Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

“These two are the Azure Water School’s recruiting teachers.” Xuanyuan Huan introduced the two to everyone.

Hearing the name – Azure Water School, everyone’s faces changed. The young cultivators’ enthusiasm grew even more, gazing excitedly at the landing Teacher Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo.

Azure Water School, situated between Feng Bo Country and Clear Flame Country’s borders, they were a school specialized for producing talented cultivators.

Every young cultivator dreamed of one day entering this place!

Becoming a student of Azure Water School was already a great honor in itself.

Nowadays if a person were to say they were from Azure Water School, everybody would turn to look at them with respect and admiration.

That place was full of talents and abundant resources. If a cultivator could enter, their cultivating speed would be far faster than anything they could achieve at home.

The only thing was, Azure Water School’s entry requirements were very strict. Each year, only a few cultivators were able to enter.

Every entry day, Azure Water School would send a few teachers to recruit new talents.

If the teacher thought you had talent, they would ask you to go to the Azure Water School when the moment comes to participate in the examination. You had one sole chance to participate in the exam and that was it.

Only after passing the it, would your ability be enough to be allowed entry into Azure Water School.

Apart from this, there was still another exception. Very rarely, Azure Water School had a kind of invitation letter.

If a teacher believed firmly in a cultivator, they would bestow them an invitation letter. When the time came, the cultivator didn’t need to take the exam and could directly enter Azure Water School.

A student capable of earning such a letter undoubtedly had talent. From a young age, their strength should’ve always been the strongest among their peers.

The youthful faces were all a bit nervous. The recruiting teachers appeared so suddenly. It was quite possible for them to have to have found a cultivator they liked – maybe it was them!

Baili Hongzhuang also stared when Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo appeared.

According to Xuanyuan Yutian’s and the others earlier reactions, she knew the one Little Black and Little White had sensed back then weren’t them.

That means the ones who were watching earlier must’ve been Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo.

In that case……. The hell wolves’ attack were also because of them.

Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo sensed Baili Hongzhuang’s stare, their faces exposing a friendly smile. Baili Hongzhuang stopped watching them, her face completely indifferent.

Regarding the two men who placed her in danger, she had no desire to smile back at them.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang’s attitude, Lu Huaiyan and Fu Hongbo didn’t mind, turning to speak, “Emperor, we’ve found two pretty good seedlings in the hunting competition.”

Hearing them, Xuanyuan Yutian smiled. His gaze couldn’t help but fall on Baili Hongzhuang’s body.

Baili Hongzhuang had the best performance in this year’s hunting competition. It was simply incomparable to anyone else’s.

Earlier he had wanted to take the chance to send Huan’er to study at Azure Water School since he believed that Huan’er’s strength was definitely enough to shine brightly in the hunting competition. But he never thought that Baili Hongzhuang was even stronger.

The important seedling Lu Huaiyan and Fuhong Bo found was most likely Baili Hongzhuang.

Everybody suddenly understood. It was no wonder that the rewards were so rich; it because Azure Water School was also attending.

The richer the award, the higher the competitor’s moral will be. A higher moral meant that they would show a better performance, thereby possibly attracting the Azure Water School’s teacher’s attention.

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