DKC – Chapter 872

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Chapter 872 – Fairy Yan Xia (4)

However, at this moment, Su Luo’s pair of eyes was tightly closed, without a trace of waking up.

If she was awake, she definitely would recognize who the person in front of her eyes was.

Didn’t know how long had passed.

Su Luo faintly started to wake up.

She opened her tired eyes and surveyed her surroundings.

This was a dim and damp dungeon.

Green moss had grown over in the surroundings. It was sticky and satiny to the touch, it would really make a person feel nauseated.

A strong, pungent and moldy smell was being emitted from within this stone room.

Su Luo slowly sat up, only at this moment did she discover that her entire body ached. It was as if she had been pinched by someone all over while fast asleep.

Su Luo lifted up her sleeves and actually really saw that there were obvious purplish bruises on her white skin!

So she wasn’t dreaming, rather, it was reality?!

Su Luo supported her forehead and slowly tried to remember.

The last thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was Fairy Yan Xia going crazy. She was even able to recall clearly Fairy Yan Xia chopping down with her knife-like hand.

Afterwards, she lost consciousness and had no other memories.

Could that old witch really be this petty? She would still pinch her while she was unconscious as to maltreat her?

Su Luo always felt that this didn’t seem likely.

While she was doubting this, the sound of graceful footsteps reached her ears.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and being on guard, she looked towards the place where the sound came from.

That was a spiral-shaped staircase.

The first thing that appeared was a pair of small white boots made of sheepskin.

Followed immediately after by a white-as-snow skirt.

The sound of glittering, jewel-like jade pendants pressing down on the skirt.

Nimble and delicate, such an exquisite figure.

Then followed by that face Su Luo was familiar with.

Li Yaoyao? Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly, in her heart, she secretly cursed her bad luck.

When enemies came face to face, their eyes blazed with hatred, now, she completely understood it.

The one who pinched her to vent their anger and caused the purplish bruises was not the old witch, rather, it was the old witch’s disciple.

Jade Lake’s fairy was dressed all in white, every step she took gave birth to a lotus with many graceful postures, as she walked towards Su Luo.

Finally, she stopped about three meters’ distance in front of Su Luo.

In this underground stone room there was a square, black iron cage, Su Luo was trapped inside this cage.

And the Jade Lake’s fairy was standing outside the cage with a relaxed posture.

One wore a luxurious and exquisite skirt, with a high spirited expression. Her eyes contained a touch of a smile that was pleased with herself.

One had on a dress full of footprints, contaminated by green moss, with her hair in disarray. At one glance, one could see that she cut a very sorry figure.

Comparing the two sides, it was very clear and obvious.

“Seeing me, must be really strange right?” Li Yaoyao smilingly looked at Su Luo who was inside the iron cage. She was smiling so much that both her eyes and brows curved into an arc.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao’s mood was unprecedentedly great.

At last, finally, this time, Su Luo became a prisoner under her. While she, Li Yaoyao, was standing high above, controlling her life and death.

This kind of feeling was truly pleasurable.

“Li Yaoyao, how could you be so childish!” Su Luo still cared about the purplish bruises on her body.

Before she was unconscious, Su Luo was clear that her body did not have such serious external injuries and bruising. Since Fairy Yan Xia chopped her until she fainted, so it would be beneath her dignity to use these little tricks to retaliate against her.

Able to secretly use such black methods, besides the petty Li Yaoyao, who else could it be?

Su Luo had already woken up earlier, and when she saw the pitch-black footprints on her own skirt, she had understood.

Li Yaoyao, from high above, looked down to cast sidelong glances at Su Luo and sneered: “Becoming the king after defeating the enemy, now you are a prisoner, what qualifications do you have to rebuke others? Su Luo, you are truly spoiled.”

Su Luo, not to be outdone, with her smile overflowing, said: “What’s so bad about being spoiled? Always better than some people who have no one to spoil them.”

The two people’s words were unclear, but the meaning in it was clear to each other.

Hearing what was said, the smile on Li Yaoyao’s face could not continue to hang there.

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