DKC – Chapter 874

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Chapter 874 – Fairy Yan Xia (6)

Formerly such an insufferably arrogant Jade Lake’s fairy, but now, had fallen to the floor and coughed repeatedly. Her entire person appeared to cut an exceedingly sorry figure.

“From the place I come from, there is a phrase I really want to tell you, and it’s known as ‘don’t do it and you will not die’.” Su Luo stared at the fresh scarlet blood on Li Yaoyao’s arm and coldly smiled.

‘Don’t do it and you will not die’, if it weren’t for Li Yaoyao deceiving Su Luo, saying that Zi Yan was dead, then she also wouldn’t have made a killing move on Li Yaoyao!

Li Yaoyao fiercely glared at Su Luo. However, she found that she was completely unable to retort.

“Now, are you going to speak?” Su Luo coldly smiled.

Li Yaoyao raised her eyes and stared at Su Luo with a hatred-filled pair of eyes, with so much hate that she was fuming with rage between gritted teeth.

“What, now you won’t say anything?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a sneer, “That is to say, you want to try testing my cruelty again.”

Once Li Yaoyao heard Su Luo’s words, her eyes narrowed halfway. Could it be that even if she kept herself far away from the prisoner’s cage, that Su Luo could still do something to her? Humph, humph, Su Luo was merely bluffing.

Li Yaoyao slowly crawled up. Her taunting gaze looked at Su Luo as if looking at an idiot: “You are now inside an iron cage, and I am outside of the iron cage, what could you possibly do to me? Su Luo, if you have the ability, then bring it on!”

Just now, it was only because she wasn’t careful and walked too close to the edge of the iron cage, so Su Luo, this slut, was able to take advantage of the opportunity. How could she make this kind of mistake a second time?

As a result, while Li Yaoyao was speaking, she also retreated back until she reached a distance that she felt was completely safe.

“Li Yaoyao, it seems like you are really afraid of me.” Su Luo looked at her with a mocking smile.

“Hahahah, truly the biggest joke under the heavens, I, Li Yaoyao, would be afraid you?” Li Yaoyao looked to the sky and laughed uproariously.

“If you are not afraid of me, then why did you walk back so far?” Su Luo smiled coldly and cast sidelong glances at her: “Also, are you preparing to go back on your words?”

“Even if I go back on my words, what can you do about it?” Li Yaoyao gloomily looked at her and sneered, “If you have the ability, then come and catch me.”

Li Yaoyao mocked and smiled.

That iron cage was not made from ordinary materials, if Su Luo wanted to come out, it was absolutely impossible.

Su Luo cast her a contemptuous glance.

Wanting to get out was not a difficult matter. At that time, she was even able to walk out from inside the Demon Cave’s stone room, let alone this iron cage.

If you must know, Su Luo had a huge trump card.

However… to deal with Li Yaoyao, it didn’t require some complicated methods.

One could only see Su Luo’s sleeves flip over, suddenly——

A cyan-colored vine suddenly attacked towards Li Yaoyao’s face.

The vine’s speed was very fast!

Seeing the cyan-colored vine, Li Yaoyao’s mouth had a mocking smile.

It was merely a small cyan-colored vine, how could it deal with her? Dream on!

Li Yaoyao didn’t even bother to dodge and directly stood straight up there. Meanwhile——

A cyan-colored vine also flew out from her sleeves, and with rustling sounds, launched to intercept Su Luo’s cyan-colored vine.

It seemed to her, she could not defeat Su Luo in close quarters combat. However, she was still a sixth rank, and her cultivation in the wood element was definitely no worse than Su Luo’s.

As a result, a cynical smile flashed through her eyes. She was waiting for Su Luo to eat a defeat.

However, very soon, she was unable to smile.

Before her cyan-colored vine could fly far, it was ruthlessly smashed head-on by Su Luo’s cyan-colored vine.

“Bang——” A loud noise echoed, and Li Yaoyao’s cyan-colored vine was smashed into fine powder in a flash.

Green-colored plant juice was splattered all over the ground.

Even Li Yaoyao’s eyes immediately became straight. She stared in disbelief at the aggressive cyan-colored vine that now flew straight at her!

She wanted to block it, however, she discovered that it was already too late to block.

Worthy of being called Variant Red Acacia Tree, its strength was just that outstanding!

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