DKC – Chapter 1783

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Chapter 1783 – Trying to be clever, ended up with egg on one’s face (3)

But the little sable simply didn’t know the huge health hazard it was creating for Su Luo at this time. Right now, it was extremely proud and complacent.

After feeding a large bowl of jadelike soul essence, the little sable felt it was enough, and it put the empty bowl on the side. Then, it laid on the side of Su Luo’s face, its pair of paws propping up its face. Its pair of clear monochrome black eyes spun as it looked at Su Luo.

This time, Su Luo was really unlucky.

In this place without spirit force, the wound that was already healing too slow. Su Luo was about to wake up after it healed somewhat with great difficulty, but who knew the little sable would run over with good intentions but continue to toss her.

Having drank a large bowl of jadelike soul essence, Su Luo sank into a deep sleep.

The little sable saw Su Luo sink into deep sleep and that she had stopped sweating, no longer so pale, and its heart immediately relaxed. It was so happy it almost flew.

It was very proud of its conduct.

And before the little sable could be too proud, it discovered that matters had once again changed violently.

The just peacefully sleeping Su Luo now started to spasm, her whole body twitching and jerking non-stop. Because of pain, her body continued to twist.

The sweat on her forehead was like spring water as it rushed out.

Not only this, the veins on her body started to seep out fine tiny beads of blood!

The beads of blood leaked out, very quickly, it condensed into a strong blood flavor!

This kind of scene scared the little sable until it almost cried!!!

It originally didn’t think that matters would make such a violent change. It didn’t know what to do in such an urgent situation, because in its eyes, everything it did was for the good of Su Luo ah….

Su Luo was in extreme pain.

When she almost became numb from the pain, that pair of eyes slowly opened.

In the darkness, Su Luo’s monochrome eyes were so clear that you could see to the bottom.

She looked at the little sable in front, and then at the bloodstains on her own body. Momentarily, she was speechless…

She merely took a fall, how was it that she woke up and it had become this serious?

Luckily, her constitution was special, after eating the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, her body had become unprecedentedly good. Her blood became the best miracle medicine.

Su Luo’s heart relaxed a lot, however, when she started to activate her spirit force to let the life-saving blood in her body circulate, she suddenly discovered——

No reaction!

Tried again.

Still no reaction!

Su Luo immediately became stupidfied!

How could it be like this? Her body clearly had spirit force ah. How was it that she had a feeling of suddenly arriving at the time before liberation after working hard for a lifetime?

She couldn’t activate the spirit force in her body to heal, to the extent that she simply couldn’t even sense the existence of spirit force.

Could it be that her spirit force was abolished?

Once she thought of this possibility, Su Luo almost collapsed.

But Su Luo’s temperament had always been steady, encountering such an urgent situation, very quickly, she was able to calm down.

After she had calmed down, she discovered a strange phenomenon.

But a situation appeared on her body, rather, in this space, her body no longer had any spirit force. The spirit force seemed to have been removed, it was very much like the earth she once lived on.

In the end, what’s going on? How could she have gotten here? And where was this place? All kinds of questions appeared in Su Luo’s mind.

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