DKC – Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754 – Self-detonate one’s body (2)

Just when the eight-tentacled strange water creature collapsed, the little stone’s body flew forward from being hit by Dongfang Xuan. In the end, he heavily fell to the ground.

Dongfang Xuan looked at the dead eight-tentacled strange water creature and secretly said bad luck. Then, he took large strides, step by step, approaching the little stone. The corner of his mouth had an arrogant sneer intrinsic to a winner.

This time, the little stone was injured rather seriously, so it took him quite a while of struggling to stand up.

Dongfang Xuan looked down from high above, the corner of his mouth hooking into a ridiculing sneer: “Whether you are Elder Ancestor Mo or not, this time you must die!”

The little stone gasped for breath and coldly looked at him.

Dongfang Xuan condensed out an ice sword in his hand.

The ice sword gave off a cold light under the sunlight.

While the little stone was climbing up, the cold long sword quietly stabbed out.

One only heard a snapping sound!

The little stone’s right arm was directly cut off!

Fortunately, the little stone was quick to avoid, otherwise, what was cut off would have been his head.

Su Luo was so anxious, tears were about to fall. But now, she was laying on the ground, unable to move, let alone to say, go out and help.

The long arm was cut off, giving off a clear sound when it fell to the ground. But the little stone didn’t even frown. As if this arm had nothing to do with him.

Dongfang Xuan succeeded in one move and became more savage.

One only saw his lips hook into a sinister smile. His eyes were full of mockery and a ridiculing smile: “Didn’t expect you are only so so! Then next year today will be the anniversary of your death!”

Dongfang Xuan waved his sword and thrust out.

The little stone’s brows were tightly knotted, the weak body was forced to fall back. But although he spared no effort, he still couldn’t resist Dongfang Xuan’s attack at his peak. A white light flashed by. A long wound was slashed on the little stone’s chest. The blood rushed out, following the wound. In an instant, the jacket in front of his chest was dyed red from the blood.

Even like this, the little stone didn’t even frown, as if this long and deep wound didn’t appear on his body.

Dongfang Xuan looked at such a firm little stone, and the killing intent became more fervent in his eyes.

Because he knew that if a person was very ruthless to others, it didn’t matter. If a person was very ruthless to himself, that’s what’s called really ruthless. This kind of person was a very terrifying existence, the heart to retaliate would be even stronger. If he didn’t kill the opponent, then what awaited him would be endless retaliation.

Therefore, Dongfang Xuan made a decision, no matter what, he must kill this person in front of him. Because he gave Dongfang Xuan a deep restrained fear.

Dongfang Xuan unfolded his left hand, and suddenly, another sword appeared.

One sword in each of his left and right hand, the power was completely increased.

The sword danced in Dongfang Xuan’s hand, each move had a destructive power that would be fatal. It relentlessly attacked towards the little stone.

The little stone dodged to the left and avoided on the right, panting for breath, surrounded by perils all around. Several times, he almost lost his life under Dongfang Xuan’s hand. But he avoided it all by a hair’s breadth. However, more and more traces, of sword scars would appear on his body.

It was also because the little stone could avoid it time and time again, so Dongfang Xuan’s killing intent rose. His moves became increasingly powerful and bold!

Suddenly, the little stone’s foot stumbled, in one careless moment, he fell to the ground. The fall made him cut a very sorry figure.

At this moment, his escape route, front, back, left and right, were all sealed off by Dongfang Xuan. As if the only road left was to die.

“Now, see where you can ran to!” Dongfang Xuan knew that even if wings were inserted into Elder Ancestor Mo, now, he still couldn’t escape.

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