DKC – Chapter 1782

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Chapter 1782 – Trying to be clever, ended up with egg on one’s face (2)

In fact, right now, Su Luo really didn’t know what was happening around her.

Because this place was a mystical space, ever since Su Luo was sent in, she had been unconscious. So she didn’t know that the spirit force was very thin in this space, so weak that it was negligible. It was just like the world Su Luo once lived in.

Su Luo originally had good strength, but entering here, her strength was tyrannically suppressed. Her body’s strength also became very weak, what’s even more pitiful was that Su Luo’s space was also cut off by force. So the her right now simply didn’t have a way to connect with the little stone and Battle God Puppet in her space. It was also because of this that Su Luo remained unconscious. The little stone and the others also didn’t know the situation outside.

At this time, the little sable squeezed out the juice and it entered Su Luo’s mouth drop by drop.

Su Luo passively accepted the little sable’s kindness.

The aroma from the juice assailed the nose, it was exceptionally attractive. Su Luo, without any consciousness of danger, opened her mouth and swallowed all of it.

After feeding her all the juice, the little sable wipe away at the sweat on its forehead. At last, its heart could relax.

The little sable, in two to three mouthfuls, chewed up the dried flower and swallowed it into its stomach. Afterwards, it anxiously watched Su Luo, trying to look for any indication that Su Luo might recover.

Time passed, bit by bit.

But the little sable gradually felt despair.

Because right now, Su Luo’s situation not only didn’t get better, rather, she got worse.

One only saw that right now, Su Luo’s entire body seemed to be burning amongst a flame. Her entire body’s temperature had reached a peak. The kind of temperature that she could almost spontaneously combust. Not only that, because of pain, her whole body twitched and jerked non-stop as she gave low cries of pain.

Su Luo’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat, her complexion was terrifying pale, as if she would pass away at anytime.

Seeing Su Luo like this, the little sable was frightened. Immediately anxious, it got up, its pair of clear, innocent and monochrome eyes were opened wide and at a loss. It looked at Su Luo helplessly.

Originally, its kind intention was of wanting to cure Su Luo, it really never expected that the more it treated her, the worse she got.

Watching that Su Luo’s entire body was about to burn up, the little sable suddenly didn’t know what to do okay?

Water, that’s right, water!!!

The little sable suddenly thought, since she was about to burn up, wouldn’t it be good if it brought over water to put out the fire?

This thought couldn’t be said to be wrong. But clearly, this little sable’s mind was too simple. In fact, it was not hard to understand, ever since the little sable was born, it had lived inside the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory. It had never experienced the world outside, so its mind being so simple was to be expected.

The little sable, in a panicked manner, ran over, grabbed its own water and fed it to Su Luo.

Right now, the pitiful Su Luo was unconscious, completely disconnected from the little stone and others. How could she stop this kind of thing from happening?

Therefore, the pitiful Su Luo, in an unconscious state, was fed a large amount of water by the little sable.

How could the little sable’s drinking water be so simple? Very clearly, it wasn’t.

Because this water was the jadelike soul essence that Nangong Liuyun took away!

When the little sable was thirsty, it would use it as drinking water to drink. It could be seen how luxurious a life it had!

But Su Luo, in this kind of situation, how could Su Luo even drink the jadelike soul essence ah? Let alone to say in a situation where she was fed a large amount of it.

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