DKC – Chapter 1752

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Chapter 1752 – So painful don’t want to live (3)

Every hair-like needle stabbed into Su Luo’s foot, it was so painful that Su Luo sucked in a breath of cold air. If it was only the hair-like needles, then fine, but the problem was that every needle hair had a barbed tip. Once it entered a person’s body, want to quickly pull it out, it would so painful that you might want to just die.

In addition to this, the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s eye had a trace of killing intent! That eye had an incomparably sinister expression!

The tentacle suddenly gave a toss, and Su Luo’s figure appeared in front of the eight-tentacled strange water creature.

Now, all at once, eight tentacles extended out from the eight-tentacled strange water creature, they were very thick and powerful.

All eight tentacles had barbed tips, in an instant, they all engulfed towards Su Luo’s body, firmly wrapping her inside.

This time, Su Luo was bound tightly from head to toe, her body couldn’t move a bit. Moreover, those densely-packed fine hair needles entered Su Luo’s body.

Su Luo’s willpower against pain was very strong, but under these kind of circumstances, one could see her face turn pale from the pain. Cold sweat poured down like raindrops, her whole body couldn’t stop convulsing because of the pain, struggling and twisting….

Really was very painful…

Su Luo bit down with a death grip on her teeth, her whole body shuddering non-stop because of the pain.

Such a ruthless eight-tentacled strange water creature, it was trying to kill her with pain.

Now, Su Luo’s whole body was covered in blood. Although every wound was very fine, but because there were numerous wounds, so the blood that seeped out merged together. Just like now, her light-colored clothing was full of specks of red that were bloodstains. It was a shocking sight.

In fact, right now, Su Luo was also very miserable, she almost fainted from the pain.

If no one came to save her, Su Luo would definitely die from too much pain and blood loss.

But who could save her now? The Variant Acacia Tree now couldn’t save itself, let alone others. After the service from before, its cultivation had greatly decreased, it needed a lot of time before having all its strength restored. After the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox used the ‘transform into sheep’ technique, wasting a majority of its spirit force, it was now laying next to the Spirit Spring in her space, gasping for breath with her tongue sticking out. Therefore, Su Luo also couldn’t count on it.

As for the little stone….

Not far, Dongfang Xuan’s fight with the little stone was at an irresolvable stage.

Now, the two both found time to look towards Su Luo’s situation. After one glance, the little stone’s brows were tightly knotted.

The little stone’s brain was very good, after his careful and accurate calculation, wait until he defeated Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo would be thoroughly dead. If Su Luo was dead, then what was the meaning of winning this battle?

Compared to the little stone’s displeasure, Dongfang Xuan’s mood was a lot happier. Right now, he was so excited that he almost laughed out loud.

Both feet being suspended, it was the first time Dongfang Xuan saw this kind of bedraggled Su Luo. This time, how could the loathsome girl not die? Dongfang Xuan wouldn’t believe it. Even if Su Luo was a cat with nine lives, this time, she certainly would die.

Just when Dongfang Xuan was extremely pleased, suddenly, he felt his hand become relaxed. When he looked again, Elder Ancestor Mo’s figure had already disappeared from in front of him.

Dongfang Xuan looked ahead, sure enough….

Elder Ancestor Mo’s figure had already flown to in front of the eight-tentacled strange water creature.

“Humph!” A sinister and vicious light appeared in Dongfang Xuan’s eyes. Originally, he couldn’t beat Elder Ancestor Mo, but now, all of his attention was on the eight-tentacled strange water creature. Didn’t this give him the best opportunity to mount a sneak attack? The more Dongfang Xuan thought about it, the prouder he was and the more brilliant his smile was.

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