DKC – Chapter 1785

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Chapter 1785 – Trying to be clever, ended up with egg on one’s face (5)

The jadelike soul essence it had always protected had suddenly disappeared! Moreover, the spirit tree it was protecting had also vanished without a trace! This matter was very serious…

The little sable immediately became anxious. It stood on tip-toes and went around in circles around the huge hall, hopping here and there.

However, no matter how anxiously it searched, the little ancient tree and the jadelike soul essence still didn’t appear….

The little sable gloomily scratched its head, not knowing what would be best for it to do.

At this time, another situation appeared on Su Luo’s side.

Su Luo originally thought that after getting out of that strange space, relying on her body’s cultivation, she could restore the condition of her injury to before. But after some tests, she discovered that her thoughts from before were too naive.

After having been tossed by the little sable, Su Luo discovered she simply couldn’t clear the hot fire and cold poison in her body.

Just when Su Luo had no alternative, the little stone in Su Luo’s space gave a faint sigh.

Right now, the little stone had his hand on his forehead, expressing his helplessness at the current situation.

“What to do?” Su Luo was gasping for breath non-stop, powerlessly leaning against the wall. She silently communicated with the little stone.

The corner of the little stone’s mouth twitched. Afterwards, it had no choice but to tell Su Luo the facts: “Stop being so busy trying, you simply can’t clear it alone.”

“Then what?” Su Luo speechlessly glanced at the little sable, asking with a gossamer’s breath.

“The best way is to fuse it, this way, your strength will be promoted by a lot again. It’s several folds faster than you simply just cultivating.” The little stone drew a circle on the paper, giving Su Luo a beautiful hope.

“Fuse? It’s easy to say it, but the problem is how to fuse ah?” Su Luo was so depressed she almost cried. Right now in her dantian, water and fire was mixing, repelling each other. Moreover, clearly, the fire element couldn’t continue to withstand the other element.

“If you had the Yun Luo Red Lotus, then that would best.” The little stone’s pair of eyes had a longing as he gave a faint sigh.

“Yun Luo Red Lotus? What kind of thing is that?” Su Luo couldn’t bear the pain coming from her entire body as she asked in puzzlement. To solve health issues in her body now was the most pressing matter. Of course, if she could transform the bad thing into a good thing, then that would be best.

When Su Luo said Yun Luo Red Lotus these four words, the little sable not far away clearly had a surprised expression. Then, it stealthily used the corner of its eyes to look at Su Luo.

It did this very stealthily, but how could this escape the little stone’s pair of wily old foxlike eyes? Let alone to say, the reason why the little stone said Yun Luo Red Lotus these four words were simply to probe the little sable ah.

Because according to the little stone’s original body’s experience, all living things opposed or supported each other. A place that had the jadelike soul essence, then there was a great possibility it would give rise to the Yun Luo Red Lotus!

“Yun Luo Red Lotus is a type of mystical source of fire. Maybe you can call it a different fire.” The little stone gazed at the little sable, the corner of his mouth hooking into a treacherous smile, “And if you can control this different fire, then you’ll probably be number one among the fire element mages in this world.”

“Are there any other benefits?” Su Luo felt that matters weren’t that simple.

“Yes.” Now, the little stone was very frank with Su Luo, one only saw him smile faintly: “After you get the Yun Luo Red Lotus, your ability to concoct pills will improve significantly. Want to quickly be promoted to Grandmaster rank Apothecary, it won’t be impossible.”

Su Luo’s complexion turned slightly red, she knew the little stone was making fun of her.

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