DKC – Chapter 1784

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Chapter 1784 – Trying to be clever, ended up with egg on one’s face (4)

However, before she could ask, a burst of pain made Su Luo’s mind empty, she almost lost all her consciousness.

So painful!

Su LUo felt her whole body was in pain, it was non-stop. The pain made her want to cut off the meat on her own body piece by piece.

“In the end what’s going on?” Su Luo weakly asked the little sable at the side!

She remembered that at that time, it was this little thing that popped out. Then, she was knocked down in place, and immediately after, she lost consciousness. When she woke up, it was already this thoroughly bad condition.

The little sable’s eyes were damp-looking, very aggrieved. It looked very pitiful, really provoked a person’s empathy and love.

But under Su Luo’s gaze that almost spat out fire, the little sable still summoned up its courage and still told her the truth.

“What? Is it you that sent me here?” Su Luo placed her hand over her forehead and repeatedly sighed.

“Oh…” The little sable pitifully nodded, its large, damp monochrome eyes unblinkingly looked at Su Luo.

“Then could you send me back out?” Su Luo felt she was about to pass out from the pain.

Only if she was sent out to a place that had a little bit of spirit force, maybe her body would improve by itself.

“But…” The little sable weakly glanced at Su Luo. Even the red sunflower that healed it couldn’t heal her! Was sending out really good?

It was as if Su Luo could hear the voice in the little sable’s heart. Seeing this, she struggled to use her last bit of strength to nod. Her gaze was calm, expression serious and earnest: “Really, believe me. Send me out okay!”

If she wasn’t sent out, then she would lose her life!

Seeing that Su Luo repeatedly insisted on this, the little sable finally agreed.

Because it also discovered that it had done bad things based on good intentions….

As a result, the little sable blew out multi-colored bubbles one after another. And these bubbles formed a human-sized stretcher, it floated Su Luo in mid-air, then slowly lifted her out.

Before, when Su Luo was lifted in, she was unconscious, therefore, she didn’t see such a dreamlike scene. Now, she watched as this mystical thing happened right under her eyes.

But the Su Luo right now was full of pain, wishing she would go out immediately. So her attention wasn’t on this multi-colored bubbles.

This time, Su Luo urged continuously, therefore, their speed for leaving was still considered pretty fast.

In less than one teacup’s time, that thick door in the wall appeared once again.

And this door could only be opened by the little sable.

After exiting this door, Su Luo immediately felt the spirit force rushing over from all directions. It was as if every pore in her body smoothed out at this moment. It was so comfortable that she almost cried.

The little sable saw Su Luo become more comfortable, and was now aware that it really had done bad things based on good intentions.

However, the little sable still wasn’t aware it also did another bad thing.

If it didn’t send Su Luo into that door, then when Nangong Liuyun came in, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun could meet again in here. Then, that bitter thing would also not happen.

Now, Su Luo still didn’t know that thing was about to occur. Now, she sat cross-legged, her pair of eyes was closed and she whole-heartedly sank into cultivation.

Time passed bit by bit….

The little sable sat on the side but was bored, therefore, it roamed around everywhere.

However, when it strolled to the human tree of antiquity area.. It immediately became stunned. Frightened! Alarmed!!!

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