DKC – Chapter 873

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Chapter 873 – Fairy Yan Xia (5)

She gave a cold sneer: “Su Luo! With death near at hand, and you are still able to laugh? Do you believe it or not that now, I am completely able to slap you to death!”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold sneer: “Death is near at hand? How is it that I don’t know of it? You can kill me? Haha, indeed a joke as big as the sky.”

Li Yaoyao arrogantly sneered: “Do you know where this place is?”

Su Luo shook her head: “Where is this place?”

Li Yaoyao cast a sidelong glance at her: “Underneath the Banyan Tree Lake.”

Underneath the Banyan Tree Lake? Hearing this news, Su Luo’s heart was indeed gobsmacked.

Banyan Tree Lake was located in the Eastern Ling’s extreme region that bordered the country of Western Jin.

The waters of the Banyan Tree Lake was extremely fierce, with nine bends and eighteen turns. The water was known as a tomb for anyone who entered.

But, with regards to Fairy Yan Xia, she had actually built a structure under such danger rapids.

Jade Lake’s fairy coldly smiled: “The spirit energy under the water is isolated. You should not hope that someone will come to save you!”

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows wrinkled slightly: “Is it only me here?”

“Are you lonely? However, it doesn’t matter, anyway, very soon, you will also be on your way alone. When the time comes and you arrive under the earth, then you won’t be lonely anymore.” Jade Lake’s fairy howled with ‘hahaha’ laughter.

“What about Zi Yan? What did you guys do to her?” Su Luo was not so worried about her own situation, but was very worried about Zi Yan.

After all, Zi Yan was dragged into this because her.

“Oh? Are you talking about that one from Purgatory City? Be at ease, she had already started on this road before you. On the road to the underworld, you’ll have someone to keep you company.” Jade Lake’s fairy said, playing it down.

However, Zi Yan’s name truly was annoying to some people. Having eaten a loss from Zi Yan, Li Yaoyao’s eyes flashed with hatred.

What? Zi Yan was dead???

The blue veins on Su Luo’s forehead popped out. Her complexion suddenly became malevolent.

Her movements were very quick, like lightning, she stretched out her hand, directly clenching Li Yaoyao’s throat: “Are these words true?!”

If Zi Yan had died because of being implicated by her, Su Luo would live the rest of her life in guilt.

Li Yaoyao never imagined that Su Luo’s speed would be this fast!

She, as a sixth rank, was picked up by the neck by fifth-ranked Su Luo and threatened, how could you ask her to swallow down this mouthful of shame?

Following her neck being pinched, Li Yaoyao’s complexion became flushed. She coldly snorted a few times, and in a hoarse voice, said: “You caused Zi Yan’s death, you are the actual main culprit!”

“Shut up!” A touch of madness flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. Both hands pinched down with all her strength. The strength in her hand was astonishing.

“Oh——” Li Yaoyao, suddenly, was unable to breathe.

She struggled unceasingly, however, Su Luo simply would not give her an opportunity to struggle.

A dagger suddenly flew out from her sleeves. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, it directly inserted into Li Yaoyao’s arm!

“Ah——” Li Yaoyao cried out in pain, “Su Luo, you are crazy!”

At this moment, Su Luo’s eyes were scarlet red, in its depths, was a strong expression of madness.

“Speak!” Su Luo’s pair of eyes was very strict.

“Zi Yan… did not die! Did not die…!” Li Yaoyao was pinched to the point of being unable to breathe, and said disjointedly.

Once she heard these words, the madness in Su Luo’s eyes immediately was restrained by a lot. She heavily pinched Li Yaoyao’s neck and picked her up, and in a stern voice, asked: “In the end, did she die or not?!”

“Cough, cough, cough… She really did not die…” Li Yaoyao, who had been pinched by the neck, was lifted up with both feet off the ground. At this moment, she was violently coughing.

At this point, areas of her face was purplish red. If Su Luo still wouldn’t release her, perhaps in the next moment, she would die.

“Release me…” Li Yaoyao was almost suffocated to death.

Su Luo, in passing, threw Li Yaoyao to the ground, just like tossing a rag doll.

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