DKC – Chapter 1753

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Chapter 1753 – Self detonate one’s body (1)

The eight-tentacled strange water creature stared at the little stone with a face full of hatred.

The little stone also glared very fiercely at the opponent. Right now, his heart was incomparably indignant. Heaven knows when he was at the summit of his strength, what did this eight-tentacled strange water creature count as? It wasn’t even worthy of lifting his shoes. Now, he was even helpless when killing such an insignificant ant and would have to battle for a long time.

Dongfang Xuan’s figure slowly approached Elder Ancestor Mo.

Although Su Luo was in so much pain she was hovering between life and death, but she was still clear-headed.

She saw Dongfang Xuan noiselessly approach Elder Ancestor Mo’s back. Immediately, alarm appeared in her eyes. The strength she saved bit by bit immediately exploded out.

“Careful!” Su Luo loudly screamed.

But now, even if the little stone wanted to avoid, it was already too late.

The eight-tentacled strange water creature’s wisdom was very high, when it saw Dongfang Xuan mounting a sneak attack, a pleased expression flashed across its sinister face. One only saw it condense out its most powerful killing move, smashing it fiercely towards the little stone’s face.

This move, the eight-tentacled strange water creature used all its strength.

The little stone used seventy percent of his strength to meet with the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s move. The remaining thirty percent was used to deal with Dongfang Xuan.

In an instant.

One only heard the sounds of collusion.

Because of the friction in the air, one could hear sizzling sounds.

The force in the surroundings was so great as to startle the heavens.


The little stone faced the eight-tentacled strange water creature straight on, after both people met, they retreated.

The eight-tentacled strange water creature’s body rocked violently. The blood that had stopped flowing, with great difficulty, once again erupted out like spring water. It coughed out blood non-stop, very quickly, its face and body were full of bloodstains. But it still had a death grip on Su Luo, refusing to let go.

Compared to the eight-tentacled strange water creature, the little stone was a little better off. He only retreated back three steps before his figure became firm.

Then, at this time, Dongfang Xuan’s attack was already close to his back!

With an intense sound that broke through the sky, Dongfang Xuan’s palm strike suddenly slapped into the little stone’s back.

The little stone only saved thirty percent of his strength to defend, but Dongfang Xuan used all his strength in this hit. How great was that force, one could well imagine.

His back received the hit, and the little stone’s figure swayed violently. Soon after, he continuously hit out with his palm.

But the opponent he hit wasn’t Dongfang Xuan, rather, it was the eight-tentacled strange water creature!

The eight-tentacled strange water creature thought the little stone would turn to chase down Dongfang Xuan for revenge. But before it could return to its senses, the little stone’s fist fell like the rain.

A burst of pitter-patter sounds resounded non-stop.

The eight-tentacled strange water creature originally was seriously injured, before it could return to its senses, the little stone’s burst of fists beat it into confusion. Moreover, this time, the little stone didn’t reserve any strength. All of the little stone’s strength was used on its body.

One only heard a bang sound.

The eight-tentacled strange water creature no longer had the strength to confine Su Luo, therefore, Su Luo’s figure fell to the ground, recovering her freedom.

But just at this time, Dongfang Xuan rushed up again.

But he didn’t even bother looking at Su Luo, directly hitting towards the little stone. Probably because he felt that as long as he killed the little stone, Su Luo would fall into his packet.

With regards to Dongfang Xuan’s attack, the little stone once again couldn’t pay attention to it.

Just when Dongfang Xuan’s fist smashed down, the little stone’s fist ruthlessly smashed towards the eight-tentacled strange water creature.

Immediately, the dying eight-tentacled strange water creature died on the spot. Its eyes flipped out, dying with grievances in its expression. It looked extremely miserable.

But the little stone wasn’t any better off. His back endured Dongfang Xuan’s formidable attacks!

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