DKC – Chapter 1755

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Chapter 1755 – Self detonate one’s body (3)

From Dongfang Xuan’’s point of view, Elder Ancestor Mo had already reached a dead end. He didn’t have any strength to resist, according to conventional thinking, if he still had strength, would he have allowed him to cut off one of his arms?

The proud Dongfang Xuan didn’t see the mocking sneer that flashed through the little stone’s eyes.

Just when Dongfang Xuan was about to use another killing move, at this moment, a misfortune occured.

One only saw Elder Ancestor Mo’s body suddenly spring up like a bullet, exploding towards Dongfang Xuan!

A trace of surprise flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes, before he could put away his surprise, the little stone had already rushed to in front of him.

One only heard a violent exploding sound that penetrated through the earth and sky.

It was as if hundreds of kilograms of explosives were tied to Elder Ancestor Mo’s body. And these explosives were all ignited at the same time, in a split second, detonating simultaneously.

A countless number of flames soared to the sky, making a huge area densely black.

Elder Ancestor Mo’s body disintegrated from the explosion, a countless number of mincemeat flew and splattered in all directions.

Dongfang Xuan, who was closest to Elder Ancestor Mo, now had no time to attend to himself. Because Elder Ancestor Mo had rushed in front of him and deliberately exploded, how could he let Dongfang Xuan escape?

Dongfang Xuan received an intense attack.

He did his best to endure, but in the end, he still coughed out loud violently. Then with an ‘oh’ sound, blood violently sprayed out.

Spitting out several mouthfuls of blood was fine, but this time, Dongfang Xuan almost spit out his internal organs. It could be seen how large of an impact was brought to his body when Elder Ancestor Mo chose to detonate his body.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t have time to think carefully, let alone glance at Su Luo. Immediately, he sat down with legs crossed, both eyes closed tightly, quickly entering the restoring state. If he delayed even a bit, it would greatly affect his cultivation.

At this moment, not far away, Su Luo stared stupefied at the carnage on the ground because of self-detonation. A burst of sadness couldn’t help but rush up from the heart. But before it could brew into a sorrowful mood, a cold, strong and arrogant voice sounded in her mind: “Cry, what cry? I this daddy still haven’t died yet!”

Although she was scolded, but this time, Su Luo was extremely happy. She excitedly talked with the little stone in her mind: “It turned out you didn’t die ah? Since you didn’t die, then speak a little earlier ah. Why harm me to be so broken-hearted?”

The little stone unhappily humped twice: “This young master is in a state of nothingness but a soul. Do you think self-exploding will have any effect on this young master? Even if everyone in the world died, this young master still won’t die!” The little stone patted his chest, full of self-confidence. Of course, that’s ignoring his pale as paper face.

This sentence that the little stone spoke wasn’t wrong. He originally was in a nothingness state and just a soul state. He really was a cockroach you couldn’t kill ah.

Su Luo rolled her eyes at him in annoyance.:“Why did you explode your body ah?”

“If I don’t self-explode, then I should wait for that person to kill me?” The little stone unhappily glared at Su Luo, “Why are you wasting words? This daddy used one flesh and blood body to pave the road for you. Why haven’t you hurriedly run? You think that waiting until that person wakes up, you will still have your life?”

The little stone was her people, so he understood her.

Before, there was Variant Acacia Tree, little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, and he who occupied Elder Ancestor Mo’s body to help Su Luo. So she was able to avert disaster time and time again. Time and time again, she would break through being besieged. But now, everyone was either wounded or trying to restore cultivation, there wasn’t anyone that could help Su Luo.

So right now, the best method was for Su Luo to quickly run without delay. Taking advantage that Dongfang Xuan’s mind hadn’t awoken from cultivation, how far she was able to run, then that was how far she should run.

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