DKC – Chapter 1786

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Chapter 1786 – Yun Luo Red Lotus (1)

“Then, in the end, where is the Yun Luo Red Lotus?” This was the most important. Wanting to get the Yun Luo Red Lotus, afraid she must still spend a lot of mental and physical effort.

Su Luo recalled her body’s current condition, and couldn’t help but be somewhat discouraged.

“Ask it.” The little stone very casually tossed this hot potato to the guardian mystical beast, the little sable.

That little thing actually knew? Su Luo had a plan in her heart, as a result, her hand beckoned the little sable to come over.

The little sable’s heart right now was very complicated, seeing Su Luo calling, it jumped and skipped over.

Its small body stood straight in front of Su Luo, looking very comical. Its eyes were damp with an extremely cute face.

“Do you know of the Yun Luo Red Lotus?” Su Luo got right to the point and asked directly.

The little sable covered its mouth with its little paws in surprise, afraid it would leak out its excited mood…But this movement it made clearly leaked out the information thoroughly.

Su Luo directly picked it up and hugged it, gently rubbing its furry little chin.

She knew the little sable had some misgivings, so she gave it some time to consider.

The little sable thought a bit, in the end, it looked at Su Luo seriously. Its face was unprecedentedly solemn and earnest, as it said two words: “Very dangerous.”

Su Luo’s smile was somewhat dark, if she didn’t do anything, according to the little stone’s words, then she was just waiting for death. She would just die, but if she risked everything to go, based on her luck, she might be able to grab back a life. Let alone to say, she still had a trump card, the Battle God Puppet.

Recalling the Battle God Puppet in her space with bright eyes, Su Luo had the urge to place her hand over her forehead.

If she hadn’t stopped it in time, afraid the majority of the treasures in her space that contained spirit force would have been swallowed by it? Now, the treasures she got from the first challenge, almost all of it had been consumed by the Battle God Puppet.

Even the overbearingly rich Su Luo, now, also couldn’t afford this glutton of a Battle God Puppet.

Time passed, bit by bit.

The little sable, seeing Su Luo persist, in the end, it could only helplessly nod.

Jumping out of Su Luo’s arms, it took noble and graceful strides to run in front of Su Luo, leading the way.

Now, Su Luo’s heavy injuries hadn’t healed, so she was unable to move freely, as a result, she summoned out the Battle God Puppet. Then, Su Luo sat on its shoulder and along with the little sable, quickly rushed forward.

When the Battle God Puppet saw the little sable, it couldn’t help but lick its lips——

Seeing this, Su Luo once again had the urge to place her hand on her forehead.

After the little nine-tailed spirit fox, this little sable also became the Battle God Puppet’s food reserve.

In fact, Su Luo didn’t know that the little sable had the natural mission to guard the ancient tree. As long as the ancient tree was here, he could never leave this maze. But now, the ancient tree actually ran away, that was to say, the little sable’s natural mission could no longer bind him. So it was able to leave the scope of the maze as it wished.

The little sable brought Su Luo away, missing the chance to meet with Nangong Liuyun. And Nangong Liuyun took away the little ancient tree, so the little sable could leave the maze openly… These coincidences seemed as if a pair of huge shadowy hands was moving in the dark, controlling everything in its palm.

The little sable’s familiarity with this maze wasn’t something other people could compare to. One only saw him turn here and there, would certainly find the shortcut.

The little sable’s speed was very fast, the Battle God Puppet’s naturally wasn’t weaker. Everyone very quickly left the range of the maze.

But the little sable’s footsteps didn’t stop, rather, it still moved quickly forward.

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