP is from Qidian’s main site, and if DKC from Qidian’s sister site only has a year left… doesn’t that mean BP probably has less than 6 months…?!? And its impossible to negotiate with QI as well, since even WW failed and im just a no-name translator…gah….

So right now, I more or less have a few options I listed below-

(xiang5 is another raw website)

a) pick up a new xiang5 project and keep BP as a side project
b) focus full heartedly on BP regardless of Qidian even though it might fail soon
c) Drop BP and pick up a new xiang5 project on volare
d) Is there any other options? If so I would love to hear it >.<.

Anyways, please think over it because this is all your guys choice. Im translating this to share with you guys, so you should make the decision. I'll be posting a poll tomorrow about this.

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35 Responses to Bewitching Prince Chapter 162

  1. TycevonDyce says:

    Hi u should keep on translating this as a side project, cause ppl already fell for it. pick another novel from another reliable website for ur main project. Btw this should be also DKC course of action.

  2. bibi says:

    the novel is nice, but your security is more important

  3. Anonymous says:

    If it doesn’t trouble you to much, I prefer that you go with option B, but if that’s not possible (I don’t really understand this caos that is making half of my reading list be dropped, but anyway), than you could go with option A… In other words, please don’t drop, pleeeeease? 💐

  4. Yunchii says:

    How about joining Qidian as their exclusive translator? you got to keep the novel and although your income might become a bit smaller it’s a fix income I heard…

    • Aisara says:

      I heard they extort their translators….

    • Ziru says:

      They’re planning on turning all of their series into giant paywalls.

      Pay X to read X chapters.


    • Kiki says:

      im sorry, but that’s something I really can’t do. Im not even in high school yet, and I heard tother translators call it a “slave” contract. Signing something like that so young just seems a bit too… scary for me.

      • HarukiMizuki says:

        If I were you, I won’t give a damn to Qidian. Nowadays, Qidian becomes greedy and tried to make huge profit from famous novels. You said you’re not even in high school yet. So please be safe and DO NOT believe any sweet promises from them!!! Once you’re in, you can’t get out! My suggestion is, just keep continue translating this novel UNTIL Qidian make a move like contact you to join them or start make a threat. In the same time, please find another novel to translate. This time, I wish you can find less than 500 chapters novel. Just calculate how many years you need to finish to translate 2-3K chapters novel. Us as readers want to know the ending of novels we’re reading. But to spend 3-5 years just to finish a novel, is NOT worth it. That’s why some of us nowadays prefer to use Google MTL to read our favorite novels, because the MTL became better and better even NOT as good as human translation. I said better because we can understand the story content perfectly.

    • yuu says:

      not a wise choice

  5. Eksentrysyti says:

    It’s sad when I realized BP is indeed from Qidian, I was wondering if you were going to be able to continue this.

    I’d suggest the idea of doing a new project on Volare. It’s tough being a standalone translator and hooking up with Volare is a good way to get exposure for your work as well as getting support for little things like editing and site maintenance. Keeping BP as a side project is up to you if you have time, since it’s hard to figure out what Qidian’s going to end up doing to BP.

  6. Sylvie says:

    No. Do not join Qidian. That’s their goal. As much as I love BP, I would rather read another novel than support Qidian. You should pick up another project and make BP the side novel.

  7. Sylvie says:

    DO NOT JOIN Qidian.

  8. Sylvie says:

    Do not join Qidian. It’s their goal to get new translators. I would much rather drop my favorite novel than support Qidian. You should pick up a new novel and drop BP down to a side.

  9. purpleeee says:

    I love reading BP and would say to carry on with it somehow as a selfish request but at the end I’m grateful that you’ve been translating this novel and if you continue with it, it would be up to you and how you want to tackle the problem. If you want to translate another novel then do that…I’d just wait for someone else to pick this up or forget about this novel like the others that I’ve caught up with.

  10. Sunflower says:

    Please continue updating while you can. Thanks

  11. EldraziLady says:

    I personally love your work on this project and will say rather selfishly that I want you to keep going on with it. I do know that QI is a big problem and you will probably end up having to drop it. Regardless of your final decision thank you for your hard work and I plan on continuing to support your work in the future.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love reading BP. How about summarizing the chapter to 3 or more sentences. Will this be covered by Qidian?

    Just my selfish suggestion to have closure on the novel

  13. Aoi says:

    Think qidian is a sketchy companies who don’t keep their word. I cant imagine how annoying it would be to work for them. How about dropping BP chapter translation and instead just summarizing a set number of chapters at a time?

    • Som says:

      This is my favorite option. I don’t like to read straight up machine translation – especially if I have to navigate a site I can’t properly read in order to get the copy to paste into said machine. While I do want to know how it goes, I can appreciate a summary when it’s the best available option.

      • HarukiMizuki says:

        Well, to read from MTL is very easy. No need to copy and paste anything. You only need Chrome browser and it will ask if you want to auto translate from the website (not using English language) that you visit. I only use MTL for only DROPPED translation projects especially from my favorite novels. Some people asked me how to find the novels. For example: Hidden Marriage. From novel updates Hidden Marriage page, you can see Associated Names for the novel. Just highlights the chinese novel name and it will give you choice to web search for the name. Just click search and Google will give you various chinese website that offer online reading for the novel title that you highlighted. Pick any site and Google will automatically translate it for you. Very simple. Well, the choice is yours. For me, I’m dying to know the ending of every novels that I read. So, as long as I can understand the story, I’m very happy to finish it.

  14. Adrea says:

    I’d probably say A. Then B as a 2nd choice. Seems sad to give it up completely until QI really takes action. They suck so bad. Ugh. Thanks for translating this and anything else as well!

  15. Aisara says:

    To me, keep on translating till they finalised things as a side novel, and get something else? Your effort and hard work is highly appreciated

  16. Machaaan says:

    Oh I vote for the first option. Make it BP as ur side project while translating other project. Maybe you can make a summary for BP?

  17. dianachan says:

    what if you start summarizing BP? because dropping it completly is really sad TT-TT
    But don’t join that qidian site , does anyone know how or when that hellish website appear??? damm qidian screwed everything

  18. aiya03 says:

    understandle since Qidian is being a pain hayz😿… for your own safety, I’d suggest to pick up a new xiang5 project and keep up BP regular releases but in a summary form. timebun from volare announced they’ll be doing it like that for EEWC and HM. I really want t9 know what would happen in the end of this story so I hope you can continue on it. ☺

  19. joellyanne says:

    Volare translators decided to just dropped translating the chapters in Qidian novels in full and to provide closures to the readers summarised every few chapters. Don’t go to Qidian as you’ll be treated like a robot, or a mechanical workers in those crowded factories making cheap goods for the rest of the world.

  20. Jessica says:

    In moments of need I read the raws on this site
    The important is what you want.*-*

  21. Lala says:

    U can do chapter summaries for all the untranslated chapters,so that we know what happens in the story for the remaining time(is this novel completed?). This was u won’t have any problems(I think).
    Then u can pick up the new novel u were talking about. This is the best know?(I think it is)

  22. Iceiceice says:


    Qidian again. I am sick of hearing about novels being dropped left and right and back and forth. Whatever you decide, I’ll keep reading. Thanks for the good work.

  23. PidStu says:

    Well I would like best option B, but Im not sure how it will affect you? If you will not have big problems with option B then I would suggest B (only if you keep working like now, not working for QI, ofc 😀 ). If not, then option C, picking something similar to BI so we can enjoy good story again 😀

  24. AnimeLover08 says:

    I’m getting annoyed and frustrated right now! Like seriously! It seems that my favorites novels are slowly getting dropped one by one 😡😒😭
    This may be selfsh of me but I’m going for option B but if it doesn’t work pls consider option A. Pls don’t leave us T__T
    I don’t care how long it takes for you to update, I’m willing to wait just don’t drop BP 😭😓💔

  25. iriss says:

    “In recent weeks Qidian has been damaging the culture that translation groups like WW, GT, VN (respect for dropping out the novels) worked years to set up. I am not saying that QI is wrong or hating it but I request them to think about us as a community not as a business model as this community is like my family and if you are so keen I am even ready to watch 5s advertisement (just like youtube) for a chapter to support translators as I am unable to support directly and you can make up your copyright fee but please don’t charge it from translators as most of the translators do it as a hobby and on their personal blog they are no trying to become rich or famous and putting price on someone’s passion/hobby is downright cheap. So, to my best of effort I have made a form where my fellow brothers can write about their feelings and I will do my best to compile all the messages and try to send them to famous wuxia writers to make them realise how much we like their work and would want to keep on reading their works and to also call for help for my Brother’s and Sister’s in China to help us in our time of need. Please try to describe your experience with light novels so that if WW and QI go for a legal battle public support can change things for better and maybe if both writers and fans in china put pressure on Qidian they might be forced to give up the rights for novels and I am sure as hell I want to read RI,ISSTH,FMOC and many more even though Qidian own their rights . . ”

    i hope you guys can give your view points here for more ppl to know .Remember that the section in “….” above is something i found on the discussion page of novel translation on reddit.

  26. Silent Radioactivity says:

    If all else fails, you can post summaries, like timebun will be doing for EEWC and HM.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I want to see how this story will take turn. So B

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